Simple reason, it is the safe place to go and let loose. It is a safe place to go when you need counsel from a peer! It is where you can build safe, trusted and lasting relationships that are genuine and intimate! It is where, in time, you can seriously pray with brothers who you can share your deepest and toughest areas of need and struggles. It becomes your real prayer fortress.

Let’s face it Pastor, statistically over 70% of us do not have a single “trusted” friend. You know, that person that if you are struggling with a pornography addiction, an affair is staring you in the face or you have already fallen, age is catching up with you and your body is changing, your wife is miserable at your church because of all the complainers or she sees the church as your mistress, people call you 24/7 and you are ready to quit! This is just the short list. There are many other statistics that tell the truth about how we are doing!

Everyone of us struggle with being real! We carry the load all the time no matter how heavy and we smile while all along we are hurting inside and often denying the pain.

My Champions Table has been my friend and release for more than a decade. For one to two hours every week I get to meet with 3 brothers who are just like me, well sort of. Actually we are not much alike at all. We are all Pastors that love Jesus, but that’s about where it ends. We are different denominations, race, sizes of ministries and even our politics aren’t the same. Our backgrounds are entirely different, yet we love and like one another. We have fun together and cry together and sometimes we argue with each other. We are completely honest with one another which means we often do not agree. How refreshing it is to sit together every week and talk about everything under the sun and no one gets upset or mad.

How we all have grown in our understanding of the “Body of Christ”, many members working under the headship of Jesus!

The beautiful thing about The Champions Table is that it is not about being a Pastor. It is about being a man who happens to be a Pastor. What a novel thought, Pastors sitting and talking about family, sports, politics, personal challenges, marriages, children, health, books, exercise, self improvement, goals, vacations, finances, investments, budgets, habits, addictions, temptations, sex, oh and sometimes the troublemakers we have to deal with.

Pastors, our families are under fire! The world wants to steal your children, break up your marriage and close your church! We must do everything we can to be ready at all times. You need men who truly are willing to fight with you and for you like Joshua did for Moses. I need this and so do you! The Table helps me stay alert and aware and also have the confidence to know I can trust these brothers no matter what! That is an awesome feeling!

Again, this is just a sampling of what makes a great Table of Champions. That’s why we call it our Champions Table. The Table is developing us into Champions for God by making us Champions for our wife, our children and the Church we serve. It stretches us to become the man God created us to be; honorable, trustworthy, caring, attentive, considerate, accountable, bold, uncompromising, strong, and giving!

There are many women in ministry throughout the world who may take the principles of the Champions Table and embrace them. We welcome and applaud them for their commitment to serving God. This ministry is focused on men, why, well first of all it is what the Holy Spirit said to do and I guess it is needed much more by men. Just look how the women seem to set the standard of faithfulness in churches today! Secondly, by looking at how many fatherless homes we have and the drop in men leaders in churches in America, it is time we had a group of Pastors step up to be courageous Champions! Men will follow Leaders who set the standard of success and victorious living! When you join the “Table of Champions” and embrace the principles you then become part of the Elite Special Forces for the Body of Christ, the real “Church”!

That’s “Why the Champions Table“! What about you? Does your wife, children, and church want a Champion! Step up today!

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