By Dr Kevan and Alexandra Kruse

Chapter One

The Ground Work


  • Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” — Habakkuk 2:2 NKJV.

Why Accusations?

For most of us, what we say may not be that high on the list of all-time problems humanity faces, but that can change after reading this book. Yet, most of us have noticed that the world is getting more polarized daily. A deeper look into the headlines reveals that many storylines are just “false accusations” generated by adversaries that have become more skilled in “disinformation.” What is also becoming apparent is that America is becoming more divided about what constitutes truth and justice. 

Accusations even destroy American history, including the great leaders who built this nation. But suppose America is the greatest nation in history. Why would so many citizens try to destroy or change it so thoroughly that it is no longer recognizable? Some issues fall on the media, trying to get our attention at all costs. Their motto is, “If it bleeds, it leads, and if it dies, it flies.”

Furthermore, every news byte is just 15 seconds because we don’t bother to investigate beyond that. Accusations have also become the mainstay of social media, and they are used to stone everyone virtually. These developments are how accusations have become the new normal and the subject of most of our gossip. 

Accusations have also wholly taken control of both political parties as we must endure a steady stream of allegations in an endless loop of the “blame game.” Virtually everyone in both parties has given up any idea of running a positive political campaign. If we are honest with ourselves, we can all see our society starting to implode, but our morbid fascination won’t let us stop watching. Moreover, we have become paralyzed by the thought of getting involved, lest we become targets.

Unfortunately, intimidation seems to be the point. Most of us feel inadequate. Women feel ugly, fat, and inferior, while men feel disrespected, shamed, and small. Almost no one loves themselves or has any personal peace. Most of us would like to be more attractive or have more money, influence, and privilege, even though those who have those things are no happier than the rest. 

The church, as a whole, isn’t doing that much better. The fact remains that pastors can’t be friends, let alone stand in unity over the most basic of things. Even worse, too many ministers spend much time writing about how they are right, and everyone else needs to be corrected. Admittedly, I, too, have perpetrated this same mentality. I have “studied to show myself approved,” but then I use what I know to beat up everyone around me. 

Where will this all end, and where is it going? The answer is simple. Think about why mistreated or molested children never stop loving their perpetrators. Tragically, the person they stop loving is themselves. This pattern of abuse and self-loathing is then projected onto future generations. The blame game is how accusations and offenses threaten to become cancer, destroying everything good. 

Love and acceptance have become ancient ideas, while social justice has become a righteous cause where “the end justifies the means” and where “two wrongs can make a right.” Yet what we say continues to fuel the fires of hate and discord. Ultimately, we will see that allegations are much like The Wizard of Oz. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” This discovery helps us know that an unseen accuser is manipulating us, and he has a vast kingdom of lies.

Love cannot win unless we learn how to destroy every accusation. There can be no lasting peace and no fullness of joy as long as accusations continue to rule. But God has a plan and can destroy every charge today. The problem is these are muddy waters. The question is, are you ready to wade in?

God has made way for us to become destroyers of accusations, but we must first let Him destroy the curses we are saying and thinking about ourselves. If the heart is the most important thing about us, then accusations represent what we must free our souls of and why we must guard our hearts. In this way, accusations are the most significant reason we don’t have victory in Christ. Furthermore, as believers, there is no way to become a culture of love and blessings until we confront what has been stealing our joy. Accusations no longer need to define us or be the headlines of our lives. Now is the time to face what we may have never faced and destroy what has held us back.

Jesus Destroys All Our Accusations

While we will cover this passage again later, I feel that Jesus’s encounter with the woman caught in adultery found in John 8:1–11 can help us understand precisely what Jesus wants to do for all of us. An angry mob of people confronted Jesus, inciting violence and social justice, just like they are today. This woman was caught in the very act of adultery, and the law of Moses was reasonably clear that she should be stoned. But she wasn’t stoned because Jesus came to teach us a new law that is even more powerful than the old law of accusations.

Jesus did not even acknowledge their request. He just stooped down and started writing in the sand. Then Jesus said, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first,” and he went back to writing. We do not know what Jesus wrote, but every accuser was driven away. Then Jesus said, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus told her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

The main point of every sermon I have heard on this passage always focuses on how Jesus does not condemn or accuse us but not on how to drive away our accusers. Yet, I believe what happened there reveals the true power and the missing ingredient in the church today.

It wasn’t enough that Jesus did not accuse or condemn this woman because the accusers were there, and they had the law on their side. The woman could only walk away if Jesus actively drove away the accusers and their accusations. In doing so, Jesus conquered the old law of condemnation and revealed the first step toward understanding the new rules of grace and redemption. 

Now, think about how most people feel when they walk into church. Do they feel more accused or less accused? I think you know the answer. Sure, some people may not feel accused in some churches. But when they leave the church, they return to feeling indited by the world because the church has not driven away all of their accusers as Jesus did.

Jesus actively, relentlessly, and systematically approached and destroyed every accusation one by one until they were all gone. Who knows how long that took? Yet, Jesus can still do the same thing today if we bring all our accusations to Him. Even now, Jesus will swoop in and place Himself in harm’s way. Jesus is ready to get between you and the bullets shot by your accusers. Jesus defied the old law to bring us grace. Jesus could do this because He knew He was destined for the cross and the redemption of all humanity. 

Because of Jesus, I dedicate this book not just to our salvation but also to the destruction of every one of our accusations. For you, the reader, I must remind you that there will be many things that Jesus will have to rewrite into the sand of our hearts for this to happen. God has to show us that what has been said and what we believe about ourselves is a lie. So, be patient and believe, and you will be cleared of all the charges against you.

  • Who will bring an accusation against the elect of God? (Romans 8:33 BLB)

The Unseen Realm

To explain this book or reveal the “man behind the curtain,” I think of allergies as an example of how curses and accusations work in a person’s life. Allergies, which affect 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children, are unseen, yet they affect the quality of our lives. 

Picture your favorite room in your house—the one you live in the most. Be honest. When you visualize this room, do you see it as dirty or clean? Of course, you probably see it as clean, but what if you are looking at an illusion? Lift the rug, run your hands down the sides of the seat cushions, or move the couch. Now, do you think the room is clean? 

Our life is full of dirt, and most of us accept the soil and live with it—unless we have allergies constantly being set off. But what if we could get cleaner than we realize? What if what is bothering us about life and how we feel about ourselves could be healed? What if we could clean under the rug and down the sides of the couch? 

Sure, our life may look better after a superficial cleaning, but over time, not dealing with this unseen dirt is causing us to cough, sneeze, and generally hack our way through life. The good news is that God has already provided a way out of this mess. All we have to do is take God at His word, lift the rugs of our lives, and choose to let Him clean them. Through God’s power, we can learn to destroy the accusations that keep us from overreacting to the allergens of this life. 

The great men and women of God who have gone on before us have tried to tell us of this unseen realm that controls all that we see and hear. Not only is this spiritual world what we are fighting, but it is also responsible for whether we live a blessed or cursed life. For this reason, the apostle Paul tells us that if we are to live a blessed life, we need to fix our eyes on what is unseen (2 Corinthians 4:18). It is my ultimate hope to expose how this unseen world works and how we can use what God has said to destroy our accusations. Our response to God’s invitation for blessings will allow us to enter a world of benefits like never before. 

While the blessed life may not be about things, money, or fame, it is about hope, love, and joy. Can having God’s blessings be that simple? Can God be that good? This book is a testimony to both. We can control a few things, but choosing what we desire is entirely within our power. We are about to show that God has called us to His courtroom to select and declare for all eternity what we want. This record determines whether the accusations and curses of this life will be able to land on us legally. Our decision to declare God’s will activates the powers of heaven on our behalf. That is why all of heaven waits to witness what we choose when we come to God’s table of blessings. 

