Director Guidelines   

If you desire to be a Director you must first qualify by the guidelines below.

Anyone desiring to become an Area, State or National Director will have that opportunity by demonstrating an ability to lead, organize , communicate and most importantly love Pastors with a desire to see unity and compassion for one another. These are volunteer positions and not paid. You must have read through the Website completely and made yourself completely familiar with every page! This is a requirement in order for you to be equipped to answer pastors questions regarding the ministry.

This ministry is for Pastors by Pastors. It is for any denomination, culture, race or tribe where a Pastor is a true follower of Jesus Christ. Every Director must have a Kingdom mindset, not a selfish, self centered mindset!

The opportunity to be an Area Director is for someone who has met the qualifications and started a Table of Champions Chapter  as described.  See the Special Note at the bottom of that page.

An Area Director can expand his Area by increasing the number of Champion Tables or by adding Chapters. An Area Director that expands their outreach may be given the opportunity become a State or National Director after demonstrating their commitment and ability to lead.

This position is not one of authority to dictate or have authority to make any kind of demands, it is a servants role to guide, encourage, educate, communicate, and give direction as needed. 

You may also have a direct line of communication with an assigned APPI Ambassador who may be assigned to assist you. Communication will primarily be by email, Whatsapp, Messenger and Zoom video meetings as they are scheduled.

The foundation of APPI and the Table of Champions network is to bring pastors together to build trusted relationships and to bring a genuine love throughout the Body of Christ!

Note: The State and National Director qualifications and expectations are discussed on an individual basis due to the diversity of Countries, States, Territories, and Regions.


  • A Man who is Passionate about seeing their community saved and discipled for Jesus!
  • A Godly man who is in a Champions Table and passionate about it.
  • Loves Pastors and has a genuine desire to encourage and to see them strengthened in their ministry and family
  • Believes that Pastors need to build Trusted Friendships that reach across Denominational, Tribal and Racial barriers to connect as “Men”.
  • Has a Reputation above reproach, follows instructions, leads by example, self-starter and highly motivated, a winner, helps the weak, picks up the broken, does not criticize the uninformed
  • A local Pastor or Minister
  • Will be committed to this position as unto a call of God!
  • You clearly receive All Pro Pastors International as a ministry for Pastors of the Christian Faith who accept Jesus as God’s Son and risen Savior. You accept that He (Jesus) and He alone is the only way to heaven and have received Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior!


  • Establish and Coordinate new All Pro Pastors International “Chapters” in Specific Geographical Locations; community, village, town, city etc.
  • Establish  Champions Tables within a local “Chapter”. This can be done through existing ministerial associations, sponsor local breakfasts and luncheons. Have small meetings with a few Pastors, meet one on one with Pastors, anyway that works to bring Pastors together, etc.
  • Encourage Table Champions (leader, communicator, facilitator)
  • Meet with newly established Tables to Review the Table Guidelines and Covenant. (Can be by phone)
  • Contact each Table Champion by telephone, text or e-mail frequently to encourage.
  • **Make certain that each Champions Table Member is REGISTERED
  • Contact your USA Ambassador each month by email with an update. How many Tables have started, How they are progressing, What are your prayer needs.

Directors are the messengers, servants and representatives of this ministry (APPI) for God in your Area, State or Nation. It is our God given mission to invite every Pastor in the world to join together in Champions Tables and to connect to APPI through technology (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Website, etc).

Directors are vital ministry volunteers and are not legal representatives of the ministry.