What’s Coming Soon?

March 29, 2012 Word Alive Ministries, Lakeland Florida (Pastor and Wife Luncheon)

April 12, 2012  First Baptist Church, Dover Florida (Pastor and Wife Luncheon)

May 4, 2012  The Champions Church, Winter Haven Florida (Pastor and Wife Conference)

May 17,2012   Hope Now , Bartow Florida (Pastor and Wife Luncheon)

June 9, 2012  Schalamar Creek Golf Club,  Golf Tournament, Fun Indoor Activities, Gifts for All (Pastors and Wives “Day of Play”)

PLEASE Contact Us to Schedule a Pastors Luncheon in at Your Church!

Pastor and Wife Conference
“The Keys to Transformation Conference”

May 4th All Pro Pastors will be having our first Pastor and Wife Conference from 8:30-4:00. This will be a day which includes a Pastor/Wife Forum that will openly discuss the Issues Pastors and their wives have to deal with regarding people, family, congregations, leadership, etc.  You will also see a “Men’s Discipleship Training” that ALL men need to go through and women would like for us to! We have one of the Nation’s leading attorneys from the AllianceDefenseFund coming to share about our legal rights in the pulpit and much more. You will be given instructions that you can take back and put into action that will stimulate church growth and steps to get out of debt in less than 10 years. This is both personal and for your church

We guarantee that you will hear and see information that you have never seen before that will help you!!! Contact  me today to register. It is totally FREE!

E-Mail: Keys@allpropastors.org

News around Florida!

Pastors are enjoying great Barbeque from Johnson’s at Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Plant City this past January 19th. Pastor Fred Harrold shared a stirring message about how we struggle with the flesh we live in and how to keep it in check!  Pastor Don Mason was a great host! About 40 attended.

Hawthorne Inn in Lakeland Florida hosted a Pastor and Wife luncheon for APP on January 26th. Kim Broom and her staff were fabulous! The food was Gourmet Quality and the decorating was perfect! They offer these services to serve the community. We were blessed to see them treat the local Pastors/Wives as Royalty.

Ocala starts All Pro Pastors “Champions Tables” thanks to Pastor Phil Wade of Trinity Baptist Church who hosted a Pastors Luncheon on February 2nd. He had great inspiration from Pastor Don Grant (who is our 2 time “Day of Play” golf champion). There were over 40 in attendance and 4 of their county commissioners joined us as well. It sounds like 4-6 Tables have already started. Please pray for Phil and Don as they connect many new Pastors together.

Pastor Bob Stone and Fellowship Baptist fed the Pastors a real home-made feast on February 16th in Valrico Florida. Pastor Fred Harrold  gave another charged up message of challenge and encouragement and Billy Williams gave fresh quarts of strawberries out of his field, to everyone. We praise God for all the many people who  love Pastors and want to see them blessed and inspired to stay strong and healthy!

1st Baptist in Eagle Lake hosted our February 23rd Pastors luncheon and impacted the lives of all who there. Kevin Clark shared how his Champions Table is making a difference in his life. Pastor Don Satterwhite hosting the luncheon got started that day with a new Table. It was a tremendous blessing hearing several testimonies how God is moving in many Champion Tables!

Wells Funeral Home in Plant City Florida hosted a beautiful Pastors luncheon in their new Event Center on Thursday March 15th. We were all amazed at how accommodating the facilities were for such an event. The staff there led by Verna McKelvin, went above the call of duty to make all the Pastors and their wives feel at home.

We want to again thank all the churches, event centers, pastors and directors for opening your hearts and facilities to your local Pastors and for giving the best gift of all, the gift of love. Thank you and God’s blessings be upon you! 


Global News

Pastor Moses Brown of Tampa holds Pastors Conference in Eldret, Kenya Africa. February 2012.

Pastor Peter Simwa invited Pastor Moses to come to Kenya to encourage and teach about 200 Pastors. Pastor Simwa contacted APP to get information prior to Pastor Moses arrival to get information about All Pro Pastors so that it could be presented to their Pastors. Pastor Moses has been associated with APP for 3 years. During the conference many Pastors committed to starting Champion Tables!

Pastor Peter Simwa has been appointed as an Ambassador in Africa for All Pro Pastors.

   Pastor Moses will be at the “Keys to Transformation Conference” on May 4th. You can meet him and hear a live up-date from him then.                                                                   

Africa on the Move


Pastor Peter Simwa the new APP Ambassador in Kenya has started 5 new Champion Tables in Eldoret.

This is Pastor Peters Champions Table. He also made a trip to Uganda in February and met with Pastor Patrick Ogoda who has already started 11 Champion Tables there. He has received requests from Congo Pastors as well to help them get Champion Tables started. Praise God!!

Pastor Rogatien Nze from Orlando made a trip to Libreville,Gabon (his home town) last year with a specific purpose to introduce All Pro Pastors to the Pastors. Last week I finally had an opportunity to visit with him along with Pastor Dwight Edwards. It was amazing to hear how the Pastors cried when he started sharing about the Champion Tables and the friendships that are started.  He shared that he would like for us to go there to help bring this message to the Pastors and to encourage them.


Bishop Ebenezer Sefah  from Takoradi Ghana came to a Pastors luncheon in Bartow in 2010. He later sent us an e-mail which said.  (It was a blessing meeting you at Pastor David White Church in Bartow Fl. I would like to inform you that we have started the Champion group in Ghana-Africa and it’s really helping the Pastors here, Thank you for introducing me to this idea. It really helps.) Bishop Ebenezer was back in the USA in January and reported all is going very well.
Pastor Olutunji Tom-Wright of Nigeria  brought in Pastor Mike Ayanbode from Nigeria to his church in Tampa. They came to our APP luncheon in Plant City and took a large amount of Champion Table brochures to take back to Nigeria with a commitment to start the Ministry there as well.

Each of these Pastors are hungry to see their fellow Pastors unite and build trust with one another. Many have invited All Pro Pastors to come to encourage, instruct and share God’s Word. Please pray for them and for God’s guidance for APP as we seek His specific will in how to best serve.

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