  • “So, we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal” (2 Corinthians 4:8).

Ground Zero

  • If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:8 NIV)

When I was in Atlanta going to chiropractic school, I had the opportunity to work with Young Life (an outreach ministry to unchurched high school kids). Through some of the Young Life leaders, I met someone who would become a patient and later a good friend. I knew she was different immediately, but I did not know why. She had the most interesting and probing questions when discussing spiritual things. Honestly, I never met anyone like her. Still, I would have never predicted what would happen next. 

As soon as I picked up the phone, I knew she was distressed. I asked her what was happening, and she said something in her room would not leave. I asked her what she meant. She said this demonic thing was sitting on her chest, and she could not breathe. Previously, she had used the name of Jesus to make them leave, but this time, all it did was get off her chest. It wouldn’t leave her room. 

I could tell that she felt like the demon owned her. Immediately, I started to pray. I told God about the situation and asked for His help, requesting He intervene and kick these demons out of her room and her life—and He did. That was it; no more drama. The demons were gone. To my knowledge, she has never been plagued with them since. 

Later, I asked her if that had ever happened to her before. She responded that these “things” would occasionally show up, and she could sense their presence. She did not always feel in harm’s way. But the demon on top of her that night was different. 

Years later, after I had moved away, I called her to check in on her. I was surprised to learn that she was in full-blown clinical depression. Like a good friend, I tried to help by talking her out of it. To say she had had a difficult life was an understatement. Of the ten worst things I think can happen in a person’s life, she had already experienced eight and was only in her early thirties. 

As we talked, I had an epiphany: she was cursed. I was reminded of a sermon I had heard a few minutes on the radio a few weeks back. Years later, I would learn it was Derek Prince talking about “How to Pass from Curse to Blessing.” His sermon claimed that curses are real things and can have absolute power over a person. However, I didn’t think anything of it because I did not feel cursed. 

However, I did remember Deuteronomy 11:26–28. “Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse; a blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you this day: and a curse if ye will not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known” (KJV). 

I had previously believed this verse was about being obedient. But this belief gave way as I began to see that obedience comes from faith in a radically new paradigm that God loves me and intends to bless me, not curse me. A change of this magnitude means no longer obeying, rehearsing, or participating in our accusations because we now know we can have a blessing instead of a curse. All we have to do is choose. Sadly, most people have no idea they have a choice, but we do, thanks to what Jesus did on the cross.

What happened next was a new step of faith for me and an appointment with God for her. I said to her, “You need to pray this prayer with me.” I knew her well, so I could take her deep into how she felt cursed. I started with her Father, explicitly having her say everything her Father had said about her, especially the things inconsistent with what Jesus said about her or how Jesus would have treated her. 

When I got to the end of what I knew about her experiences with her dad, I asked, “What else has he said? What else has your father done to hurt you?” The curses kept coming, and once she fell silent, I moved to her mother, siblings, and everyone I could think of who might have cursed her or her life. 

We followed the same pattern each time until there was some extended silence. Then, as I was wrapping up the prayer and affirming that the power and name of Jesus would deliver her (Philippians 2:9-11), she suddenly let out several loud yelps and fell on the floor. Remember that we were having this conversation on the phone, so I was starting to freak out. 

She was off the phone for at least a few minutes before finally saying anything. She almost whispered when she spoke again, as if she had just woken up. She hesitantly said, “I’m… I’m okay.” She then told me how tired she was, and within the next minute or two, she could not stay awake. I felt relieved and was comforted that she was suddenly at peace enough to go to sleep, so I agreed to call her the next day. 

The following morning, she called me, and her depression was gone. She said, “It is as if I saw the sun for the first time in years.” Since then, she has been different. She can now process grief, guilt, and the joys of life in the same breath. Something changed dramatically. This was the first time I had ever prayed the “prayer of blessings.” 

Now, this is important to note. While these prayers are unique because they represent milestones in our relationship with God, they are not “magical.” Besides, if we have prayed for salvation, we are already saved. However, these prayers represent remarkable invitations that will lift the baggage we have been carrying for years. Nonetheless, it would take me nearly 30 years to unpack all that happened in that first prayer, but that is what we will do in the following pages. 

As I would later understand, God’s invitation to change my testimony somehow began to destroy the overwhelming sea of accusations against me. This same testimony also ignited a faith that could declare blessings in the face of allegations. If we are feeling thwarted in our continual search for the abundant life that God has promised us, then I hope the testimony of this book will begin to unlock God’s most genuine intentions toward us all.

  • Who then overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. This “Son of Man” is the One who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ—not by water alone, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies to this because the Spirit is the truth. For there are three that testify: The Spirit, the water, and the blood—and these three are in agreement. (1 John 5:5-8 BSB)


  • Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. For He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless in His presence. In love, He predestined us for adoption as His sons through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will. (Ephesians 1:3-5 BSB)

This book will be flawed because, otherwise, someone other than me would be writing it. However, I am compelled to testify to God’s relentless desire to bless me “with every spiritual blessing” because I am one of His sons. (Ephesians 1:3) This compulsion caused many sleepless nights and early mornings when I could no longer stay in bed. Many times, I have wondered if I knew what I was doing. 

Of course, the answer is that I did not, but I do believe that God did. Writing this book was initially frustrating because I had many ideas but needed a plan. In fact, over a year passed before I even created an outline. But with all my fishing in the dark, coming up with a title was the hardest. All I knew was that God was destined to destroy all our accusations. 

  • And the great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth and his angels with him. And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ. For the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, he who accuses them day and night before our God. They have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. And they did not love their lives so as to shy away from death.” (Revelation 12:9–11)

All of us have an accuser 24/7! But God specifically tells us how to defeat him. What surprised me is that even heaven cannot be heaven if accusations exist. The power of allegations should be sobering for all of us because it means every charge we make regarding people, life, ourselves, and God will not make it into heaven. We will need to let go of these, and we need to get started now. Vice versa, we cannot bring heaven to earth if we have accusations running through our heads or coming out of our mouths. Only when every charge is put away can heaven finally be heaven. 

This event described in Revelation 12 caused all of heaven to rejoice. For the first time, I finally understood the depth of this blessing and why it will be so celebrated. We are all in heaven for the first time, and everything is beyond our wildest dreams. We are like kids in a candy store, with many wondrous things to explore and discover. We have received our new bodies and are in awe of our newfound abilities. For the first time, we see the beauty of the Lord, and we are stunned to the point we have trouble standing up. No longer are we separated from God, and we can see His light like never before. Death, sickness, and pain are forever gone because we finally see Jesus face-to-face. 

This realization of heaven has always excited me, but according to this passage, all is not perfect. One more thing—something we have never been able to silence—still speaks to the very soul of us all: the constant accusations that come from inside and out. These accusations have kept us from having real hope, peace, or love. So, for heaven to be heaven and for us to be truly blessed, every accusation must be destroyed. 

Supernatural Testimony

  • For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who was tempted in every way that we are, yet was without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. (Hebrews 4:15-16)

As previously mentioned, the Lord’s Prayer calls for us to pray for heaven to come to earth. Yet, unearthly accusations stand in the way of God’s will for us. Unfortunately, the accuser will resist us until that day, as described in Revelations 12. But there is a way to silence them now. 

No matter where our adversary or Satan is, the fact remains that we still feel accused. More importantly, we must realize that our best defense against these accusations is found in God through the throne of grace and the courts of heaven. Heaven is where we will see God face to face and explode with praise because we have received unfathomable mercy. 

My purpose is to help us realize that all accusations have a supernatural component, so we need a supernatural cure. Paul said, “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh.” We are fighting something intangible that can cause us very tangible harm. 

