Today as I observe and experience life in America I am shocked at how so many of my friends and family choose to be ignorant. Yes, I said it!

People who are calling themselves Christian today and turning their eyes away from the evil that is spreading like a plaque through our modern day churches, where the Bible is trampled and pages are ripped out so as not to offend someone, and being led by Pastors ignoring sin as described clearly in scripture are soon going to find themselves standing on the outside wondering what happened. This is not said in judgement but in concern for those who are following leaders who know how to tickle the ears and appeal to the flesh.

When our government passes laws that totally ignore God’s word and make it a crime to obey the basic tenets as given in holy scripture it is time for us as citizens to change that government and replace the evil with the good! This country’s founding fathers put in place the mechanism, if honored, that can peacefully change and manage our governments at all levels.

It is every Christian’s responsibility to stand strong on God’s word and to be active and to make the changes in our God given power to make these legal changes by utilizing these laws that are in place. These laws which also protect our rights to free speech and to worship without interference by the government, also give us the right and responsibility to select who we want to represent us in our government. This is most important for Christians because if we do nothing we are saying to evil, “you decide for me”, “you pick my representatives”!

This amazing country that we live in was most certainly founded on Biblical Judeo Christian values by men who were far from perfect but were given supernatural guidance. The true history of the Pilgrims and the Puritans has been so corrupted by todays education system of indoctrination that even the teachers that are teaching it are dumbfounded when they learn the truth! The history of patriotic pastors and the determination of their church members reveals that it was in fact the church that was the backbone that led to our independence as a nation. King George and his counselors proclaimed initially that the uprising in the colonies was brought on by Presbyterians.

It was the ‘Great Awakening” with George Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, and others that brought spiritual unity across denominations and the Colonies together in such a way that the idea of a “united Nation” could actually be realized. It was the hand of God that truly moved through George Whitfield as he traveled from town to town preaching the gospel with power and authority, reportedly over 18,000 sermons throughout nearly all 13 colonies. It was the love of God and the appreciation of God’s word that brought the country back to the founding roots that reminded the colonists/settlers why their parents and grandparents came to America and why they were in America too. Our Christian history in the forming of this nation can not by denied or ignored and anyone who does so is not a friend of yours, of our country or of God!

I have studied the Bible for over 60 years and I love and believe it. I accept God as almighty and Jesus as His only son whereby only by faith in Him can anyone be saved! I have studied our American history for many years. I have heard many challenges to our humble beginnings and respect others ideas and beliefs, I respect that they can be sincerely wrong and misguided just as many in our churches today are. Our concern is that many are being led to a lifetime of deceit, misery and eternal damnation.

As a minister to Pastors let us insert here that we have many wonderful Pastors who are brave Champions for God serving throughout America today and we applaud them. Sadly there are many many more Pastors who are willingly silent as their sheep are being hurt by government and regulatory changes. These Pastors are feeling the same impact on their families and saying nothing and doing less. As a Pastor you can not allow someone to shut you up because they say “something is Political”. As a Pastor you must teach truth and right from wrong. It is not showing “grace” if your silence allows your congregants to go into eternity without a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ! 

If you are not calling sin out at all levels from personal lifestyle to governmental laws redefining marriage and God’s design for man and woman, then it may be time to step back and review your own relationship with God! Yes, this may sound hard but these and other sins are specifically identified in God’s Holy Word!

History shows that when God’s people turned away from His statutes and his commandments then His judgement would always come! It also shows that when His people repented and fell before Him he would forgive their sin. Pastor, I trust that you are in God’s word and faithfully study it. You may be a wonderful biblical scholar. Now I will challenge you to become an expert on our American History too, at least know how we began as a nation and how Pastors were a vital part of this.

Pastor you are not alone. There are many Pastors in your community that feel your pain, confusion and maybe your shame but now is not the time to hunker down in a fetal position. Now is the time to educate yourself. You become the expert. You “Shepherd” the flock God has given you with boldness. Prepare your flock by equipping them with knowledge and the truth of what is happening in our world today. You teach with authority of the scripture without fear of man but fear of God! Surround yourself with other Pastors who will join you. Start or join a Champions Table. Your family and congregation need you to be strong and above all don’t be afraid of your sheep. You are there to fight for them not with them!

