All Pro Pastors International (APPI) is happy to introduce you to three of our Ministry Resource Partners —

  • Truth, Faith and Action Alliance
  • Remnant Alliance
  • National Faith Advisory Board

Each of these organizations are made up of a variety of ministries and educational organizations who work to stay current on Local, National and Global affairs that impact Pastors, the Church and Individual Citizens. They are independent from one another and yet sometimes work together on projects and special events.

APPI is a member of each of these organizations primarily because they have a heart for Pastors throughout America and we want to stay connected with these types of like minded organizations.

Truth Faith and Action Alliance is comprised of several ministry organizations located in Florida where our home office is located.  It is focused primarily on our children and families and how the secular, government and educational systems are impacting the family unit.  It searches out and reveals the truth not seen by most public outlets.

Remnant Alliance is made up of National Organizations committed to assisting Pastors and Churches educate, prepare and mobilize for the increasing attacks on the Church and Christianity at all levels.  The Remnant Alliance provides legal counsel as well as church trainers to help prepare for any and all potential events that may take place in the future of America.  The foundation of this organization is the rebirth of the Black Robe Regiment! Remnant Alliance works side by side with the church and takes all the hard work off the Pastor.

National Faith Advisory Board is the largest group of Christian leaders across America who have joined hearts, energy and resources to fight for the continued freedom of Pastors, Churches and individuals to worship and spread the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They recognize that our government has enacted laws that go against the Bible and have legalized sin at every level and something has to be done to change this.  They are not afraid to step into the political arena for you and every Jesus follower in America. They are committed to fight to see the ones responsible removed and replaced by God obeying representatives.