Revelation 12 indicates that some of these accusations originate from Satan, the “accuser of God’s children.” Satan is also the father of lies. Just as earthly severe charges are typically dealt with in court, I also believe God invites us into His court to destroy the very source of our condemnation. Understanding that God has authority over everything is the first step toward deliverance. 

We also must understand that God’s primary desire towards us is to bless us. After all, the heritage of the servants of the Lord is that “no weapon formed against them shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). These weapons also include accusations. As we also learned in Revelation 12:9–11, there are legal components to destroying these accusations: the “blood of the Lamb” and our testimony. 

The problem with our testimony is that most of us don’t feel like we have one, so God tells us how to form a winning testimony. God wants us to learn our rights as His children based on what Jesus has already accomplished. Even the “blood of the Lamb” had to be applied to a house’s doorway during the Passover feast. Essentially, we must apply what Jesus has done for us by what we say. Until then, Satan will continue to rob us of the peace, joy, and abundant life God has promised us. 

After all, none of our charges will make it to heaven. Indeed, until we deal with our accusations, we will be partially at odds with God. In my life, I have identified six kinds of negative things I say. The first kind is the ones we feel from society and the world. The second kind comes from family, friends, and other important people. These can be the most difficult to face because they usually lie in our past. They confuse us because the very ones who should have loved us the most were the ones who hurt us the deepest. The third kind of accusation is the one we make about ourselves. 

Diving deep into why we treat ourselves the way we do will inevitably lead us to uncover the ones we make about God. As it turns out, our beliefs about God control how we view ourselves as His children. Indeed, our beliefs about God are crucial to eliminating all our accusations. In other words, the lies we believe about God destroy our relationship with Him by keeping us from trusting in His love. Our belief in these false accusations leads to cursed thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The fifth kind of accusation is what we continually make about everyone and everything in our lives. Unfortunately, the allegations that constantly come out of me have been the hardest. However, until we are willing to rebuke anything that is not what God would say or do, we leave many of God’s blessings on the table. The good news is that coming to God’s table of grace gives us victory over every accusation. It is God’s will that we are delivered from all the allegations we have received or ever will receive. But if heaven is ever to come to earth, we must learn to speak heaven’s language in every situation. 

We must also identify the last kind of accusations because they reveal our true enemy. Unequivocally, Satan is the father of all allegations. Just like in life, full of grit, grime, and filth, we must realize that Satan constantly slips a lot of mud. Some of it will land on us or even bubble up inside us because part of us agrees with him. This kind of inner dialog is why we must learn to destroy the devil’s works and not be ignorant of his schemes. (2 Corinthians 2:11) Jesus has already won by offering life and blessings to every heir of Adam. The blood of the Lamb has done all of the heavy lifting of redemption from the worst accusations that Satan can muster. 

But even the blood of the Lamb does not work alone. It is our destiny and our heritage to play a part in this divine drama. Through prayer, we must learn to use our testimony to apply the blood of the Lamb to every area of our lives. Just as the Passover feast caused the angel of judgment to pass over a household, our sworn testimony will cause all accusations to pass over us like water on a duck’s back. 

What Is A Testimony?

What is this testimony that destroys all the accusations in our life for all eternity? God wants to answer this question. So, until we know what must be done for God to bless us richly, we will set our face forward like a flint because we know “we will not be put to shame (Isaiah 50:7).”

So, prepare to pray the most prolonged, detailed, and specific prayers we have ever prayed. After all, if saying the word Jesus can save us, would it be any surprise that God invites us to pray without ceasing and giving thanks in all circumstances? (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) Could more prayer produce even more deliverance? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Jesus has crafted every aspect of our defense. Through faith and the blood of the Lamb, we will learn to use God’s sworn testimony sealed in His blood to destroy every accusation of Satan. Our coming victory is why the psalmist proclaimed that we would enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4). Still, the presence of accusations keeps us from feeling grateful. The presence of curses keeps our hearts from being filled with an all-consuming praise of God. 

Accusations do this by destroying the truth of who God is. Accusations also destroy our belief and our faith in God. They also destroy our relationships. Yet, until we understand how good God is, we can never attain the praise level necessary to get to heaven’s courts, where God’s will can be declared in all its glory. What we say is the barrier, or the invisible strings, that have held us back for so long. But now we can win over them by destroying the legal cases against us. 

  • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12 KJV).

The supernatural root of all accusations starts with this kingdom of darkness. These principalities are trying to make a case against us. They are relentlessly targeting our identity in Jesus Christ. The valid message of this book is that only God knows who we are, which is why God’s statement of the cross is all that is needed to silence every accusation. Once these accusations are destroyed in heaven and our hearts, we can pray for the same here on earth. This victory of faith will comfort our souls, quiet our Spirit, and tame our minds. 

None of us have to wait any longer. We can be blessed through a restored relationship with our faithful Father, who only intends to bless us. Making a choice and confessing it (our testimony) fulfills the legal requirement for God to show Himself strong on our behalf. The lack of testimony is why God calls us to choose this day, and every day, whom we will serve (Joshua 24:15). 

Today can be when we never have to feel accused or condemned again. God has already called us to His table of blessings, and we can live there. The world and even the church desperately need a savior from the accusations destroying them. God desires most for His children to become a culture of blessings that bears witness to the sheer enormity of God’s goodness. 

As we learn to destroy these accusations daily, we will become the fountains of living water God designed us to be. What we say changes everything in our life. Love can truly begin to grow because one of its main enemies has been destroyed. Join me on this journey toward the goodness of the Lord. 

  • Teach me your way, Lord; lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors. Do not turn me over to the desire of my foes, for false witnesses rise up against me, spouting malicious accusations. I remain confident that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:11-13)

Only In America 

Before we begin this journey toward blessings and the goodness of God, we must get a few things straight. First, some physical, social, and financial benefits will only happen in free countries like America. But some kinds of blessings aren’t the most genuine anyway. I have met many people who, through worldly eyes, may seem challenged in their education, social status, or earthly possessions. 

However, I consider myself immensely poor when I see genuine love, joy, and peace in their heart. The older I get, the more I want to be like them. Yet I cannot deny that at various stages of my life, worldly success has motivated me as well. The only thing that helped me was my knowledge that God is the only trustworthy source of all that is good, so I relentlessly pursued Him for what I was missing. In the end, I do not know why He gave them to me, but I can say that I am grateful. I know it was God because I tried so hard to make things happen on my own, but one straightforward prayer unleashed God’s blessings upon me. 

Still, my life would not have ended this way without being born here in America. America has more freedom than anywhere else in the world because America has been the “land of the free and home of the brave.” However, if we understand that the greatest blessings are the ones we have inside us, we will not get confused and turn this book into a message of materialism or earthly prosperity.

My Prayer And Motivation 

As I pray for this message, my greatest hope is to be able to edit out the impostor that lies within me. This false self that I sometimes project to the world gets in the way of the truth. What is the truth? It is that all my success and blessings have come from God. Unfortunately, the pretender inside me constantly tries to come up with something brilliant to say or do to steal God’s credit. So, everyone reading this book will personally experience the goodness and mercy of the Lord. 

While God has already used many other authors to enlighten us on His blessings, I have been compelled to testify how God has been so good to me. I cannot say I deserve these blessings, but I am in awe of them. Indeed, I cannot wrap my head around how we serve a God who is that good. 

I have faced tragedy, turmoil, betrayal, and pain, but God has heard my prayers and turned back time through His golden age of grace. I am overcome by the sheer enormity of God’s desire to bless all His children. Please remember that I am not the best example of everything in this book, which may be why God gave it to me. Indeed, I needed this message more than anyone. So, while reading this book, please remember that there is only “One” who is good, and He wants to destroy all of the accusations in our lives until we are all free at last.