There are four action items that I suggest:

#1 Read “The Black Robe Regiment” by Pastor Dan Fisher (a must for Pastors)

#2 Take the “Biblical Citizenship Course” offered by The Patriot Academy and FREE through “TPUSA Faith”

#3 Read “One Nation Under God” by Attorney David Gibbs, Jr, “Ten things every Christian needs to know about the Founding of America”

#4 Read “The American Story” by David and Tim Barton,  by America’s foremost authorities on America’s Founding Fathers

These 4 things will give an accurate historical foundation of this country that is Biblical and supported with actual documentation. It is what every Christian in America should know! (We have provided these links for you for convenience only. We have no tie to any of these authors other than being Christian brothers.)

As a prayer ministry we are constantly praying for our Pastors. We love and provide encouragement to Pastors around the world. If you would like for me and Linda to pray for you and start sending you our personalized e-prayer please register with us. We know how hard pastoring is and you need to know someone is faithfully praying!  

I pray that you will do the 4 things suggested and you will see for yourself why I say “The Past Reveals the Truth”



By: US Army Colonel (Ret) David J. Giammona

In my tour of duty in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, I saw first-hand how our military operates in what it calls asymmetrical warfare, or what it calls “hearts and minds” operations. At its very root, asymmetrical warfare, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “is between opposing forces which differ greatly in military power and that typically involves the use of unconventional weapons and tactics (such as those associated with guerrilla warfare and terrorist attacks.”   

Without a doubt, the years we spent in Iraq and Afghanistan would be called asymmetrical, meaning it is not linear like in World War I or II. In those wars, there were front and rear lines of demarcation; in other words, at the front line, combat operations were taking place, and in the rear, supply lines, rest, and recuperation were taking place. Not so any longer. In asymmetrical war, combat is all around, and many times, it is hard to distinguish between the enemy and friendly. 

Asymmetrical also means that combat takes many forms and does not always include weapons and firepower, such as in the case of the “hearts and minds” operations. The Army used those types of operations in Vietnam to great success, and I was part of those types of operations in Afghanistan. 

What are “hearts and minds” operations? They are simply tactics to win over the population by giving them much-needed supplies such as food, shelter, clothing, and protection from the enemy. An example of that is when we went out to the tribes in Afghanistan and distributed warm clothes and food in winter. The tribal leaders were indeed grateful to us for helping them and their families. We did this on a regular basis, and this won over their “hearts and minds.” This opposed the Taliban, which used brute force, fear, and hardcore military tactics to force them into submission.

The United States military and government know how to use the media and other social media platforms for their own propaganda purposes to influence the American population as well. The CIA has been embedded in Hollywood for years to target certain segments of the population. It is a well-known fact that the Uncle Sam ads during World War II brought in hundreds of millions of dollars to the war effort along with millions of recruits and needed resources such as rubber, steel, and other war materials. 

In our book, The Military Guide to Disarming Deception, Troy Anderson and I have an entire chapter called “The Hollywood Deception,” in which we write about how we are all being groomed by the media to accept a one-world government, digital currency, the end of the world, possible alien invasions, and host of other events coming upon the planet. Do not underestimate the power of the media to persuade people to accept the new norms of culture. Just look at that influence in the last pandemic and then think about how it will be in the future as they “program” us to group think as in George Orwell’s book 1984. 

We, as believers, must understand that the spiritual and cultural wars we find ourselves in are asymmetrical; that is, they are all around us shooting at us from every direction. That is why it is imperative that we become battle-ready and prepare not only ourselves but those we serve in our congregations. I once interviewed Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Dallas, TX. I asked him this question: “What do you think of pastors who are not preparing their people for these end times and the spiritual warfare that surrounds us?” His answer was extraordinary: “Colonel, I say they should be sued for spiritual malpractice.” 

