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John Writing II

The Great Falling Away and The Days of Lot

In our last article, I addressed the most common question that…
July 19, 2017/by Dr. Kevan Kruse
Balancing the world

Are Pastors Exempt?

You’d be surprised how often I’m asked, “Are ministers…
July 17, 2017/by Dean Burnetti
Man with tie

Leadership Integrity

Leadership Integrity If you were to describe your reputation…
July 15, 2017/by Dr Daniel Middlebrooks

The Cherubim: Throne Guardians of God

Now, since you're paying attention, you'll remember that the…
July 12, 2017/by Derek Gilbert
world missions

Protect Your Mission Trip Warriors!

Melissa D. of Atlee Community Church out of Mechanicsville, Virginia,…
July 9, 2017/by Burkett Earl
couple conversing

WIVES do you “REALLY” Respect Your Husband?

2 Corinthians 13:5 For self-examination, observation and …
July 5, 2017/by Pastor Jesse and Brenda McNeil

How to Double Your Prayer Power!

The power of prayer has changed the world many times! The Bible…
July 4, 2017/by Paul Pickern
offering plate

HOW TO INCREASE TITHES & OFFERINGS Without Passing the Plate Agaiiiiinnn?

  Have you considered asking your congregation to support…
July 3, 2017/by Lew Frye
praying pastor

Grow Your Church Spiritually, Numerically, and Financially

Here is a hard-core truth: “Healthy things grow. God has woven…
June 30, 2017/by Dr. Keith Johnson
social Media

Operating in Social Media Denial

Is your organization suffering from social media denial? Despite…
June 27, 2017/by Burkett Earl
lady with many hats

Pastor Wives!!!!

Do you wear many "HATS" as a Pastor’s Wife? The roles in which…
June 26, 2017/by Linda Pickern
Beach Feet

Radical Sabatical

Calgon, take me away! When do I get a break? How can I get away…
June 23, 2017/by Pastor Fred Harrold

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