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Subtitle: The Department of Schooling

An Article written by Sam Sorbo for APPI specifically to Pastors

We should change the name of the Department of Education to the Department of Schooling because one cannot claim the title of “education” while ignoring the most important book in human history: the Bible. This historical book has informed humanity for millennia, and that isn’t a religious statement. It is the most quoted piece of literature, the basis of our legal system, and the source for many of our most common phrases. 

​Former congressman Bob McEwan has said that traditions are solutions to problems we’ve long since forgotten. While that might be true of things like marriageand the golden rule (both Biblical), school is not a tradition so much as a long-running experiment with a very limited, largely ignored control group:homeschoolers. Two hundred years ago everyone was homeschooled, and our self-taught founders created the greatest country the world has ever seen. Although they didn’t attend grade school, they did possess an extensive knowledge of the Bible.

​Teddy Roosevelt said that thorough knowledge of the Bible was worth more than a college education. Was he just some old white guy no one should listen to? Perhaps people don’t need to bother reading their Bibles anymore. The Department of Schooling and the “educators” seem to think so. Those same teaching institutions taught us to send our children to strangers for their “education.” That’s called misplaced trust.

Christians either believe in the Good Book or not.The middle ground is hypocrisy, and it affects our children.

​Children who attend government schools on weekdays but whose parents bring them to church on Sundays see this hypocrisy and wonder – though maybe not out loud – “Mom and Dad say the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and that we should revere it and follow it.” Simultaneously, they are learning in school, if only by omission, but often with ridicule, that the Bible is irrelevant, outdated, and full of fantasy. This sets up a conundrum for the child. Either Mom and Dad are ignorant or the school is unwise, but Mom and Dad tell me the school knows how to teach me better than they can, so Mom and Dad must be dumb and the Bible is just a silly collection of fairy tales that no one in their right mind would bother reading, much less believe!

​If parents insist their child attend church while he or she has already subconsciously concluded the hypocrisy, it can severely undermine the parents’ authority and the child’s reverence even more. 

​Meanwhile, the statistics are in: over eighty percent of graduating, proclaiming Christian high school seniors lose their religion in their first year of college. That is not because colleges actively turn them against their church; it’s because they had no foundation from home. 

​If pastors don’t insist on the Bible as a way of life, they spoil their church and corrupt The Church. God’s design for the family is for parents to pass on theirtraditions to the children, and the children’s relationshipswith their parents to transfer up to God the Father as theymature. 

Secular “educators” taught us that only with proper schooling could children succeed in this material word. And they defined success as material wealth. Christiansrecognize the material world, but are not of that world. 

​Most adults had K-12 indoctrination of the goodness of – not God – but of the secular style of “education.” It isn’t education. It’s indoctrination in secularism, humanism, socialism, and anti-Christianity. Most adults, including many pastors, have bought the lie of, “Don’t try this at home. Leave it to the experts: the educators!” That’s just job security for them.

​Why aren’t we trusting God, who wrote the guidebook? Nowhere does it say to find a good school for children, or to institutionalize them, or to make sure children spend vast hours of their days around other children. All that is the collective construct of our schools – this grand experiment in social organizing and control. God’s plan is for the parents to train their children in His words and laws:

You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. ~Deuteronomy 6:6-8

​Belief in the Bible must show evidence. 

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. ~Matthew 23:27-28

​Belief in God must evidence trust.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths. ~Proverbs 3:5-6

By ignoring God’s Word, schools make hypocrites of believers. Straight A’s may be beautiful on the outside but, starved of the truth that lives in the Bible, the child dies on the inside. Schooling is not education.

By: Rev. Joshua Omolo (Gwara)

The hustle and bustle of life has captured many people today such that men do not
have time to seek for their maker who is our God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Bible gives clear instructions of life that we should seek first the kingdom of
God and its’ righteousness and the rest of important things shall be added to us
(Mathew 6:33). Majority of me today prefer running after the things of the world,
materials wealth of the world and then the kingdom matters later. The church
hasn’t been spared neither. There is need to have a paradigm shift in our mindset
as far as our value systems are concerned. Men needs to stop worshiping material
things, and instead chose to worship the true God by giving to God what belongs
to God, and the answer here is seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness.
i. Kingdom Seekers Embrace Kingdom mentality
Kingdom seekers will always think like the king and embrace the values of the
kingdom they represent. True kingdom seekers will always ensure that the interests
of the King are given priority number one when they are about to make critical
decision in any matters pertaining to life. Kingdom seekers are those believers in
Christ who are ready and willing to pay any price for the sake of the interest of their
faith in Christ. This world is controlled by the principalities and powers of darkness
and their value systems. The values of kingdom seekers are always under
opposition by the spiritual forces in the dark places, and the prime target of the
battle formation is in the mindset. Every believer in Jesus Christ needs therefore to
guard their mind against such demonic invasion.
When you read in the book of Genesis 3:3 – He said to the woman, “Did God really
say, you must not eat from any tree in the garden?” then that marked the beginning
of spiritual warfare and the target was to poison the mindset of the woman to
embrace lies that God did not really mean that eating the forbidden fruit would
lead to death. The outcome of every battle in life begins in the mindset. David
looked and saw Goliath as a target too big to miss while the Israelites army looked
at Goliath and saw him as a giant too big to defeat, it was all in the mind and the
fear of God.

David feared God and that is the reason why he was able to operate in a positive
mindset which is victory focused. Godly controlled mindset will never bow to the
influence of the dark world. Challenges may arise but the echo of the spirit of a
winner will always submerge the waves of fear and doubt. The ability to learn,
think, choose, and reason is the essence of what makes us human or inhuman
depending on whether you are under the influence of the power of the Holy Spirit
or forces of Satanic world. Your thoughts become a reflection of who you really are.
“What affects you is not what people think about you but what you think about
The book of Colossians 3:2 – says, “Set your affection on the things above not on
things on the earth….”
The revelation God is teaching us here is that we need to stop thinking small
because the things above are superior and special. The things above are precious
immortal in nature and rare to find. I love the things above because they never lose
their value, they are immune to the principles of depreciation. Any rich man who is
looking on the best destination for investment where profitability is assured should
vouch for this option. God is telling us to think big and better. The DNA of our
prosperity is defined by the content of our thinking capacity.
God has given you power to decide the coordinates of your mindset and the
contents within, how you utilize that power is what matters whether you will
become prosperous or not. The whole idea squarely depends on the choices of
what you will allow to cook in your mind. Mathew 6:19-21- Lay up for yourselves
treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do
not break in and steal. Many are not able to perceive this because their minds are
blurred. I was shocked to discover that almost everyone wants to go to Heaven
when I did a small research, but their mindset cannot allow them to make a choice
to go to Heaven.
Spiritual mental health is such a critical element in determining the outcome of
every spiritual battle we go through. Most people are the victims of their own
negative thought process, they suffer from self mental incarceration. The mental