I firmly believe that we have time, however brief it may be, in order to teach, preach, exhort, and educate our people through the Word of God to understand and prepare for the events that will surely take place. 

David J Giammona

President Battle Ready Ministries                                 

Cell: 931-249-9206                          

US Army Colonel, Retired Author/Speaker             



Twitter: DavidGiammona@GiammonaDavid

Wow! “Live Like a Champion” is a book that will help you stretch and be challenged to all God has created you to be! Dr. Jerry Ingalls, Pastor, National Champion Athlete, US Olympian, Author and so much more, has packed into his latest book the basic steps God has ordained for each of us to follow to become His Champions!

He has masterfully written from a Champion Athletes perspective what it takes for anyone to become a true Champion. The disciplines he lines out are taken directly from God’s Word. The instructions he has laid out covers a 40 day challenge that every Pastor should embrace and utilize to make Champion Disciples.

Dr. Ingalls presents God as our Coach and us as Athletes in training. He even identifies where the Bible uses this comparison in easy to understand examples.

As a National Champion representing the United States he shares stories of success and falling short, but most of all how he learned from each life experience.

Pastors and Leaders, I respectfully invite you(challenge you) to join me as I embrace “Live Like a Champion Today” as our 2023 discipline. I ask you to take the 40 day challenge as outlined in the book. I also challenge you to create a “Champions Table” that will hold you accountable and be your encouragers too. In the book we see God as the Coach but we also see the importance of teammates and unity.

Live Like a Champion Today” is easy to read and understand but it will take some discipline to finish the challenge strong!

This year we are praying that Pastors all across America will have the courage to join our Table of Champions network and start their own Champions Table. What about you? This powerful book could be your ticket to changing you and your life forever. Embrace the challenge to be a true Champion for your spouse, your children, your church and community and most of all your Lord Jesus Christ!

To learn more visit here!

Dr Jerry Brandt has written on a subject that I find most people are very unsure of. Knowing who we are in Christ is critical to living a powerful Holy Spirit led life! It is one thing to accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord and yet another to fully walk with Him each day through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Study to show ourselves approved unto God is an instruction given us for a reason. Knowing God’s word is vital to truly understand the language of God. It is more than a history book. It is more than an instruction book. Is our book that reveals the heart of God and teaches us His divine language!

“I Am Who You Say That I Am” is an easy to read scripture based text on understanding what the Bible says about us as God’s children. Dr Brandt has more than 50 years of ministry experience and been in countless countries and he testifies that he only survived and thrived because he learned early on who he was/is in Christ and what it means when Christ actually abides within a person according to the Bible!

You do not have to totally agree with him on some points but let me assure you, this book will bring revelation to many people, bring questions to others and confirmation to a very few.

You must look within yourself and ask who am I in the Lord? Does Jesus abide within me and have I possibly put Him in the corner of my heart because of tradition and lack of total faith.

I recommend everyone read this book and see for yourself. Is it really possible to pray with expectation/anticipation/power?

We are praying for you!

Don’t let the name or pictures frighten or turn you away. This book is full of truth and explanations that most clergy never talk about. Today when more people in America believe in UFO’s and Aliens than they do in our Creator God, it is no wonder our country has fallen so far away from God!

This book is written by many experts and ministers who have spent their lives examining the occult, UFO phenomena’s, alien abductions, ghosts, vampires, witches just to name a few of the satanic and demonic attacks and deceptions on people throughout America and the world! Don’t just write this off as imaginary or hype. Don’t just say people are making this up or it’s all in their minds. Wicca (witchcraft) is the fastest growing religion in America today! Believe me it is real and it is affecting you and your church/family every day!

The supernatural is real, very real and as Christians you claim to be a part of it. The difference is, you probably only claim God’s part as real. The principalities and wickedness in high places have only become a verse or two in the Bible without substance for most Christians. Why is that? Because if it is spirit it can’t harm me! How far from the truth this lie is! People are the casualties of this great war we are in and if you turn a blind eye to it, you have already lost!

Pastors and leaders, wake up! Families are being torn apart by the evil spirits that exist and you need to take a stand or at least get out of the way for someone who will!

