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Earnest andAarthi


(To identify with or to make him feel special) Don’t…
July 16, 2018/by Pastor Jesse and Brenda McNeil

Mark of the Beast Part II

Continued..... this mark may very well be the ultimate human…
July 9, 2018/by Dr. Kevan Kruse
Derek Giants

Dead Kings and Rephaim

The ancient Amorite tribe called the Tidanum was not only honored…
July 6, 2018/by Derek Gilbert

Balloons and Kites

Balloons and kites usually stir up pleasant memories for many…
July 2, 2018/by Ronald Goldberg
the beast

The Mark of the Beast “Part 1”

The Bible with respect to the “mark of the beast” is chilling... If…
June 18, 2018/by Dr. Kevan Kruse
No Name

Is Your Name Nobody?

Judges 9:53 NKJV “But a certain woman dropped an upper millstone…
June 11, 2018/by Dr. Larry Bennett
couple at sunset beach


(To identify with or to make her feel special) 1. Have good…
June 5, 2018/by Pastor Jesse and Brenda McNeil
Abraham with knife

The Iniquity of the Amorites

In a previous article in this series, we mentioned an odd comment…
June 5, 2018/by Derek Gilbert

Are You an All “Pro” Pastor?

In America when you see something that says "All Pro" we quickly…
June 1, 2018/by Paul Pickern
couples flying money

Money Personalities

Financial stress in a relationship is one of the major causes…
May 9, 2018/by Pastor Jesse and Brenda McNeil

If you build it, they will come

  The US Embassy in Israel is expected to move to Jerusalem…
May 8, 2018/by Ronald Goldberg
Soaring Wings of Eagles

Soaring Like Eagles

Soaring on wings like the Eagles Although I haven’t had…
May 8, 2018/by Dwight Edwards

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