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The Champions Solution

The Champions Table is the foundation of our ministry for the man called Pastor.

Whether three or four men, real trust can happen at "the table," where pastors, often from different denominations, find someone they can actually talk to.

We hear it from our Champions all the time how simple but profoundly impactful an hour a week and a cup of coffee can be.

Find out for yourself. Join a group today!
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Defeating Aloneness

In a recent study, seven out of 10 pastors said they don't really have a close friend.

Just imagine, the men called to lead the Body of Christ... leading it alone. Now imagine... there is a better way.

At All-Pro Pastors, the better way is His Way, where real personal relationships meet real needs in Pastors' lives.

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Latest Updates

The Pink Elephant in the Church

Hello dear friends, there has been an invasion in God’s church and it has been named “The Pink Elephant”. This Pink Elephant looks harmless and has many people wanting to look at it ride it and even feed it and yet it is crushing men women and children by the thousands. This Pink Elephant’s history is widely known and despite it’s familiarity the church has unwittingly allowed it to enter. Friends we have message of warning that we beg you […]

A Time to Stand!

Every year when we come to February many churches and individuals have just completed a 21 day Daniel Fast (or other fast), started new diets/exercise, started praying with your spouse daily, and are on your way to  reaching Newly established Resolutions. February is a critical point in this new year journey because statistics demonstrate that most people are now fighting hard to stay on track. The enemy wants you to give up. He whispers, quit getting up early for that […]

What a Great Year You have Had!

Have you taken the time to write down all the events, activities, ministry opportunities, acts of kindness, etc  that you have gone to or been a part of this year? Let me suggest that you start a list right away. You will be amazed at how much that could be. Include everything. Men often volunteer to coach or help in sports. Some are Deacons or Elders. Pastors, you preach 2-3 times a week or more. Women go to conferences, help […]

“God Day” Celebration in Orlando Florida Introduced to the World!

Throughout the world there are many one day special celebrations set aside from Presidents Day to Secretaries Day, from Mothers Day to Fathers Day. The list is countless. We are excited that Pastor Joshua Fowler and a team of visionary Pastors and Christian Leaders in Central Florida have been charged by God to start a “God Day” celebration! You may ask, why “God Day”, isn’t every Sunday supposed to be God’s Day? Yes it is, however this “God Day” is […]

Thank You Pastor!

Thank you Pastor for loving me when I am unlovable. Thank you Pastor for listening when no-one else will. Thank you Pastor for coming to my side at 3:00 AM when I was at my worst. Thank You Pastor for preaching God’s Word without compromise. Thank you Pastor for being a “Man of God” worthy to be followed. Thank you Pastor for picking me up every time I fall. Thank you Pastor for showing me how to love my wife. […]

Jesus and Moses had one, What about you?

Pastor, what is it that you struggle with? Is it depression because everything is so hard and no-one helps or cares? Is it the secretary because she is always smiling and starting to look too good, or is it the lady who you are counseling and you should never be alone with!!? Is it the “power” you have over people as the leader and you like it , oh so much? Do you have a strong desire for more titles […]

Pastor Dwight Edwards Testimony

Pastor Dwight Edwards Testimony It does not matter how old you are or how long you have been in ministry, we all need friends to lean on. Hear a short word from this mighty man of God!


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