God’s Ghost Busters may sound like some kind of Hollywood movie but I can assure you that if you dare to read it you will blown away.

If you accept the challenge to get this powerful book, I suggest that you start with Chapter 15 and then go back to the beginning. If that doesn’t get your attention return the book and move on!

It is time that our churches(and leaders) stop ignoring the Tactics and Schemes of our enemy satan! Pastors and leaders you are in warfare and you need to fully equip your sheep with the knowledge and instructions on how to recognize and destroy the wickedness that has spread like a plague across America! It is much more deadly than the corona virus!

Make your discipleship more than a glorified Bible study. Make it a boot camp for spiritual warfare ready to face the adversary without fear or ignorance.

Pastors, families are under fire! It is your responsibility to protect, defend, educate, and prepare them for every kind of weapon formed against them!

If not today, when?

We write this today out of our love for the Body of Christ and the specifically (hand picked by God) Shepherds for this mighty work!

Simple reason, it is the safe place to go and let loose. It is a safe place to go when you need counsel from a peer! It is where you can build safe, trusted and lasting relationships that are genuine and intimate! It is where, in time, you can seriously pray with brothers who you can share your deepest and toughest areas of need and struggles. It becomes your real prayer fortress.

Let’s face it Pastor, statistically over 70% of us do not have a single “trusted” friend. You know, that person that if you are struggling with a pornography addiction, an affair is staring you in the face or you have already fallen, age is catching up with you and your body is changing, your wife is miserable at your church because of all the complainers or she sees the church as your mistress, people call you 24/7 and you are ready to quit! This is just the short list. There are many other statistics that tell the truth about how we are doing!

Everyone of us struggle with being real! We carry the load all the time no matter how heavy and we smile while all along we are hurting inside and often denying the pain.

My Champions Table has been my friend and release for more than a decade. For one to two hours every week I get to meet with 3 brothers who are just like me, well sort of. Actually we are not much alike at all. We are all Pastors that love Jesus, but that’s about where it ends. We are different denominations, race, sizes of ministries and even our politics aren’t the same. Our backgrounds are entirely different, yet we love and like one another. We have fun together and cry together and sometimes we argue with each other. We are completely honest with one another which means we often do not agree. How refreshing it is to sit together every week and talk about everything under the sun and no one gets upset or mad.

How we all have grown in our understanding of the “Body of Christ”, many members working under the headship of Jesus!

The beautiful thing about The Champions Table is that it is not about being a Pastor. It is about being a man who happens to be a Pastor. What a novel thought, Pastors sitting and talking about family, sports, politics, personal challenges, marriages, children, health, books, exercise, self improvement, goals, vacations, finances, investments, budgets, habits, addictions, temptations, sex, oh and sometimes the troublemakers we have to deal with.

Pastors, our families are under fire! The world wants to steal your children, break up your marriage and close your church! We must do everything we can to be ready at all times. You need men who truly are willing to fight with you and for you like Joshua did for Moses. I need this and so do you! The Table helps me stay alert and aware and also have the confidence to know I can trust these brothers no matter what! That is an awesome feeling!

Again, this is just a sampling of what makes a great Table of Champions. That’s why we call it our Champions Table. The Table is developing us into Champions for God by making us Champions for our wife, our children and the Church we serve. It stretches us to become the man God created us to be; honorable, trustworthy, caring, attentive, considerate, accountable, bold, uncompromising, strong, and giving!

There are many women in ministry throughout the world who may take the principles of the Champions Table and embrace them. We welcome and applaud them for their commitment to serving God. This ministry is focused on men, why, well first of all it is what the Holy Spirit said to do and I guess it is needed much more by men. Just look how the women seem to set the standard of faithfulness in churches today! Secondly, by looking at how many fatherless homes we have and the drop in men leaders in churches in America, it is time we had a group of Pastors step up to be courageous Champions! Men will follow Leaders who set the standard of success and victorious living! When you join the “Table of Champions” and embrace the principles you then become part of the Elite Special Forces for the Body of Christ, the real “Church”!

