I recently read this book named “The God who Hung on the Cross. There was no way to know what to expect. The life and ministry work of Dois Rosser are revealed in such graphic detail that I want to ask everyone of you to find it and read it.

Many people complain that they are to old to get involved or start a ministry, Dois was in his 70’s and has built over 12,000 churches throughout the world. He has traveled into many life threatening situations and time after time God miraculously turned the tide on the enemy.

Sometimes pastors and churches are seriously looking for how to get involved in reaching the world for Christ but they just don’t know who they can trust with their money or they want more hands on involvement. This book will take you through several adventures that you will feel a part of as you explore it page by page. I feel certain your questions will be answered.

Friends, this book reveals how God is reaching the world through men and women you likely have never met. Meet them today and see if God will put it on your heart to write your own chapter in this book. Anyone can make a difference. What about you?

Order your copy today and start the adventure of a lifetime and beyond! You can find it in many online resources.

Remember: Linda and I are faithfully praying for you!

The “School of Acts” subtitled “The Gifts and Operations of God” is a wonderfully written book/study guide on the entire book of Acts authored by Eric Casto. Eric is a Missionary/Teacher and Author who has carried the gospel to countries throughout the world. Nowhere on earth frightens him as he clearly understands and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit of God wherever he goes!

The School of Acts is written in very clear and detailed fashion so that anyone can follow the scripture references and explanations with ease. Eric’s experience as a missionary to the world has offered him the opportunity to see God’s hand move in the supernatural many times and these experiences allow Eric to write with authority.

The School of Acts details and breaks down the book of Acts so that it can be taught or studied in part or in its entirety over many weeks or as conference. Each book contains the complete book of Acts in addition to the Bible Study materials by Brother Eric.

Eric’s breakdown of Acts is unique and complete with many facts such as the 138 manifestations of the Holy Spirit identified in Acts and these are broken down into three groups, gifts that see, do and speak.

Eric explains everything by a scripture reference breakdown from prayer to resurrection, from discerning of spirits to speaking in tongues and so much more.

He is totally inclusive covering every subject. You will be especially interested in his Revelation Gifts section which includes: Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and Discerning of Spirits. 

As a minister of the gospel I am always trying to learn more and be open to the Spirit of God to reveal things that I may need more clarity on or a complete change of understanding.

School of Acts is a great read and study and you will certainly find it a wise investment. 

If you want to learn more and see some of where Eric has taken the cross of Jesus, go to office@foursmiles.com

Dr Jerry Brandt has written on a subject that I find most people are very unsure of. Knowing who we are in Christ is critical to living a powerful Holy Spirit led life! It is one thing to accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord and yet another to fully walk with Him each day through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Study to show ourselves approved unto God is an instruction given us for a reason. Knowing God’s word is vital to truly understand the language of God. It is more than a history book. It is more than an instruction book. Is our book that reveals the heart of God and teaches us His divine language!

“I Am Who You Say That I Am” is an easy to read scripture based text on understanding what the Bible says about us as God’s children. Dr Brandt has more than 50 years of ministry experience and been in countless countries and he testifies that he only survived and thrived because he learned early on who he was/is in Christ and what it means when Christ actually abides within a person according to the Bible!

You do not have to totally agree with him on some points but let me assure you, this book will bring revelation to many people, bring questions to others and confirmation to a very few.

You must look within yourself and ask who am I in the Lord? Does Jesus abide within me and have I possibly put Him in the corner of my heart because of tradition and lack of total faith.

I recommend everyone read this book and see for yourself. Is it really possible to pray with expectation/anticipation/power?

We are praying for you!

