What Does It Take To Be A Truly Great Pastor?

Pastor, what does it take to be a great pastor? Being a pastor is the most important job in the world and has the greatest challenges! What about you?

Every Pastor has a few things in common and yet some become mighty before God and mankind!

Here is what the greatest Pastors of all time have found will make you great, guaranteed!

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The Jesus Model

Strength in FriendshipThe Jesus Model

Jesus was completely man and completely God. He had the perfect man-to-God relationship however as a man he had struggles just like you and me. His physical body needed nutritional food and his emotional body needed physical relationship. It is clear that he chose Peter, James and John to be his closest friends. These four mighty men became the, “The Jesus Model”!

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Pastor to Pastor

Encourage, Pray & SupportPastor to Pastor

“Many” Pastors today live very lonely lives. In many surveys asking pastors what is the toughest thing about being a pastor, the re-sounding number one answer was “not having a trusted loyal friend”. As Pastors, living in the proverbial fishbowl can become a heavy burden to carry. As a man we have the same issues and challenges in our flesh as all men do. Just as Jesus was tempted…

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Being a Man of God

The Secrets to Greatness!Being a Man of God

Every great athelete is coached even after they obtain greatness. Training is critical but coaching is what gives the accountability required to reach the highest levels! As a man, we each need accountability, encouragement and wise counsel. As men who happen to be pastors it is an even greater need for us.

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