That’s “Why the Champions Table“! What about you? Does your wife, children, and church want a Champion! Step up today!

Whose sermon is it? Have you ever watched or listened to a pastor preach and wonder where it came from? I must say that Linda and I watch and listen to sermons or messages on average about 10-15 each week from a variety of speakers. These are not all high profile people and for sure there are many different doctrinal beliefs! It is sometimes refreshing, sometimes puzzling and sometimes heartbreaking to hear.

We find it fascinating how the Body of Christ is truly made up of many members with different functions, gifts, abilities and levels of faith. Yes, levels of faith, especially in pastors. We have learned not to criticize those who may believe some things differently than us, however the beauty is that they all trust in Jesus as the Savior and only way to heaven. (John 14:6)

Those with who we differ on opinion in scripture and/or realize have been gravely misled or deceived become a high priority for prayer. Believe it or not, sometime we learned that we were wrong in our own understanding and belief.

It has taken me a few years to realize that my criticism was only hurting myself and helping the enemy! Holy Spirit finally got through to me that I needed to spend my time praying for them not bashing them! The enemy loves the Body of Christ beating up itself.

It has become very clear to me through the years of being in two Champion Tables personally, how pastors are led and think very differently and still can love Jesus and each other. It has been a wonderful thing to see pastors experience transformation at the Table because of open discussions done in love with a heart to grow and understand!

When it comes to sermons and messages most pastors that we talk with, have yet to learn how to simply allow God to speak through them. Most toil hour after hour to get it just right with what they believe or want the listeners to hear. It is very easy to put words into God’s mouth so to speak. One of the most challenging part of being a pastor/shepherd is hearing God distinctly and obeying without question. Why is that, because it very often goes against society, tradition, world view, church leadership and much more. This is why we need pastors who are bold and obedient without fear except to God!

Messages that compromised the Word of God are clearly not from God! Messages that are “always” feel good, are probably not from God. Our messages should always give hope but should not categorically say to all the listeners life is ok, just smile, God’s got your back!

We have a real enemy that is attacking homes, families, marriages and communities at a very high intensity. Sexual pervasion is at an all time high. Education of our children has turned into indoctrination, Hollywood is producing much more entertainment that denies the existence of God and promotes every sin imaginable, and our governmental leaders have knowingly attacked every home in our country and this is not about politics! It is about just some of what every one of your/our sheep face daily! Sadly we must report that pastor and church passivity is also at an all time high!

Pastors, we need to face this enemy with the sword of the spirit without compromise. Your sheep are being fed poison every day by internet, TV, schools, intentional social media tactics, work places and more. If pastors are not addressing these issues that are attacking the Bible and God’s Church, then we suggest that perhaps their messages are not from God at all but simply a feel good message deigned not to ruffle feathers. The Word of God is the foundation of the “Church” with Jesus as the head and “sheep” can only grow and mature with a steady diet of the Word of God!

Whose message is it, anyway? Friends you can easily know by asking yourself, is this message dealing with the enemy attacks on me and my family, is this message coming from God’s Word with power and have I been given the spiritual food that I need to overcome the attacks and enemy strongholds I will be facing this week, do I feel the power of God flowing to me and through me that will heal me and strengthen my faith to overcome every obstacle before me? These are just a few questions to ask in your spirit/heart. You will know whether the message was from God or not.

Pastors, if you will simply humble yourself completely before God every time you are to give “His” word and prepare your heart and mind to hear “His” word, then He will prepare you to share “His” word!

We are praying for you!

Accountability is not usually something men (especially Pastors)embrace and yet it is what it takes to grow, improve, stretch us, push us, save us from ourselves, motivate us, coach us, teach us, and so much more!

This is my Champions Table that I meet with every Friday morning. For over 10 years these Pastors have been meeting with me and holding me accountable to be the godly man I am expected to be and need to be.

They regularly ask me questions about my character, my habits and my goals. We have a series of questions that we ask each other that are very pointed that every man faces such as specific temptations morally, family/spouse relationships and basic attitude issues. ( much more personal over time)

The Champion Table is not a meeting! It is brothers who have grown to genuinely trust and have real agape love for one another. It is our “Safe Place” to get real…very real!