While sitting at the desk in my office, thinking, praying, and reading God’s word, the reality of our
current times came before me. Again, I wondered, what is it going to take for Christians and church leaders
to see the revelation of God’s word unfolding before us and take real action to stand against evil as our
Lord Jesus would? Like the experience of Bonhoffer during the rise of Nazi Germany, all the dominos of
evil were clearly falling in place. Yet, the so-called church refused to see the evil tide and literally aided
the enemy in their efforts to destroy the lives and souls of so many of God’s children.
So, I look at the world. Specifically, my American home, which I cherish as a gift from God, and
I see the intentional destruction of everything Godly and good escalating at a great pace. Morality is being
destroyed right in front of us and governments are sponsoring it. Gross sexual perversion is being pushed
as normal and good to the most vulnerable and innocent, our children, their young souls being lost by the
minute. Parents, who oppose such perversion, are having their children removed from their custody.
Pastors who simply stand for God’s truth are arrested at gun point by FBI agents in the early morning, and
threatened with years in prison. The rule of law and our constitution are literally being ignored and distorted
by those who took an oath that they would uphold it. Fear tactics and blatant deception are being used by
our government, the media, big business, and others, to control and manipulate people. We see nation
(race/people groups) rising against nation, wars and rumors of wars, and the list goes on. Interestingly, I
often hear comments from non-Christians who see what is going on all around us as they wonder if our
world coming to an end. They wonder but seem incapable of understanding the true end game.
But wait, as children of God, none of the above should catch us by surprise! Our understanding of
it should be reasonably clear. God’s word told us in the end days it shall be like Sodom and Gomorrah,
and it shall be like the days on Noah. Perversion and idolatry will reach a great scale. Much of the world
won’t see the Lord’s return coming because of self-centered focus and consumption. In addition, God’s
word also told us that in the end times both the chaff and the wheat will grow strong in preparation for the
harvests of souls at the end of this age.
So, this makes me wonder, where is the wheat? Where is the body of Christ standing boldly as Salt
and Light to a world in need of God’s truth? Truth which will set them free of the present destruction. By
the way, when I say “world” I mean every aspect of human existence and civilization which includes
government and politics. If there is any part of this world that can’t be touched by God’s authority and
power, then so be it. But, if Jesus does have all authority, power, and dominion, then the body of Christ
and His Shepherd’s, have no excuse not to stand boldly against such evil and firmly influence the world
around us for God’s Kingdom. To be clear, in Revelations chapter one, Jesus Himself stated that He is the
Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He IS, He WAS, and He IS TO COME, the ALMIGHTY
(the ruler of All). The Ever-Living One, and He possesses the keys of death and Hades.
Now for our part, The Lord commanded us to take dominion over all things. He formed
government, which is intended to only do good according to biblical standards, and He placed Himself as
the head of it with us as His ruling citizens (ecclesia). He directed us to remove the wicked from government
and to oppose all wicked actions (See Prov 25:5, 26), and finally He commanded us to disciple all to obey
His commandments.
With this said, I wonder what’s it going to take for those who call themselves “children of God” or
“His Shepherds” to stand boldly and openly against the present evil? I wonder, how big will God show up
when His people take a stand? Remember…Evil gets powerful and shows up at your door when its ignored.
Finally, many shall come on that day and say Lord, Lord. He will say depart from me you wicked
servant, I never knew you. I wonder…what’s our excuse?

In America and actually throughout the world satan has been doing everything possible to turn people away from God or to destroy the very belief in the existence of God. Frankly he has done a great job. When statistically more people believe that extraterrestrial beings from some distant galaxy are visiting us and probably brought human kind to earth rather than God created us, it is easy to say he has done a great job. When Hollywood and the military have been working together to influence society to their way of thinking and our moral decay is clearly evident, it is easy to say. With “gaslighting” being the standard tactic today in altering the way a person thinks and reacts, again it is easy to say. Sadly what many Christians including Pastors would say is that they don’t believe this.

Friends, this is just the tip of the spear! What nearly all Pastors never do is identify the tactics of what and how satan is attacking the Body of Christ (The Church). The military has for years used mind control to alter, change, or topple governments without firing a single shot. These same tactics are being used in America today. The church needs to be taught exactly what and how satan is doing this, so we can stop him!

Why do you think fewer and fewer Christians have a Biblical world view? How has evolution now become the standard for creation instead of the Bible? Friends, I personally believe that the church and its leaders have become so comfortable and people pleasing that satan has just stepped in and has his way. He has had little resistance because God’s army on earth has made the most cardinal of sins when it comes to warfare, you must first and foremost “Know Your Enemy and their Tactics”!

The Military Guide to Disarming Deception is a book I recently read and is now available. I highly recommend that every Christian and especially Pastors get this book and read it. If there is one area the church has failed in it is exposing the enemy. This book is just one that scratches the surface, but it is an eye opener!

Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson have put together a serious book on tactics that are used from the military perspective. It is factual. They have also given tactics on how to fight our unseen enemy.

As with every book when it comes to opinions and doctrine there are usually some differences of opinions, however let me encourage you to listen too and study those who are different than yourself. I know I do and sometimes I see that I am wrong in my thinking.



About 15 years ago I started All Pro Pastors International(APPI) in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. By God’s grace my wife (Linda) embraced this call on her life to serve Pastors and Ministers too and since then we have tirelessly worked to strengthen pastors and bring the body of Chist together in love.

APPI has three arms of ministry, all toward and for supporting Pastors: The Table of Champions, the Pastors Prayer Center, and now Pastors Defending Families. Each of these have specific purposes and missions.

We sincerely ask that you pray for us as we reach out to all Christian Pastors to pray for them, to help them establish cross relationship Champion Tables and provide information with resources to help them as individuals and as pastors. The platforms that we offer encourage pastors from different denominations, race, doctrine, culture, and success to come together at the Table with Jesus and talk, pray and fellowship. This builds trust and love in spite of their differences.

Please pray for this ministry to stay the course and to always demonstrate the Agape love of our Lord Jesus.
Specifically pray for our highly debated “Pastors Defending Families Conference”. Our conference will be delivering confirmed information with testimony as to many of the issues families are dealing with. We humbly invite you to come in person to our conference on May 17th or watch it by free livestream through our website. www.allpropastors.org

Doing the right thing is not always easy or popular, but sometimes love must also be tough.

Linda and I are also scheduled to go to Honduras June 1-5 with a Marriage Retreat team led by Dr. Tony Ponceti. This marriage retreat will include Pastors, Mayors, and Government officials. We are blessed to have All Pro Pastors International partner with SOIL ministries on this great work.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Added Notes: During the conference on May 17th, we will be introducing a new ministry resource partner www.Gloo.us . They have a National outreach to find young people who are searching? At our conference you can meet them in person and hear how they connect these hurting young souls to churches who really care and are willing to listen and help. Churches who sign up to partner with them receive an average of 10 per month.

We will also be having a National Zoom Conference May 26th with all who are interested in learning more about this amazing outreach ministry.

(Exodus 12:15, 19) On the first day remove the yeast … For seven days no yeast is to be found in your houses.
When I was growing up I knew that we were not supposed to eat leaven during Passover, but I did not know that God says we need to remove it from our homes. I didn’t know this for two reasons. First, my family (like most Jewish people) was not religious so we never read the Hebrew Scriptures. Second, I did not know this because my mom did not remove any leaven that was still in our home when Passover began.
During Passover my mom would place all the refrigerated items which contained leaven or yeast on one shelf. When my sister and I were little I think my mom put a sign on the shelf to remind us to not eat the foods which had yeast.
When my sister and I became teenagers, my mother assumed that we were old enough (or mature enough) to remember the rules of Passover so she stopped placing a sign on the shelf which would remind us that we were not allowed to eat food with yeast.
As I recall I ate something with yeast every year by accident. I wasn’t trying to be rebellious or disobedient, but since I wasn’t religious I would innocently forget it was Passover. During the weekends I would stay up late watching TV. Usually, sometime around 11:00 PM I would get a little hungry. I would go to the kitchen and look for a snack. I usually found something like a cupcake (possibly one of my favorite snacks; a “Devil Dog”) to eat. Then, sometime while eating the snack I would notice a box of matzah on the counter or table and remember it was Passover.
You’d think that with a name like DEVIL dog, I’d have a clue that I should’ve avoided it, but I never did. This is why God tells us to remove all leaven from our homes. If you don’t want to eat something, don’t have it in your house.
Paul understood the connection between leaven and immorality. He tells us to remove the old leaven so that you may be a new lump, just as you are in fact unleavened (matzah). (1 Corinthians 5:7)
We need to get rid of all leaven, immorality or sin. Before we put our trust in Yeshua, we were leavened bread. Once we begin our new life with Yeshua, we are to remove leaven or sin. We are to be unleavened bread or matzah. Our Passover prayer could be “I wanna be a matzah man!”
Search and Destroy Mission
“[The Jews] see the whole process of searching for the chametz and eliminating it as a reminder to man that he should search through his deeds and purify his actions.” (Mordell Klein, ed., Passover, … p. 38).
When you search your home for leaven you will find some leaven in places that are not obvious. We can always find some leaven that is hidden or out of sight. The same is true with sin. It will require some careful searching to find all leaven and sin. While we look for leaven in our homes we should ask God to reveal one piece of leaven or sin in our life. God will be faithful to answer this prayer. Then, once we find the hidden sin, we must make the effort to evict and remove it. Do you want to be a matzah man?

