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Rephaim, Anakim, Emim, Zamzummim, and the like!?

One of the most interesting and overlooked parallels in Scripture is the location of the Israelite camp just before the conquest of Canaan and what appears to be the route […]

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APPI has “First Annual Leadership Prayer Breakfast”

With the help of many, All Pro Pastors International organized and hosted an extremely well-attended Central Florida Leadership Prayer Breakfast in Plant City, Florida on September 15, 2021. In a […]

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The Pastors Prayer Fortress

We are pulling out of our driveway to go to our son’s first Championship Baseball game. He is the starting pitcher today, and then it happens. My phone rings and […]


It is Time!

Are you a Biblical Citizen? What exactly does this mean? Is it important? My answer is yes, and yes! It means taking your Christian Faith serious enough to stand strong […]


Amazing India Trip Report

All Pro Pastors International was honored to go to India and inaugurate Dr Ashok Karkera as our National Director for the countries of India and Nepal. It is our heartfelt […]


Are you a “Champion”, Pastor? “Part I”

What is a Champion Pastor or better yet who is a Champion Pastor? You may think that we are going to start with some deep theological statements accompanied by a […]

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The “Birth of Jesus” movie and many more available!

For the past two years we have included in our website several “free movies” that are found on the internet. As a convenience to you we have include them in […]


America’s Great Awakening- “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God!”

The following article was written by Steve Strang in 1975 for the first edition of Charisma Magazine. It is a brief history of the American Great Awakening in the 1700″s […]

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24/365 International Prayer Network

Welcome to our Worldwide Prayer Network. This network spans the globe where Ministers, Ministries, Individuals and Congregations are joining in unity to pray for the “Body of Christ” to work […]

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Pastors Sharpen Pastors and Prayer is the Sword!

Pastors we need each other and our families need us to be strong. Watch this short video and be encouraged! Paul PickernPaul is the Founder and CEO of All Pro […]

Atty. David Gibbs III, I Support Pastors, You should too!

Paul PickernPaul is the Founder and CEO of All Pro Pastors International, a ministry that encourages and challenges Pastors to join together as Kingdom Brothers to develop trust, accountability and […]

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Pastor’s Resource Tool Kit

The Resource Tool Kit is what every Pastor needs. What you will find here will make your life and ministry much easier and also flourish like never before! This “Tool Kit” provides […]