prison is so deceptive such that they even don’t even know that they are in it.
Greatness begins from the mindset then manifests in the physical. All scientific
discoveries begin in the laboratories before it becomes a reality in the practical
world. One major reason that has made Africa to lag behind in comparison to other
continents of the world is the consistent brain drain. Many Africa scholars are
thriving in their careers in Europe and other parts of the world simply because their
countries of origin did not have the capacity to accommodate their intellectualism.
God has given us power to set up our minds and to determine the bandwidth
capacity of what we would like our minds to accommodate. As a man thinketh in
his mind so he is (Proverbs 23:7). God created you and one of the special gift which
was given to you by God is a positive mind. The duty to think is a delegated
obligation by God to all men. Every man has the power to choose the content of his
thought process. When you allow garbage to settle in your mind then you will
deliver garbage out in your moral compass.
Set your mind to embrace positive thinking about the word of God then you will
qualify the test of the fear of God. The fear of God is the basic ingredient that
produces self-determination, perseverance, self-confidence, and hard work that
leads to greatness. Great leaders also know that positive thinking evokes more
energy, it’s a reflexive attitude developed or imbedded overtime that pushes you
to accept fair and desired results.
ii. Discover the powers devolved to men by God
Kingdom seekers understand and enjoy unmatched power and authority given to
them by God, they also understand the responsibilities that comes with such
benefits. Those who seek the kingdom of God also knows how to use every talent
given to them by God to the glory of the kingdom of God.
Our God through His generosity has made sure that He does not work alone and
one of the strategies He uses is the principle of delegated authority and power to
faithful men. Some of such devolved powers include the power to get wealth,
power to cast out devils, authority, power to choose, ability to love and
stewardship. Fear of God is the key to accessing these kingdom privileges and

powers given to men by God the father of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The big
challenge we have today is that many believers are operating minus these divine
endowments from God, hence denying the uniqueness of godliness life.
The Power to get wealth
Deuteronomy 8:17-18 – “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He
who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He
swore to your fathers, as it is this day”
The power to get wealth is no longer with God the father as per the scripture above.
It is amazing to discover one secret from this scripture that, God is not in the
business of giving people wealth but He gives people power to get wealth, meaning
that if one does not utilize the power given to him by God the father of our Lord
Jesus Christ then they will remain in that bondage of poverty the rest of their life.
Every believer has the potential to become wealthy by virtue of being a child of God
the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The identity of being a child of God is such a
powerful tool that gives believers such a big advantage over their peers. When you
begin a business for instance as a child of God you already enjoy a head start
compared to your peers operating the same business because you enjoy such a
great backup from heaven that no man can stop your business from thriving.
One thing we need always to remember here is that the power given to men by
God to make wealth comes with certain terms and conditions of covenant. God’s
interest in every portion of wealth owned by sons of God is that they should live
and operate in covenant with God in their quest to create wealth.
Economic empowerment will always require one to establish the spiritual
foundations that connects to their wealth. The reason for the spiritual foundation
is because every bit of economic empowerment is connected to a spiritual base,
and this forms the reason why God says that the purpose for empowering the saints
with wealth is for covenant, to use that same wealth in supporting the work of God.
War against poverty is easy when we master the principle of giving and tithing. The
dry bones existing in form of poverty in the life of many believers will never survive

within your territory the day you will walk and operate in this spiritual realm of
being in covenant with God. When you start operating in the power to get wealth,
every spirit of poverty will melt away from your vicinity just like that. There is a
language that only money can speak and that is the language that the spirit of
poverty can listen to (Ecclesiastes 10:19 – A feast is made for laughter, and wine
makes merry; but money answers everything). The many questions we ask related
to financial challenges can best be addressed by the voice of money. When money
starts talking then favor will start flowing into your life such that even your enemies
will want to bless you not because they love you but because the anointing to get
wealth is flowing in your DNA. Your peers will start addressing you with big names
that you never asked for because the power of wealth is flowing in your life.
Downloading the power to get wealth
I am feeling compelled by God to speak on this agenda because it will help to
provide an answer to many believers who are asking one question why they are
still living in poverty whilst they are born again.
Let us be candid and truthful with one another here and say that the fact of the
matter is that majority of those that claim to be born again are living in poverty
today as we speak, the reason here is that many believers are not living in financial
covenant with God and as such they are yet to down load the power to get wealth.
The power to get wealth can only be down loaded through the application of the
covenant of honoring God with our substance. The day we start worshipping God
through faithful giving, faithful tithing, first fruit and giving of alms then that will
mark the beginning of our deliverance from poverty.
Poverty is a disease worse than cancer. The number one killer disease on earth
today is poverty. The statistics indicate that life expectancy has dropped to about
40-45 years globally, and the main cause to this is poverty. Some of the economic
systems of the world today are deliberately designed to exclude the majority and
favor the minority. The begging question is this, “who voted in that corrupt
government?” It is the same poor guys who casted their votes to elect the corrupt
people into power because they were bribed during campaign period. Finally, the
poor get poorer and the rich continue to get richer.

Faithful giving encompasses also how we use the talent God has given us including
how we cast our votes, it entails hard work and working smart in every space
created to us by God. Joseph is on record of being an excellent performer in Egypt
while in Potiphar’s House. The Bible says in Genesis 39:2 – And the Lord was with
Joseph, and he was a prosperous. The story of Joseph in the Bible is a clear
manifestation of great things that can happen when we chose to remain faithful to
God with our talent. Joseph used his talent of interpretation of dreams faithfully
and God remembered him in his time of need.
Each one of us is gifted differently, and the first step one needs to make is to
discover the gift he or she has from God. After discovering the gift then there is
need to refine the gift before putting it to work so that it can attract the best results.
Some are gifted in the call into the ministry as pastors, evangelist, teachers and
bishop. Others are gifted in serving God using wealth by supporting the ministry
financially. The challenge comes in when we start comparing and competing each
other. God’s plan is that we need to complement each other.

The power to cast out devils
Mark 3:15 – And he gave them power to heal the sicknesses, and to cast out
I believe in Jesus Christ the son of the living God who died and on the third day rose
again and is now a live seated on the right hand of God the father. The same Jesus
spoke to the disciples in the above mentioned scripture where he gave power to
the disciples including us to cast out devils and heal the sick. Every believer in Christ
Jesus has the power to cast out devils and render deliverance to the sick based on
this power. The church needs to learn to exercise this authority without fear.
Filling of the Holy Spirit should first precede the empowerment to this important
work of deliverance. Conducive atmosphere to facilitate the filling of the Holy Spirit
is crucial in taping the promised power from God. Jesus gave a promise to the
disciples then and even today that he will not leave them as orphans, but he will
send a helper who is the Holy Ghost. The disciples then were instructed by the Lord

Jesus Christ not to leave Jerusalem till they have received power of the Holy Spirit.
Our current generation is not able to make substantial impact in the work of the
ministry because of failing to accept the important role of the Holy Spirit in the life
of a believer. One must make a choice to fully dedicate their life to God and live a
holy life for the filling of the Holy Spirit to happen.
Prayerfulness is a major factor in cultivating a conducive atmosphere for the filing
of the Holy Spirit that leads to obtaining the power to cast out devils. The disciples
were in the upper room praying for ten days then the sound like a rushing wind
came and all the disciples were filled by the Holy Spirit. They all spoke in new
tongues (Acts 2:1-4) And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire,
and it sat upon each of them. There was such a great impact in the work of the
ministry after the event of filling of the Holy Spirit. The disciples who were fearful
of being persecuted came out strongly to preach Christ without any fear, all this
happened due to the power of filling of the Holy Spirit.
Many limitations the church is going through today could become a thing of the
past if only there could be a genuine filling of the Holy Spirit. I am tired of the
powerless Christians who purport to be representing the kingdom of Heaven but
has zero delivery. The harvest is still plenty but the laborers are few because of lack
of fire of the Holy Ghost. The divine promise given to men by our Lord Jesus Christ
of the coming of the Holy Spirit has become a debate today where section of
believers are questioning whether one must speak in tongues or not, it is so heart
breaking to witness the swelling numbers of nominal Christians who are simply

contented with classical worship and strict programs, where everything is pre-
arranged and God ‘s presence has no place in the worship session.

