Don’t let the name or pictures frighten or turn you away. This book is full of truth and explanations that most clergy never talk about. Today when more people in America believe in UFO’s and Aliens than they do in our Creator God, it is no wonder our country has fallen so far away from God!

This book is written by many experts and ministers who have spent their lives examining the occult, UFO phenomena’s, alien abductions, ghosts, vampires, witches just to name a few of the satanic and demonic attacks and deceptions on people throughout America and the world! Don’t just write this off as imaginary or hype. Don’t just say people are making this up or it’s all in their minds. Wicca (witchcraft) is the fastest growing religion in America today! Believe me it is real and it is affecting you and your church/family every day!

The supernatural is real, very real and as Christians you claim to be a part of it. The difference is, you probably only claim God’s part as real. The principalities and wickedness in high places have only become a verse or two in the Bible without substance for most Christians. Why is that? Because if it is spirit it can’t harm me! How far from the truth this lie is! People are the casualties of this great war we are in and if you turn a blind eye to it, you have already lost!

Pastors and leaders, wake up! Families are being torn apart by the evil spirits that exist and you need to take a stand or at least get out of the way for someone who will!

God’s Ghost Busters may sound like some kind of Hollywood movie but I can assure you that if you dare to read it you will blown away.

If you accept the challenge to get this powerful book, I suggest that you start with Chapter 15 and then go back to the beginning. If that doesn’t get your attention return the book and move on!

It is time that our churches(and leaders) stop ignoring the Tactics and Schemes of our enemy satan! Pastors and leaders you are in warfare and you need to fully equip your sheep with the knowledge and instructions on how to recognize and destroy the wickedness that has spread like a plague across America! It is much more deadly than the corona virus!

Make your discipleship more than a glorified Bible study. Make it a boot camp for spiritual warfare ready to face the adversary without fear or ignorance.

Pastors, families are under fire! It is your responsibility to protect, defend, educate, and prepare them for every kind of weapon formed against them!

If not today, when?

We write this today out of our love for the Body of Christ and the specifically (hand picked by God) Shepherds for this mighty work!

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