Accountability is not usually something men (especially Pastors)embrace and yet it is what it takes to grow, improve, stretch us, push us, save us from ourselves, motivate us, coach us, teach us, and so much more!

This is my Champions Table that I meet with every Friday morning. For over 10 years these Pastors have been meeting with me and holding me accountable to be the godly man I am expected to be and need to be.

They regularly ask me questions about my character, my habits and my goals. We have a series of questions that we ask each other that are very pointed that every man faces such as specific temptations morally, family/spouse relationships and basic attitude issues. ( much more personal over time)

The Champion Table is not a meeting! It is brothers who have grown to genuinely trust and have real agape love for one another. It is our “Safe Place” to get real…very real!

If you do not have face to face or in your face accountability then you are no where near where God has for you. You can only do so much alone.

Even Jesus had Peter, James and John! Moses had Aaron, Hur and Joshua!

Let’s face it, sometimes we need trusted men to hold up our arms because we are weary. We need brothers to pray for us as we feel we are about to be crucified or thrown into the fire.

With real trusted accountability you build that kind of bond!

Why not consider becoming a Champion and joining our “Table of Champions” pastors network. It is simply a group a pastors throughout the world who have embraced accountability.

Your spouse will be happy, your children will be blessed and your church will be very thankful. Every Pastor owes it to those we serve to have personal accountability!

Now what about you? We are here to serve you!

We are praying for you pastors!

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