Whose sermon is it? Have you ever watched or listened to a pastor preach and wonder where it came from? I must say that Linda and I watch and listen to sermons or messages on average about 10-15 each week from a variety of speakers. These are not all high profile people and for sure there are many different doctrinal beliefs! It is sometimes refreshing, sometimes puzzling and sometimes heartbreaking to hear.

We find it fascinating how the Body of Christ is truly made up of many members with different functions, gifts, abilities and levels of faith. Yes, levels of faith, especially in pastors. We have learned not to criticize those who may believe some things differently than us, however the beauty is that they all trust in Jesus as the Savior and only way to heaven. (John 14:6)

Those with who we differ on opinion in scripture and/or realize have been gravely misled or deceived become a high priority for prayer. Believe it or not, sometime we learned that we were wrong in our own understanding and belief.

It has taken me a few years to realize that my criticism was only hurting myself and helping the enemy! Holy Spirit finally got through to me that I needed to spend my time praying for them not bashing them! The enemy loves the Body of Christ beating up itself.

It has become very clear to me through the years of being in two Champion Tables personally, how pastors are led and think very differently and still can love Jesus and each other. It has been a wonderful thing to see pastors experience transformation at the Table because of open discussions done in love with a heart to grow and understand!

When it comes to sermons and messages most pastors that we talk with, have yet to learn how to simply allow God to speak through them. Most toil hour after hour to get it just right with what they believe or want the listeners to hear. It is very easy to put words into God’s mouth so to speak. One of the most challenging part of being a pastor/shepherd is hearing God distinctly and obeying without question. Why is that, because it very often goes against society, tradition, world view, church leadership and much more. This is why we need pastors who are bold and obedient without fear except to God!

Messages that compromised the Word of God are clearly not from God! Messages that are “always” feel good, are probably not from God. Our messages should always give hope but should not categorically say to all the listeners life is ok, just smile, God’s got your back!

We have a real enemy that is attacking homes, families, marriages and communities at a very high intensity. Sexual pervasion is at an all time high. Education of our children has turned into indoctrination, Hollywood is producing much more entertainment that denies the existence of God and promotes every sin imaginable, and our governmental leaders have knowingly attacked every home in our country and this is not about politics! It is about just some of what every one of your/our sheep face daily! Sadly we must report that pastor and church passivity is also at an all time high!

Pastors, we need to face this enemy with the sword of the spirit without compromise. Your sheep are being fed poison every day by internet, TV, schools, intentional social media tactics, work places and more. If pastors are not addressing these issues that are attacking the Bible and God’s Church, then we suggest that perhaps their messages are not from God at all but simply a feel good message deigned not to ruffle feathers. The Word of God is the foundation of the “Church” with Jesus as the head and “sheep” can only grow and mature with a steady diet of the Word of God!

Whose message is it, anyway? Friends you can easily know by asking yourself, is this message dealing with the enemy attacks on me and my family, is this message coming from God’s Word with power and have I been given the spiritual food that I need to overcome the attacks and enemy strongholds I will be facing this week, do I feel the power of God flowing to me and through me that will heal me and strengthen my faith to overcome every obstacle before me? These are just a few questions to ask in your spirit/heart. You will know whether the message was from God or not.

Pastors, if you will simply humble yourself completely before God every time you are to give “His” word and prepare your heart and mind to hear “His” word, then He will prepare you to share “His” word!

We are praying for you!

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