Soaring on wings like the Eagles

Although I haven’t had much opportunity to watch eagles soar, it is a beautiful thing.  Soaring is by definition gliding high, and anyone who has ever seen eagles know they do so with spectacular ease.  Perhaps this is why God chose them as our model.

Aerodynamics of Soaring

To soar, an eagle needs a headwind, but this seems to be opposite of what they should need. An airline pilot was asked to explain.  He said that eagles must face into the wind to experience lift.  The air currents flow over and under their uniquely formed wings, creating an air pressure difference.  As the higher pressure below tries to equalize the lower above, the gliding bird is lifted up. Gradually, though, the eagle will lose altitude, forcing it to land, if not for the added boost of rising air currents, such as warm air and updrafts, or increased wind.  When assisted by these air currents or winds, a gliding eagle can then soar.

God Helps Us Soar Like an Eagle

When God says that we can soar on wings like an eagle, He is not suggesting that we attempt unassisted aerials.  He wants us to soar spiritually in our daily walk with Him.

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

Waiting on the Lord for renewed strength is often difficult.  In the midst of hardships, the concept of soaring above them can seem impossible.  Without God’s help, it is.  He reminded me, though, that all birds, even eagles, must learn to fly.

With His help, we can learn to soar


  • We Must Face the Headwinds


Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for You are with me” Psalm 23:4

Storms and difficulties are like headwinds that blow in upon our lives, sometimes with gale-forced strength.  As eagles face headwinds, we must learn to face ours head-on, knowing that God is with us as we do.


  • We Must Rest on God’s Strength


…Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might” – Ephesians 6:10

Although we do not have literal wings, we can rest upon God.  He stretched out His arms on the cross to conquer the gravitational pull of sin’s curse on our behalf.  We can rest secure in the shadow of His wings, knowing His arms are capable of lifting us up above any problem we face.


  • We Must Let God Lift Us


“Lord, I will exalt you and lift you high, for you have lifted me up on high!” Psalm 30:1

Just as lift results from air pressure changes, God lifts us by changing our perspective in the storm, and reversing the dynamics of our situations for good.  Rather than allowing the pressures of our problems to sink us, we can trust in God, who is greater.  With His power and love under-girding us, we can with renewed hope and courage rise up, even when things look their bleakest.


  • We Must Allow God To Sustain Us


Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me” – Psalm 54:4

Just as an eagle needs the assistance of air currents and winds to maintain altitude, we need God’s help to continue soaring.  With the wind of His Spirit in us, and the warmth of His love surrounding us, we can rise above any problem.  We can soar. Rather than grovel in the dust of your problems, wouldn’t you rather soar above them with God?

The roles in which we carry are much like all other wives, mothers and business women; however, because of the “Church Family” it becomes overwhelming at times.

Join others that are in the same boat as you for some friendly support not found anywhere else.

We can relate to what it’s like to be in a glass cage-on the Pedestal!

This is a safe place for transparency, trust honesty with others in the same place as you.

A place where you can have restoration, be refilled and refreshed!

This safe place that I am talking about is what we “Women R Champions” call a “Champion Table”.

The “Table” is uniting with 3 or 4 other women who are either Pastor Wives, Female Ministers, or active women in ministry that have similar issues dealing with their role within the Church family.

God knows your Real name

When you married a pastor, your name changed.

You are now called “Pastor’s Wife”.

You are Special!

Paul and I are just in AWE of how God is working through the “Champions Tables” whereas allowing these men called Pastor’s to get down, get real, be transparent with each other, and have someone who understands what it’s like having to deal with a “Pastor’s Wife”!

