What Every Pastor needs

What you will find here will make your life and ministry much easier and also flourish like never before!

This “Tool Kit” provides you information about People and Ministries that have excelled with great success across the country.

The links and videos below provide resources and training that will

~increase church attendance

~bring in more tithes and offerings

~strengthen and refresh marriages

~teach tactical leadership skills

~provide free legal counsel

~cutting edge sermon material

Click on the names and videos below to learn more.


NCLL provides
~free legal counsel
~legal documents
~educational seminars.
Attorney David Gibbs, III represents the Christian community every day against the legal attacks in America, going all the way to the Supreme Court on several occasions.


The premier tool for any pastor who wants to get his church praying.

This powerful ministry tool is unlike any other. Watch the video to see what thousands of pastors are doing to get many of their people working for the kingdom without ever leaving the house.


Founded by Eric and Beth Casto – bringing thousands of people to Christ using the simplest and most powerful method known to mankind, “The Smile”!

Eric has been carrying a cross and handing out Smile Tracs for years and God has used this simple tool to introduce countless people to Christ.

Would you like to see more people come to Christ in your community. Click on the link to get the details!

ICM The Global Church Developer


Some may have heard the Gospel and given their lives to Christ, but they have no place to worship and no way to understand the Bible.

Without tools to grow their faith, new Christians become discouraged and may fall away—never reaching their community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our Christian nonprofit organization is committed to solving this problem by equipping believers around the world to establish healthy churches.

As an international Christian organization, our strategy is to reach the world for Christ effectively.

Equipping local churches with the tools they need to grow allows entire nations to be blanketed with healthy churches.

Also, when local churches invest their own effort and resources into each project, the result is a sense of ownership, long-term sustainability, and a greater impact for every dollar you give.

Watch the video below to see how they have helped build 10,000 plus churches around the world and click here to go to the website! What about you pastor?

American Association of Christian Counselors AACC

All Pro Pastors International has a very unique relationship with AACC! 

We have been given the freedom to offer Scholarships for their Mental Health Coach Certification course to pastors who are Registered with us. 

AACC “Certified Mental Health Coach” online opportunity. APPI is happy to make the Mental Health Coach course available as a ministry partner to our Pastors throughout the world. This certification will open doors of opportunity that you will be trained and educated to walk through.

Time to complete this education training ranges from 3 hours to 2.5 months, depending on the students ability to complete. The cost for the Mental Health Coaching Certification course is approximately $2450 US. Because of your association with All Pro Pastors International we can arrange a scholarship for most of this. A small access fee and other tools required are only around $50-$60 US.

Life Coaching is engaging people in need and mental stress. Pastors who have this training/certification are prepared to handle many more fluid situations that are never taught in Bible training schools.

Please let us know if you are interested and we will send you a special link. We can supply you with a scholarship to be certified as a Christian Mental Health Coach with the American Association of Christian Counselors. Please let us know if you decide to enroll and Dr. Ponceti will secure a $2400.00 scholarship for you. Let us engage in developing this or any area of interest, and please let’s get together on a Zoom call or the telephone. Thank you for the connection and encouragement!

Dr. Anthony Ponceti, Th.D.,
Ambassador to South & Central America
and Vice President of SOIL Serving Others In Love, Inc.