Get Acquainted, Listen and Talk

Get Acquainted, Listen and Talk

  • In the initial weeks, introduce yourself: family, activities with loved ones, where you’ve lived and share personal stories. Discuss what brings out different emotions and find common ground to laugh about. Explore personal challenges and encourage attentive listening.
  • Each Champion Table should have someone volunteer to be the Table Champion: this is a commitment to contact each Table member the day before your meeting as a reminder and to keep the Table focused (this will most likely be the pastor who originates the Table).

NOTE: The Table is yours – it can become one of great fellowship and trust & it can also be a place of encouraging accountability. Only you can determine this.


Awareness and Sensitivity

Awareness and Sensitivity

  • Each week ask, “Does anyone need Table Time?”. This is current pressing issues of high importance or concern.
  • Do not talk so much that others do not have a chance. You can be silent or open up your heart. Speak with your heart and listen intentionally. There is a direct relationship in what you give and what you receive.

Please do not allow your Table to get stuck on ‘church’ related issues that dominate your time.

Pastors are known for chasing the proverbial ‘rabbit’ just to avoid the needed real issues.

The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.

Proverbs 27:9


Discuss Table & Personal Objectives

Discuss Table and Personal Objectives

  • After your time of introduction, share with the Table any current goals that you feel comfortable sharing (i.e. marriage, family, physical, household, personal improvement, spiritual growth, business, financial, health, education, ministry, etc.).
  • Share any personal areas of improvement that you want to be encouraged to achieve.

EXAMPLES: I need to…

lose 30 pounds  ~  increase my income  ~  finish school  ~  spend more time with my wife  ~  read more  ~  watch less TV  ~  pay-off debts  ~  ask or give forgiveness  ~  I want to write a book  ~~~~~  You get the idea ~

Your Table is there to encourage you,  cheer you on, not judge or give unrequested advice.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not seek out financial help from a Table Brother (Sister). They will know your needs and help you IF God directs them.

~~ Never invite a guest to visit your Table without asking permission from each Table Brother (Sister) in advance.


The Accountability Choice

The Accountability Choice

  • Review the suggested ‘Discussion Points’ and discuss how your Table wants to use these. You may want to add some or revise them, this is your choice.

ASK THESE QUESTIONS (this will make a big difference in your Table)

>> Where do we want to start?

>> How much Accountability does our Table want?

Accountability builds trust & character and leads to great achievement!

Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 27:17


The Champions Mentality

The Champions Mentality

  • If and when everyone decides to sincerely start the journey as accountability ‘Champions’ you will experience a breakthrough week. This is the week each one decided to embrace “Accountability as a Personal Guideline to Higher Success”.
  • Each week review personal & specific time sensitive goals. You may have one or several goals. Write them down and share with your Table. This becomes your ‘TO-DO LIST’.
  • Each week give a progress report.

This is not a requirement for the Table – only a proven way to help you reach goals while building trust and real friendships.


Finish with Power

Finish with Power

  • End each week by sharing prayer needs and close with prayer.
  • The Table is not a Bible study group or prayer meeting, you should already be doing that.

It is real MEN getting serious about real MEN issues.

  • Men only meet with men. Women only meet with women.

Special NOTE: Every Monday, a video message is posted on the home page of our website for you & your Table. It can also be found on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

… a three stranded cord is not easily broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12