These men are realizing they aren’t the only one going through certain problems such as “My wife QUIT yesterday-said she is tired of my bossing her around, forgetting she is my WIFE.”


God knows who you really are!

Champion Table” husbands are FINALLY REALIZING HOW SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT the woman they married IS TO THEM!

As these “Tables” have grown and been active for many years, we have seen God’s hand working on the marriage and families of the dedicated pastors who are actively take part.

The results of changed Men WHO HAPPEN TO BE PASTOR’S is becoming more evident at each event of All Pro Pastors, when wives testify of how the Lord is performing miracles with the Holy Spirit taking hold of their families.

We are in this journey together

Paul and I are so honored that God is using us as a vehicle to be there for you and your husbands. Every day we are blessed with your wonderful testimonies of HIS GRACE!

I am ecstatic with the excitement of so many precious wives who are desiring to form relationships with each other, much like the “Pastor Tables”.

Ladies, our world is in trouble.

As women, we have the potential to change the world: starting at home,

By LOVING ONE ANOTHER—-the church will see our LOVE IN CHRIST—-how to go out into the world with that LOVE—-what matters most……………………………


Paul and I pray for you every day, I promise YOUR REQUEST will be lifted up to the LORD!


My Love to you in Jesus Name,

Linda Pickern

(Esther 9:24 TLB) Haman (son of Hammedatha the Agagite), the enemy of all the Jews, had plotted to destroy them at the time determined by a throw of the dice;

(Esther 9:24 NLT) Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite, the enemy of the Jews, had plotted to crush and destroy them on the date determined by casting lots (the lots were called purim).

Haman, hated the Jews so much that he decided to kill, annihilate and wipe them out. He needed to pick a day to do this, so he rolled some dice, or cast some lots (purim). In the eyes of man, Haman’s selection of a date to wipe out the Jewish people appears to be simply a matter of chance. But when I read Proverbs 16:33, it seemed to me that Haman may not have been in complete control of selecting the date.

(Proverbs 16:33 CEV) We make our own decisions, but the Lord alone determines what happens.

(Proverbs 16:33 TLB) We toss the coin, but it is the Lord who controls its decision.

(Proverbs 16:33 MSG) Make your motions and cast your votes, but God has the final say.

(Proverbs 16:33 NLT) We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall.

This proverb teaches that when we make our decisions, the end result is not simply at act of our decision making. We may, investigate the facts, cast a vote, roll some dice, or toss a coin, but God has the final say in what happens. He may blow upon the dice or coin and cause them to fall when He decides. Even though things appear to be the work of man, or random chance, God is quietly working behind the scenes, determining how things fall, or what happens.

This is one lesson we see in the Book of Esther. God’s name is never mentioned in the entire book, but God appears to be working behind the scenes all the time. Esther, a Jewish woman, just so happens to become Queen in the Persian Kingdom. Her cousin Mordecai, just so happens to hear some men plot to kill the King. One night, when the King cannot fall sleep, he calls someone to read to him. This reading just so happens to mention that Mordecai saved the Kings life. Then Queen Esther just so happens to be able to schedule a dinner for her husband (the King) and Haman, just in time to thwart the plans of Haman.

Be encouraged that even when you cannot see, hear or perceive God’s presence with your five earthly senses, it doesn’t mean that God’s not watching or listening.

(Proverbs 15:3 TLB) The Lord is watching everywhere and keeps His eye on both the evil and the good.

(Proverbs 15:3 MSG) God doesn’t miss a thing – He’s alert to good and evil alike.

Purim begins March 16 at sunset. I encourage you to:

  • Read the Book of Esther this month, and discover wonderful truths about God, who sometimes is cloaked from our earthly eyes, and works behind the scenes.
  • Invite Rabbi Ron to Speak about the Festival of Purim (Book of Esther).

Contact our West Virginia (Rev. Lou Bush) and Wisconsin (Pastor Christopher Byars) State Directors to learn more about what is happening in your state.

(Florida Directorship still pending)

Email: Pastor@allpropastors.org


Matthew 9:36 “But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted, and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no sheperd”

 Pastors are the under-shepherds, charged in caring for the sheep, but who cares for the pastor?

