“All Pro Pastors International School of Biblical Studies” has been started to provide Pastors in various countries where getting sound “Bible” teaching is sometimes difficult and also may be cost prohibitive. Over the past several years we have had many Pastors inquire about training and now by God’s grace we begin.

This school is very simple – easy to join – totally free for pastors and ministers!

We will be teaching strictly the Bible, book by book.

Classes are taught by Pastors with years of experience and training. Some have been Seminary professors.

This is a ministry of love and obedience to the leading of “Holy Spirit”. It is our prayer that anyone who chooses to take a course will learn and be wonderfully blessed. Everyone who completes a course will be sent a very nice downloadable “Certificate of Completion”. After completing 7 qualified books of the Old Testament and 7 qualified books of the New Testament you will receive your “Degree in Biblical Studies 101” .

Each course of study will
  • Focus on one single book of the Bible
  • Last for no more than 12 weeks
  • Last for about 2 hours per class meeting
  • Be accessed by using a ZOOM link which will be provided by the Instructor after a student has registered.  (WhatsApp and Email will be the other 2 methods of communication.)

Every student will be REQUIRED to Register Online.

All classes will be recorded on ZOOM. Each instructor will be recording and keeping records of who attended. The instructors may require homework, required reading, and testing. Student inquiries about course specifics, times and other curriculum should be directed to the instructor.

This school is not accredited and not seeking to become accredited unless the Lord so direct. It is a “ministry of love”, an effort to teach, train-up and prepare pastors in God’s Holy Word.

Special Note
: Any Pastor/Minister who is a student seeking a “Degree in Biblical Studies 101” will be awarded 1 Bible Class for the Old and 1 Bible Class for the New Testament if they join or start a “Champions Table” within the first month of classes and maintains the “Champions Table” until they have completed the requirements for their Degree!