If you do not have face to face or in your face accountability then you are no where near where God has for you. You can only do so much alone.

Even Jesus had Peter, James and John! Moses had Aaron, Hur and Joshua!

Let’s face it, sometimes we need trusted men to hold up our arms because we are weary. We need brothers to pray for us as we feel we are about to be crucified or thrown into the fire.

With real trusted accountability you build that kind of bond!

Why not consider becoming a Champion and joining our “Table of Champions” pastors network. It is simply a group a pastors throughout the world who have embraced accountability.

Your spouse will be happy, your children will be blessed and your church will be very thankful. Every Pastor owes it to those we serve to have personal accountability!

Now what about you? We are here to serve you!

We are praying for you pastors!

Contact our West Virginia (Rev. Lou Bush) and Wisconsin (Pastor Christopher Byars) State Directors to learn more about what is happening in your state.

(Florida Directorship still pending)



Matthew 9:36 “But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no sheperd”

 Pastors are the under-shepherds, charged in caring for the sheep, but who cares for the pastor?

Our vision is to see those shepherds unified together through a Covenant of Prayer that brings all denominations, cultures, races and pastors together in action, and that pastors have relationship betwee them selves of trust, oves and determination to save their community and make disciples for Jesus Christ and the Kingdon of God!

All ProPastor International Mission Statement

John 21 “Jesus spoke to Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me and commissioned him three time to (Feed my sheep)”

 All Pro Pastors International ministry is to empower Pastors to become Champion role models for all

People through personal encouragement, challenge, accountability and achievement, and to bring unity to the “Body of Christ” through love, trust, prayer and personal relationships, that by this our Lord Jesus may say: “well done y good and faithful Servant”.

But who feeds the shepherd?

All Pro Pastors International benefits include:

  • Weekly Encouragement
  • Fresh Ideas for Pastors
  • Tech Trends for Churches
  • Training and Education
  • Science and The Bible
  • Special Christian Movie Premiers
  • 24/7/365 International Prayer Network

All Pro Pastors International resources include:

  • Saturate USA
  • Game Plan for Life
  • National Center for Life and Liberty
  • Restoring Hope Global
  • Mike Williams Ministry
  • Liberty Pastors/Reclaiming America for Christ
  • SkywatchTV
  • Christian Businessmen’s Connection
  • Champions Table


All Pro Pastors International vision:

  • Pastors will work together in their community to save the lost and make disciples
  • For all Christian Churches and pastors in the community will unite regardless of their race or denomination
  • Pastors will establish relationships of love and trust between themselves
  • Local Churches and Pastors will stop criticizing one another and start loving/liking one another
  • Leaders of the denominations will work together with purpose to reach every community for Christ
  • Pastors to have a Kingdom attitude and heart
  • Pastors marriages and families to be strong, healthy and holy. To be examples of Christ
  • Pastors to pray with their spouse every day
  • That strong Pastors will step forward to establish “Champion Tables” as leaders in every community
  • The Body of Christ, the Church, to become passionate about praying and will develop the discipline to pray each day with intensity and intentionally
  • That Pastors “Fast and Pray” with accountability and encouragement to one another with confidentiality
  • That anyone who call themselves a Christian will serve and honor God with their life, words, actions, thoughts, attitudes and above all “LOVE”
  • Our National leader will turn to Jesus and become Jesus followers!
  • All Presidents, Prime Minister and Heads of State will use the Bible as the standard of governing
  • That our Governmental leaders will call for solemn assemblies with fasts and prayer to be held at their governmental headquarters and throughout the land
  • For Pastors to be called to every country’s capital to pray in unity repenting and worshiping Jesus
  • That Christians will vote where and when allowed for candidates who are committed Christians
  • For Israel and their people to accept Jesus as their Messiah and Savior
  • For All Pro Pastors International and the Pastors Center to fulfill its Mission and Vision
  • For provision to come into this ministry so that there is more that enough to reach the entire world with this mission and for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared to all people
  • That our hearts will have forgiveness for one another for years of racial and cultural division and criticism
  • For a great move of the Holy Spirit to move through the land with a great demonstration of power
  • For all Christian married couples to pray together every day showing compassion for each other before God

Current project is to help over 200+ churches in Honduras.