Church gathering has become a normal members club where men are in full
control, it has become a social get together where people come to connect and
strike a business deal. I pray that the filling of the Holy Spirit is going to invade our
fellowships like never before. The filling of the Holly Spirit is the only cure that will
become a game changer to the powerless church. God is seeking to see a new breed
of worshippers who can worship Him in truth and in Spirit, they are the caliber that

can cast out devils and set the captives free from the bondage of satanic world. No
one can worship in truth and in the Spirit without the filling of the Holy Spirit.
The book of Daniel 4:17 – “This sentence is by the decree of the Angelic watchers
and the decision is a command of the holy ones, in order that the living may know
that the most high is ruler over the realm of mankind, And bestows it on whom He
wishes And sets over it the lowliest of men”
The power of ruler-ship comes with immense super influence in the surrounding
and the people around the ruler. Rulership appears as part of the top thre gifting
God declared upon mankind immediately the first man appeared in the garden of
Eden. Some of the advantage of operating in the power of ruler-ship is that it will
provide a divine backup to your will as the vendor to prevail. Adam and Eve were
given power to subdue the earth.
The same power of ruler-ship can manifest the qualities of leadership in the life of
the carriers such that the carrier will not struggle with certain dreams and vision.
Many of our dreams have simply remained in the dream land never to see the light
of day.
God is looking for men who can bring back the authoritative leadership in their
respective household and restore order. Many Christian families today do not even
understand the need to raise an altar of worship in their homes because there is
no leadership with authority. Ladies in the house must wake up and understand
that liberalism and equality cannot substitute the God given protocol of leadership
in the family unit. According to God given authority man is the head of the family
hence the need for him to provide leadership.
The Power to Chose
The book of Deuteronomy 30:19 – Today I have given you the choice between life
and death, between blessings ad curses. Now I call on heaven and Earth to witness
the choice you make. The full power to make choices in life is with man. God has
fully given you the power to choose good or bad, curses or blessings. Free will is

the ability to make choices and decisions as seen in Genesis when God gave Adam
and Eve the choice to obey and disobey.
It is important to note that every choice comes with consequences. The choice of
disobedience made by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden is what gave birth to
eternal death, while the choice made by the second Adam who is our Lord Jesus
Christ when he gave his life as a sacrificial lamb through his crucifixion is what gave
birth to life eternity. We are enjoying the fruit of salvation today courtesy of the
choice made by Jesus when God sent him on earth to come and die for our sins on
our behalf so that anyone who believes in him may not perish but have everlasting
The free will to choose is with all men even today so much so that the decision to
accept Jesus as Lord and savior of our life still remains a personal decision, none
can be forced into it. God has given all men the power to decide whether they want
to go to heaven or to hell after this life is over. The point is that there is life after
death, but where you will spend eternity whether heaven or hell depends on the
choice that you make before you die.
Obedience to God’s instructions comes at a price and sometimes it can mean even
losing ones’ life just like Jesus did. We have so many cases of documented Christian
martyr across the world, many Christians who are being persecuted because of
their faith in Christ Jesus.
The power and ability to Love
Ability to love is considered a fundamental aspect of human nature, as it reflects
the divine nature of God. Love is the center piece as far as the character and
teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ is concerned. The Bible talks of loving your
neighbor as yourself and loving your enemies. This kind of love is usually referred
to as agape love, it is selfless, unconditional and seeks the wellbeing of others.
I want to put record straight by demystifying some of the things that are usually
perceived as love but they are not love at all. It is sad to note that today many
people under the influence of lust because of their desire to engage in illicit sexual
attraction will claim that they have fallen in love, to me that is lust. When

unmarried persons engage in sexual intimacy they are not under the influence of
the love of God. Our society today is advocating for certain slogans like, “obey your
thirst”, finally we become slaves to our feeling at the expense of disobeying God’s
instruction. The love of God is pure and it does not hold any grudge.
If we love God then we will strive to obey God and live according to the direction
under the guidance of the word of God. The way we treat our fellow human beings
will speak loud enough to show whether we love God or not, the style in which we
relate with those who are needy in our society will demonstrate whether we truly
carry the love of God in us.
The world around us is in desperate need of those who can show and demonstrate
love and compassion to humanity. It is my prayer that God will enable you to make
a radical decision to give a portion of your wealth, time and energy to the work of
God and charitable organization where the needy can be well taken care of. The
ultimate show and manifestation of the love of God is when you surrender your life
to Jesus, when you accept him as Lord and savior over your life, then you will have
no problem loving people.

Today as I observe and experience life in America I am shocked at how so many of my friends and family choose to be ignorant. Yes, I said it!

People who are calling themselves Christian today and turning their eyes away from the evil that is spreading like a plaque through our modern day churches, where the Bible is trampled and pages are ripped out so as not to offend someone, and being led by Pastors ignoring sin as described clearly in scripture are soon going to find themselves standing on the outside wondering what happened. This is not said in judgement but in concern for those who are following leaders who know how to tickle the ears and appeal to the flesh.

When our government passes laws that totally ignore God’s word and make it a crime to obey the basic tenets as given in holy scripture it is time for us as citizens to change that government and replace the evil with the good! This country’s founding fathers put in place the mechanism, if honored, that can peacefully change and manage our governments at all levels.

It is every Christian’s responsibility to stand strong on God’s word and to be active and to make the changes in our God given power to make these legal changes by utilizing these laws that are in place. These laws which also protect our rights to free speech and to worship without interference by the government, also give us the right and responsibility to select who we want to represent us in our government. This is most important for Christians because if we do nothing we are saying to evil, “you decide for me”, “you pick my representatives”!

This amazing country that we live in was most certainly founded on Biblical Judeo Christian values by men who were far from perfect but were given supernatural guidance. The true history of the Pilgrims and the Puritans has been so corrupted by todays education system of indoctrination that even the teachers that are teaching it are dumbfounded when they learn the truth! The history of patriotic pastors and the determination of their church members reveals that it was in fact the church that was the backbone that led to our independence as a nation. King George and his counselors proclaimed initially that the uprising in the colonies was brought on by Presbyterians.

It was the ‘Great Awakening” with George Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards, and others that brought spiritual unity across denominations and the Colonies together in such a way that the idea of a “united Nation” could actually be realized. It was the hand of God that truly moved through George Whitfield as he traveled from town to town preaching the gospel with power and authority, reportedly over 18,000 sermons throughout nearly all 13 colonies. It was the love of God and the appreciation of God’s word that brought the country back to the founding roots that reminded the colonists/settlers why their parents and grandparents came to America and why they were in America too. Our Christian history in the forming of this nation can not by denied or ignored and anyone who does so is not a friend of yours, of our country or of God!

I have studied the Bible for over 60 years and I love and believe it. I accept God as almighty and Jesus as His only son whereby only by faith in Him can anyone be saved! I have studied our American history for many years. I have heard many challenges to our humble beginnings and respect others ideas and beliefs, I respect that they can be sincerely wrong and misguided just as many in our churches today are. Our concern is that many are being led to a lifetime of deceit, misery and eternal damnation.

As a minister to Pastors let us insert here that we have many wonderful Pastors who are brave Champions for God serving throughout America today and we applaud them. Sadly there are many many more Pastors who are willingly silent as their sheep are being hurt by government and regulatory changes. These Pastors are feeling the same impact on their families and saying nothing and doing less. As a Pastor you can not allow someone to shut you up because they say “something is Political”. As a Pastor you must teach truth and right from wrong. It is not showing “grace” if your silence allows your congregants to go into eternity without a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ! 

If you are not calling sin out at all levels from personal lifestyle to governmental laws redefining marriage and God’s design for man and woman, then it may be time to step back and review your own relationship with God! Yes, this may sound hard but these and other sins are specifically identified in God’s Holy Word!

History shows that when God’s people turned away from His statutes and his commandments then His judgement would always come! It also shows that when His people repented and fell before Him he would forgive their sin. Pastor, I trust that you are in God’s word and faithfully study it. You may be a wonderful biblical scholar. Now I will challenge you to become an expert on our American History too, at least know how we began as a nation and how Pastors were a vital part of this.

