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“The Shift” a Sci-Fi Thriller based on the Book of Job!

“The Shift” is an incredibly well written movie set in modern times but based on the story of Job in the Bible. This movie will have you sitting on the […]

A Journey into Our Judeo Christian Roots!

In our day where technology seems to take us almost anywhere by the click of a button. We want to invite you to an extraordinary event that will take you […]

Route 60: The Biblical Highway

Linda and I had the privilege to preview the movie Route 60: The Biblical Highway and were so excited to see how this movie brings to life our Judeo Christian […]


w/ Pastor Don RhoneFather’s Day was just a couple of weeks ago and we know that it isn’t the same foreveryone. For some it’s great and for others it’s not […]

Letter to the American Church “my review”

By: Eric Metexas After hearing and meeting Eric Metexas at a Pastors conference in Nashville earlier this year, Linda and I knew we had to get his books. “Letter to […]

Sound of Freedom

Until you see something in vivid living color you just can’t get the full picture. It is nothing like a news item or breakroom table talk. Linda and I have […]

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The God Who Hung on the Cross!

I recently read this book named “The God who Hung on the Cross. There was no way to know what to expect. The life and ministry work of Dois Rosser […]

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The School of “Acts”

The “School of Acts” subtitled “The Gifts and Operations of God” is a wonderfully written book/study guide on the entire book of Acts authored by Eric Casto. Eric is a […]

Return of the Gods

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has written what I believe is his finest book to-date! “Return of the Gods” explores the scripture from a deep prophetic perspective while bringing other ancient writings […]


Wow! “Live Like a Champion” is a book that will help you stretch and be challenged to all God has created you to be! Dr. Jerry Ingalls, Pastor, National Champion […]

Left Behind, Rise of the AntiChrist!

“Left Behind, Rise of the AntiChrist” is based on a true story! (coming our way soon)The Bible states that there will be a sudden and unexpected Vanishing (or Rapturing) away […]

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I Am Who You Say I Am – Book Review

Dr Jerry Brandt has written on a subject that I find most people are very unsure of. Knowing who we are in Christ is critical to living a powerful Holy […]