Providing assistance to the people in their area, to keep them safe at home and productive for their families.

(SOIL Ministry is a ministry partner of All Pro Pastors International)


• Church Administration – Video & Internet Series

• Master Life – The Disciples Personality

• Bible Training Center for Pastors (10 course pack)

• G.O.A.L.S. Mentoring – 13 week course

• Experiencing God – Knowing and Doing the Will of God

• Project – Saturate Honduras

• Love Is A Hunger Designed by God – Marriage Seminar


• English as a Second Language – ESL

Church Wide Studies

• CIVICS (Honduran & USA)

• HISTORY (Honduran & USA)

MEDICAL MISSIONS – Surgical Teams last conducted in Tocoa, Colon

If you have some time in your schedule I would love to talk about joining this effort. A great way to spread Goodwill while assisting the USA with the immigration issues, while doing it with compassion.

Anthony Ponceti, Th.D.
Global Goodwill Ambassador
Soil Ministry Honduras
All Pro Pastors International
(863) 370-1080

Recently at one of our lunches the guest speaker used the term “Man of God” as he was telling a story about someone. Immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Man of God is what you and every man should be striving to be called”. When people see you they should think of you as a “Man of God” before anything else!

The “Holy Spirit” further went on to say that being a Pastor is a position, but being a “Man of God” is a description of who you really are. It describes your character and testifies of who you are on the inside.  Many of us work hard to earn degrees and attain many great titles and this can be well and good, however Holy Spirit said to me the most important title (if we can call it that) is “Man of God”.   Who are you, really? Who am I? Does our title tell the world who we really are? I have been called many things: Pastor, Dr., Bishop, Apostle, Executive Director, Reverend, etc. some of these are not accurate about me and others were spoken just for respect, but none of these are true reflections of who I am as a follower and servant of Jesus!

Did my wife marry a Pastor or a man? She married a “Man”. She is more interested in me being a man seeking God with my whole heart and mind than she is that I may be a Pastor or Minister. Who we are is much more important than what we do as a calling or position. How important is it to our church families and fellowships to know that they can trust and count on us as men of integrity and godly character?   Our positions can change and be forgotten our relationships are what is remembered and has the longest lasting impact.

Now for the kicker. When we truly are a “Man of God” all of these things mentioned become easier to do and with lasting affect! Being a Pastor is easy when you know that you are walking in the Power and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Being a husband and Father is much easier when your wife sincerely sees you as a Man of God! Being a leader of a ministry or business breeds much success because people want to be led by great “Men of God”!

Now the question remains, am I a “Man of God”? Are you a “Man of God”? What are we going to do about this?

I pray that this will make us think about how people really see us, starting at home. As you meet with your Champions Table this week discuss the importance of why it is critically important that as Pastors and Ministers that all people see you as a “Man of God”

We are praying for you!!

On Thursday May 29, 2014 All Pro Pastors had a Powerful luncheon with Pastors from many denominations and races at the “Church in the Son” Orlando Florida. Our very special guest speaker was Dr Patrick Morley, founder of Man in the Mirror ministry. He gave us a heart pounding message and a challenge to be “God’s Men” starting at home! Dr Jerry Brandt, Kingdom Life University, started the day with a wake-up call for Pastors and Churches to embrace technology as a powerful tool to share the gospel around the world and to our own congregations. Pastor Nolan Edwards of Champions Church, Winter Haven Florida, closed the day with an invitation to all Pastors to step up and start or join a “Champions Table”. “Church in the Son” has a wonderful staff and made everyone feel loved and appreciated. Their facilities are fabulous and the attention to detail is unmatched by anywhere we have been. Praise God for Pastor’s and Church families who take great pride in providing the very best for Pastors!

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