Pastor you are not alone. There are many Pastors in your community that feel your pain, confusion and maybe your shame but now is not the time to hunker down in a fetal position. Now is the time to educate yourself. You become the expert. You “Shepherd” the flock God has given you with boldness. Prepare your flock by equipping them with knowledge and the truth of what is happening in our world today. You teach with authority of the scripture without fear of man but fear of God! Surround yourself with other Pastors who will join you. Start or join a Champions Table. Your family and congregation need you to be strong and above all don’t be afraid of your sheep. You are there to fight for them not with them!

There are four action items that I suggest:

#1 Read “The Black Robe Regiment” by Pastor Dan Fisher (a must for Pastors)

#2 Take the “Biblical Citizenship Course” offered by The Patriot Academy and FREE through “TPUSA Faith”

#3 Read “One Nation Under God” by Attorney David Gibbs, Jr, “Ten things every Christian needs to know about the Founding of America”

#4 Read “The American Story” by David and Tim Barton,  by America’s foremost authorities on America’s Founding Fathers

These 4 things will give an accurate historical foundation of this country that is Biblical and supported with actual documentation. It is what every Christian in America should know! (We have provided these links for you for convenience only. We have no tie to any of these authors other than being Christian brothers.)

As a prayer ministry we are constantly praying for our Pastors. We love and provide encouragement to Pastors around the world. If you would like for me and Linda to pray for you and start sending you our personalized e-prayer please register with us. We know how hard pastoring is and you need to know someone is faithfully praying!  

I pray that you will do the 4 things suggested and you will see for yourself why I say “The Past Reveals the Truth”



This is a phrase every American should know and have repeated throughout their lives when they say the pledge of allegiance. The problem is not that many don’t know the phrase but that they do not believe it! There are others who absolutely have no faithfulness or respect for our great free country. We are now living in a time where freedom in America is taken for granted!

May I say that America is a great country but not a perfect country. Today we are seeing the very thread of Christianity being stripped away little by little. Our government seems to be waging war on the church and everyone who calls Jesus Lord. History shows that when a nation gives way to a carnal mind that it will fall and be destroyed. Even with this said you can be rest assured that the blood that has stained this land for freedom and bled on many other lands to keep it will not be in vain and the blood our lord Jesus shed will always give hope and victory!

The true history of America is filled with the stories of how our forefathers came to America to have the freedom to worship God as they saw fit and not under the heavy hand of English rule. The blood, sweat and lives they gave for us must be told and remembered. A God loving and God fearing people weathered more hardships than most today would even consider.

“One Nation Under God” is a powerful factual history book of early America presenting “Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About the Founding if America”! Dr David C. Gibbs, Jr. who is the founder of the Christian Law Association, has written this historical accounting of our history with an attorney’s professional eye to the accuracy of every detail.

When I started reading this book I found it easy to read and captivating too. I was not in a hurry to flip the pages because of the depth of who we are as an American people jumped off the page. I felt totally enlightened to the real truth of where we came from and the heart of those who led these freedom seeking pilgrims.

This book will open your eyes to see the birth of our government that was and still is, “by the people, for the people”. (we must reclaim it) You will clearly see how the church government and civil government worked together to create the greatest country in history. You will also see the struggles, disagreements and the compromises that it took to make it so!

Today I recommend you find “One Nation Under God”, and buy it, read it, and share it. Part of the problem we are experiencing today is because this part of our history is being rewritten to fit the narrative of those who hate and fear Christians who truly are committed to living for Jesus! If you are a minister of the gospel or a parent who wants your children to know the truth, then this is required reading. Every homeschooler or private Christian school needs to add this to their curriculum.

My people perish because of a lack of knowledge! Don’t allow this to be true for you!

Thank you Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. for putting this great work together!

“Live on Mission Today” a book by Dr Jerry Ingalls

The following is my short review of this much needed book for men!

I have recently gone through this very well done book by Dr Jerry Ingalls. Live on Mission really kept my attention. It is not a read through book, it is a daily devotion for men. I must say for men who truly want to be all they should be for their family and wife!

The way Dr Ingalls writes is very compelling, between his military experience and his athletic success you are drawn in by the many true stories of his life. Being a part of the 82nd Airborne paratroopers, a graduate of West Pointe and a military National Hammer Thrower is just a sample of who this author is.

Live on Mission Today takes us on a daily journey through the book of Proverbs. Each day is a new chapter and a new adventure. Each day we learn life principles that God expects every man to live by. This book identifies and explains Proverbs in such a way that makes you want to get to the next day faster. You want to read ahead because it is so compelling and full of God’s wisdom in an easy to understand way.

“Live on Mission Today” should be considered by every Pastor for his men to use, perhaps even use as a teaching tool or men’s group study. Dr Ingalls is also Pastor of First Baptist Church New Castle Indiana and I can rest assured you his men have been using this.

I strongly recommend this book!

I recently read this book named “The God who Hung on the Cross. There was no way to know what to expect. The life and ministry work of Dois Rosser are revealed in such graphic detail that I want to ask everyone of you to find it and read it.

Many people complain that they are to old to get involved or start a ministry, Dois was in his 70’s and has built over 12,000 churches throughout the world. He has traveled into many life threatening situations and time after time God miraculously turned the tide on the enemy.

Sometimes pastors and churches are seriously looking for how to get involved in reaching the world for Christ but they just don’t know who they can trust with their money or they want more hands on involvement. This book will take you through several adventures that you will feel a part of as you explore it page by page. I feel certain your questions will be answered.

Friends, this book reveals how God is reaching the world through men and women you likely have never met. Meet them today and see if God will put it on your heart to write your own chapter in this book. Anyone can make a difference. What about you?

Order your copy today and start the adventure of a lifetime and beyond! You can find it in many online resources.

Remember: Linda and I are faithfully praying for you!

The “School of Acts” subtitled “The Gifts and Operations of God” is a wonderfully written book/study guide on the entire book of Acts authored by Eric Casto. Eric is a Missionary/Teacher and Author who has carried the gospel to countries throughout the world. Nowhere on earth frightens him as he clearly understands and follows the leading of the Holy Spirit of God wherever he goes!

The School of Acts is written in very clear and detailed fashion so that anyone can follow the scripture references and explanations with ease. Eric’s experience as a missionary to the world has offered him the opportunity to see God’s hand move in the supernatural many times and these experiences allow Eric to write with authority.

The School of Acts details and breaks down the book of Acts so that it can be taught or studied in part or in its entirety over many weeks or as conference. Each book contains the complete book of Acts in addition to the Bible Study materials by Brother Eric.

Eric’s breakdown of Acts is unique and complete with many facts such as the 138 manifestations of the Holy Spirit identified in Acts and these are broken down into three groups, gifts that see, do and speak.

Eric explains everything by a scripture reference breakdown from prayer to resurrection, from discerning of spirits to speaking in tongues and so much more.

He is totally inclusive covering every subject. You will be especially interested in his Revelation Gifts section which includes: Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and Discerning of Spirits. 

As a minister of the gospel I am always trying to learn more and be open to the Spirit of God to reveal things that I may need more clarity on or a complete change of understanding.

School of Acts is a great read and study and you will certainly find it a wise investment. 

If you want to learn more and see some of where Eric has taken the cross of Jesus, go to

Dr Jerry Brandt has written on a subject that I find most people are very unsure of. Knowing who we are in Christ is critical to living a powerful Holy Spirit led life! It is one thing to accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord and yet another to fully walk with Him each day through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Study to show ourselves approved unto God is an instruction given us for a reason. Knowing God’s word is vital to truly understand the language of God. It is more than a history book. It is more than an instruction book. Is our book that reveals the heart of God and teaches us His divine language!

