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a and eve

A Spirit-filled Spouse or A Carnal Spouse

The Difference Between! (As It Relates to Love and Respect-Ephesians…
September 14, 2017/by Pastor Jesse and Brenda McNeil
game plan for life 2

Can Today’s Men Be Reached?

The absence of men in the church today is a major concern. Did…
September 13, 2017/by Paul Pickern
hermon Mount

Mount Hermon: Secret Abode of the Gods

It is significant that the phrase translated "cast them into…
September 10, 2017/by Derek Gilbert
Men Talking

Life or Death is in the Power of Your Words

How well do you use your words in life as a leader? If you are…
September 5, 2017/by Dr Daniel Middlebrooks
Group in train station

The Real Church

The Church of Jesus Christ is what it says, it belongs to Jesus…
September 1, 2017/by Nick Coetzee

What Could Go Wrong?

1. Let’s say you decide to finish the evening of your Fall…
August 25, 2017/by Burkett Earl
woman thinking

Could this be your Wife’s View?

Pastor-Husband vs Secular men Does he STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE…
August 22, 2017/by Linda Pickern
Jesus Rejected

Rejection the Supreme Test

The recovery process takes a minimum stay of 100 days. In February…
August 21, 2017/by Kimberly Humphrey
Family and Dog

The Code of Leadership; Character

How many of you enjoy a good swashbuckling movie? I always enjoyed…
August 15, 2017/by Dr Daniel Middlebrooks

Sons of God, Fathers of Giants

While the early Sumerians were figuring out how to grow crops…
August 12, 2017/by Derek Gilbert

How to Love Your Wife

Loving Your Wife - Positive Insights 1. The husband who loves…
August 10, 2017/by Pastor Jesse and Brenda McNeil

Worship, is it horizontal or vertical ?

There is an alarming trend that…
August 7, 2017/by Nick Coetzee

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