Wow! “Live Like a Champion” is a book that will help you stretch and be challenged to all God has created you to be! Dr. Jerry Ingalls, Pastor, National Champion Athlete, US Olympian, Author and so much more, has packed into his latest book the basic steps God has ordained for each of us to follow to become His Champions!

He has masterfully written from a Champion Athletes perspective what it takes for anyone to become a true Champion. The disciplines he lines out are taken directly from God’s Word. The instructions he has laid out covers a 40 day challenge that every Pastor should embrace and utilize to make Champion Disciples.

Dr. Ingalls presents God as our Coach and us as Athletes in training. He even identifies where the Bible uses this comparison in easy to understand examples.

As a National Champion representing the United States he shares stories of success and falling short, but most of all how he learned from each life experience.

Pastors and Leaders, I respectfully invite you(challenge you) to join me as I embrace “Live Like a Champion Today” as our 2023 discipline. I ask you to take the 40 day challenge as outlined in the book. I also challenge you to create a “Champions Table” that will hold you accountable and be your encouragers too. In the book we see God as the Coach but we also see the importance of teammates and unity.

Live Like a Champion Today” is easy to read and understand but it will take some discipline to finish the challenge strong!

This year we are praying that Pastors all across America will have the courage to join our Table of Champions network and start their own Champions Table. What about you? This powerful book could be your ticket to changing you and your life forever. Embrace the challenge to be a true Champion for your spouse, your children, your church and community and most of all your Lord Jesus Christ!

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