“I Am Who You Say That I Am” is an easy to read scripture based text on understanding what the Bible says about us as God’s children. Dr Brandt has more than 50 years of ministry experience and been in countless countries and he testifies that he only survived and thrived because he learned early on who he was/is in Christ and what it means when Christ actually abides within a person according to the Bible!

You do not have to totally agree with him on some points but let me assure you, this book will bring revelation to many people, bring questions to others and confirmation to a very few.

You must look within yourself and ask who am I in the Lord? Does Jesus abide within me and have I possibly put Him in the corner of my heart because of tradition and lack of total faith.

I recommend everyone read this book and see for yourself. Is it really possible to pray with expectation/anticipation/power?

We are praying for you!

While sitting at the desk in my office, thinking, praying, and reading God’s word, the reality of our
current times came before me. Again, I wondered, what is it going to take for Christians and church leaders
to see the revelation of God’s word unfolding before us and take real action to stand against evil as our
Lord Jesus would? Like the experience of Bonhoffer during the rise of Nazi Germany, all the dominos of
evil were clearly falling in place. Yet, the so-called church refused to see the evil tide and literally aided
the enemy in their efforts to destroy the lives and souls of so many of God’s children.
So, I look at the world. Specifically, my American home, which I cherish as a gift from God, and
I see the intentional destruction of everything Godly and good escalating at a great pace. Morality is being
destroyed right in front of us and governments are sponsoring it. Gross sexual perversion is being pushed
as normal and good to the most vulnerable and innocent, our children, their young souls being lost by the
minute. Parents, who oppose such perversion, are having their children removed from their custody.
Pastors who simply stand for God’s truth are arrested at gun point by FBI agents in the early morning, and
threatened with years in prison. The rule of law and our constitution are literally being ignored and distorted
by those who took an oath that they would uphold it. Fear tactics and blatant deception are being used by
our government, the media, big business, and others, to control and manipulate people. We see nation
(race/people groups) rising against nation, wars and rumors of wars, and the list goes on. Interestingly, I
often hear comments from non-Christians who see what is going on all around us as they wonder if our
world coming to an end. They wonder but seem incapable of understanding the true end game.
But wait, as children of God, none of the above should catch us by surprise! Our understanding of
it should be reasonably clear. God’s word told us in the end days it shall be like Sodom and Gomorrah,
and it shall be like the days on Noah. Perversion and idolatry will reach a great scale. Much of the world
won’t see the Lord’s return coming because of self-centered focus and consumption. In addition, God’s
word also told us that in the end times both the chaff and the wheat will grow strong in preparation for the
harvests of souls at the end of this age.
So, this makes me wonder, where is the wheat? Where is the body of Christ standing boldly as Salt
and Light to a world in need of God’s truth? Truth which will set them free of the present destruction. By
the way, when I say “world” I mean every aspect of human existence and civilization which includes
government and politics. If there is any part of this world that can’t be touched by God’s authority and
power, then so be it. But, if Jesus does have all authority, power, and dominion, then the body of Christ
and His Shepherd’s, have no excuse not to stand boldly against such evil and firmly influence the world
around us for God’s Kingdom. To be clear, in Revelations chapter one, Jesus Himself stated that He is the
Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He IS, He WAS, and He IS TO COME, the ALMIGHTY
(the ruler of All). The Ever-Living One, and He possesses the keys of death and Hades.
Now for our part, The Lord commanded us to take dominion over all things. He formed
government, which is intended to only do good according to biblical standards, and He placed Himself as
the head of it with us as His ruling citizens (ecclesia). He directed us to remove the wicked from government
and to oppose all wicked actions (See Prov 25:5, 26), and finally He commanded us to disciple all to obey
His commandments.
With this said, I wonder what’s it going to take for those who call themselves “children of God” or
“His Shepherds” to stand boldly and openly against the present evil? I wonder, how big will God show up
when His people take a stand? Remember…Evil gets powerful and shows up at your door when its ignored.
Finally, many shall come on that day and say Lord, Lord. He will say depart from me you wicked
servant, I never knew you. I wonder…what’s our excuse?

In America and actually throughout the world satan has been doing everything possible to turn people away from God or to destroy the very belief in the existence of God. Frankly he has done a great job. When statistically more people believe that extraterrestrial beings from some distant galaxy are visiting us and probably brought human kind to earth rather than God created us, it is easy to say he has done a great job. When Hollywood and the military have been working together to influence society to their way of thinking and our moral decay is clearly evident, it is easy to say. With “gaslighting” being the standard tactic today in altering the way a person thinks and reacts, again it is easy to say. Sadly what many Christians including Pastors would say is that they don’t believe this.

Friends, this is just the tip of the spear! What nearly all Pastors never do is identify the tactics of what and how satan is attacking the Body of Christ (The Church). The military has for years used mind control to alter, change, or topple governments without firing a single shot. These same tactics are being used in America today. The church needs to be taught exactly what and how satan is doing this, so we can stop him!

Why do you think fewer and fewer Christians have a Biblical world view? How has evolution now become the standard for creation instead of the Bible? Friends, I personally believe that the church and its leaders have become so comfortable and people pleasing that satan has just stepped in and has his way. He has had little resistance because God’s army on earth has made the most cardinal of sins when it comes to warfare, you must first and foremost “Know Your Enemy and their Tactics”!

The Military Guide to Disarming Deception is a book I recently read and is now available. I highly recommend that every Christian and especially Pastors get this book and read it. If there is one area the church has failed in it is exposing the enemy. This book is just one that scratches the surface, but it is an eye opener!

Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson have put together a serious book on tactics that are used from the military perspective. It is factual. They have also given tactics on how to fight our unseen enemy.

As with every book when it comes to opinions and doctrine there are usually some differences of opinions, however let me encourage you to listen too and study those who are different than yourself. I know I do and sometimes I see that I am wrong in my thinking.



About 15 years ago I started All Pro Pastors International(APPI) in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. By God’s grace my wife (Linda) embraced this call on her life to serve Pastors and Ministers too and since then we have tirelessly worked to strengthen pastors and bring the body of Chist together in love.

APPI has three arms of ministry, all toward and for supporting Pastors: The Table of Champions, the Pastors Prayer Center, and now Pastors Defending Families. Each of these have specific purposes and missions.

We sincerely ask that you pray for us as we reach out to all Christian Pastors to pray for them, to help them establish cross relationship Champion Tables and provide information with resources to help them as individuals and as pastors. The platforms that we offer encourage pastors from different denominations, race, doctrine, culture, and success to come together at the Table with Jesus and talk, pray and fellowship. This builds trust and love in spite of their differences.

Please pray for this ministry to stay the course and to always demonstrate the Agape love of our Lord Jesus.
Specifically pray for our highly debated “Pastors Defending Families Conference”. Our conference will be delivering confirmed information with testimony as to many of the issues families are dealing with. We humbly invite you to come in person to our conference on May 17th or watch it by free livestream through our website.

Doing the right thing is not always easy or popular, but sometimes love must also be tough.

Linda and I are also scheduled to go to Honduras June 1-5 with a Marriage Retreat team led by Dr. Tony Ponceti. This marriage retreat will include Pastors, Mayors, and Government officials. We are blessed to have All Pro Pastors International partner with SOIL ministries on this great work.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Added Notes: During the conference on May 17th, we will be introducing a new ministry resource partner . They have a National outreach to find young people who are searching? At our conference you can meet them in person and hear how they connect these hurting young souls to churches who really care and are willing to listen and help. Churches who sign up to partner with them receive an average of 10 per month.

We will also be having a National Zoom Conference May 26th with all who are interested in learning more about this amazing outreach ministry.