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Wow! “Live Like a Champion” is a book that will help you stretch and be challenged to all God has created you to be! Dr. Jerry Ingalls, Pastor, National Champion […]

Left Behind, Rise of the AntiChrist!

“Left Behind, Rise of the AntiChrist” is based on a true story! (coming our way soon)The Bible states that there will be a sudden and unexpected Vanishing (or Rapturing) away […]

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I Am Who You Say I Am – Book Review

Dr Jerry Brandt has written on a subject that I find most people are very unsure of. Knowing who we are in Christ is critical to living a powerful Holy […]

The Covid Beast-A Book Review

Dr Kevan Kruse and co-author Dr Dennis O’Hara have carefully and painstakingly researched the facts about the global impacting virus that has touched every life on planet earth. As Bible […]

God’s Ghost Busters

Don’t let the name or pictures frighten or turn you away. This book is full of truth and explanations that most clergy never talk about. Today when more people in […]


Military Guide to Disarming Deception, My Review

In America and actually throughout the world satan has been doing everything possible to turn people away from God or to destroy the very belief in the existence of God. […]


Paul’s Promise, a True Story

Linda and I had the privilege of previewing this true story of Paul Holderfield during the Civil Rights movement. What you see is the riveting power of a mother’s faithful […]

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The God Who Hung on the Cross!

I recently read this book named “The God who Hung on the Cross. There was no way to know what to expect. The life and ministry work of Dois Rosser […]

Why The Champions Table!?

Simple reason, it is the safe place to go and let loose. It is a safe place to go when you need counsel from a peer! It is where you […]

Whose Sermon is it anyway?

Whose sermon is it? Have you ever watched or listened to a pastor preach and wonder where it came from? I must say that Linda and I watch and listen […]

What every Pastor Needs!

Accountability is not usually something men (especially Pastors)embrace and yet it is what it takes to grow, improve, stretch us, push us, save us from ourselves, motivate us, coach us, […]

Pastors Need Your Love Too!

Today as we look around in nearly every community Satan is running rampant! My last call was a Pastor who had to witness a dying child from an overdose. Last […]