Our vision is to see those shepherds unified together through a Covenant of Prayer that brings all denominations, cultures, races and pastors together in action, and that pastors have relationship betwee them selves of trust, oves and determination to save their community and make disciples for Jesus Christ and the Kingdon of God!

All ProPastor International Mission Statement

John 21 “Jesus spoke to Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me and commissioned him three time to (Feed my sheep)”

 All Pro Pastors International ministry is to empower Pastors to become Champion role models for all

People through personal encouragement, challenge, accountability and achievement, and to bring unity to the “Body of Christ” through love, trust, prayer and personal relationships, that by this our Lord Jesus may say: “well done y good and faithful Servant”.

But who feeds the shepherd?

All Pro Pastors International benefits include:

  • Weekly Encouragement
  • Fresh Ideas for Pastors
  • Tech Trends for Churches
  • Training and Education
  • Science and The Bible
  • Special Christian Movie Premiers
  • 24/7/365 International Prayer Network

All Pro Pastors International resources include:

  • BlessEveryHome.com
  • Saturate USA
  • Game Plan for Life
  • National Center for Life and Liberty
  • Restoring Hope Global
  • Mike Williams Ministry
  • Liberty Pastors/Reclaiming America for Christ
  • SkywatchTV
  • Christian Businessmen’s Connection
  • Champions Table


All Pro Pastors International vision:

  • Pastors will work together in their community to save the lost and make disciples
  • For all Christian Churches and pastors in the community will unite regardless of their race or denomination
  • Pastors will establish relationships of love and trust between themselves
  • Local Churches and Pastors will stop criticizing one another and start loving/liking one another
  • Leaders of the denominations will work together with purpose to reach every community for Christ
  • Pastors to have a Kingdom attitude and heart
  • Pastors marriages and families to be strong, healthy and holy. To be examples of Christ
  • Pastors to pray with their spouse every day
  • That strong Pastors will step forward to establish “Champion Tables” as leaders in every community
  • The Body of Christ, the Church, to become passionate about praying and will develop the discipline to pray each day with intensity and intentionally
  • That Pastors “Fast and Pray” with accountability and encouragement to one another with confidentiality
  • That anyone who call themselves a Christian will serve and honor God with their life, words, actions, thoughts, attitudes and above all “LOVE”
  • Our National leader will turn to Jesus and become Jesus followers!
  • All Presidents, Prime Minister and Heads of State will use the Bible as the standard of governing
  • That our Governmental leaders will call for solemn assemblies with fasts and prayer to be held at their governmental headquarters and throughout the land
  • For Pastors to be called to every country’s capital to pray in unity repenting and worshiping Jesus
  • That Christians will vote where and when allowed for candidates who are committed Christians
  • For Israel and their people to accept Jesus as their Messiah and Savior
  • For All Pro Pastors International and the Pastors Center to fulfill its Mission and Vision
  • For provision to come into this ministry so that there is more that enough to reach the entire world with this mission and for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared to all people
  • That our hearts will have forgiveness for one another for years of racial and cultural division and criticism
  • For a great move of the Holy Spirit to move through the land with a great demonstration of power
  • For all Christian married couples to pray together every day showing compassion for each other before God

All Pro Pastors International was honored to go to India and inaugurate Dr Ashok Karkera as our National Director for the countries of India and Nepal. It is our heartfelt belief that India is the doorway to reaching the entire continent of Asia and Dr Ashok, Dr Regina (his wife) and his wonderful team are the ones to make this happen.

We especially want to thank our many partners who made this trip possible and who also faithfully support this vital ministry. Your financial and prayer support is truly reaching massive numbers of people for Jesus and feeding countless hungry families. Thank you for making such a different in these pastors and the ones they faithfully serve.

We also want to give Dr Nolan Edwards (APPI Ambassador to India/Nepal) and Rev. Joshua Christian for their continued efforts to encourage and support All Pro Pastors India/Nepal from the USA.

Please continue to pray for these precious brothers and sisters who are serving our Lord in the most difficult circumstances on earth!

Now please click the link below to see first hand the results of this mission trip that happened just days before the country was shut down!


Link –  APPI India Nepal Report Mumbai Trip 2020