By: Rev. Joshua Omolo (Gwara)

The hustle and bustle of life has captured many people today such that men do not
have time to seek for their maker who is our God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Bible gives clear instructions of life that we should seek first the kingdom of
God and its’ righteousness and the rest of important things shall be added to us
(Mathew 6:33). Majority of me today prefer running after the things of the world,
materials wealth of the world and then the kingdom matters later. The church
hasn’t been spared neither. There is need to have a paradigm shift in our mindset
as far as our value systems are concerned. Men needs to stop worshiping material
things, and instead chose to worship the true God by giving to God what belongs
to God, and the answer here is seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness.
i. Kingdom Seekers Embrace Kingdom mentality
Kingdom seekers will always think like the king and embrace the values of the
kingdom they represent. True kingdom seekers will always ensure that the interests
of the King are given priority number one when they are about to make critical
decision in any matters pertaining to life. Kingdom seekers are those believers in
Christ who are ready and willing to pay any price for the sake of the interest of their
faith in Christ. This world is controlled by the principalities and powers of darkness
and their value systems. The values of kingdom seekers are always under
opposition by the spiritual forces in the dark places, and the prime target of the
battle formation is in the mindset. Every believer in Jesus Christ needs therefore to
guard their mind against such demonic invasion.
When you read in the book of Genesis 3:3 – He said to the woman, “Did God really
say, you must not eat from any tree in the garden?” then that marked the beginning
of spiritual warfare and the target was to poison the mindset of the woman to
embrace lies that God did not really mean that eating the forbidden fruit would
lead to death. The outcome of every battle in life begins in the mindset. David
looked and saw Goliath as a target too big to miss while the Israelites army looked
at Goliath and saw him as a giant too big to defeat, it was all in the mind and the
fear of God.

David feared God and that is the reason why he was able to operate in a positive
mindset which is victory focused. Godly controlled mindset will never bow to the
influence of the dark world. Challenges may arise but the echo of the spirit of a
winner will always submerge the waves of fear and doubt. The ability to learn,
think, choose, and reason is the essence of what makes us human or inhuman
depending on whether you are under the influence of the power of the Holy Spirit
or forces of Satanic world. Your thoughts become a reflection of who you really are.
“What affects you is not what people think about you but what you think about
The book of Colossians 3:2 – says, “Set your affection on the things above not on
things on the earth….”
The revelation God is teaching us here is that we need to stop thinking small
because the things above are superior and special. The things above are precious
immortal in nature and rare to find. I love the things above because they never lose
their value, they are immune to the principles of depreciation. Any rich man who is
looking on the best destination for investment where profitability is assured should
vouch for this option. God is telling us to think big and better. The DNA of our
prosperity is defined by the content of our thinking capacity.
God has given you power to decide the coordinates of your mindset and the
contents within, how you utilize that power is what matters whether you will
become prosperous or not. The whole idea squarely depends on the choices of
what you will allow to cook in your mind. Mathew 6:19-21- Lay up for yourselves
treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do
not break in and steal. Many are not able to perceive this because their minds are
blurred. I was shocked to discover that almost everyone wants to go to Heaven
when I did a small research, but their mindset cannot allow them to make a choice
to go to Heaven.
Spiritual mental health is such a critical element in determining the outcome of
every spiritual battle we go through. Most people are the victims of their own
negative thought process, they suffer from self mental incarceration. The mental

prison is so deceptive such that they even don’t even know that they are in it.
Greatness begins from the mindset then manifests in the physical. All scientific
discoveries begin in the laboratories before it becomes a reality in the practical
world. One major reason that has made Africa to lag behind in comparison to other
continents of the world is the consistent brain drain. Many Africa scholars are
thriving in their careers in Europe and other parts of the world simply because their
countries of origin did not have the capacity to accommodate their intellectualism.
God has given us power to set up our minds and to determine the bandwidth
capacity of what we would like our minds to accommodate. As a man thinketh in
his mind so he is (Proverbs 23:7). God created you and one of the special gift which
was given to you by God is a positive mind. The duty to think is a delegated
obligation by God to all men. Every man has the power to choose the content of his
thought process. When you allow garbage to settle in your mind then you will
deliver garbage out in your moral compass.
Set your mind to embrace positive thinking about the word of God then you will
qualify the test of the fear of God. The fear of God is the basic ingredient that
produces self-determination, perseverance, self-confidence, and hard work that
leads to greatness. Great leaders also know that positive thinking evokes more
energy, it’s a reflexive attitude developed or imbedded overtime that pushes you
to accept fair and desired results.
ii. Discover the powers devolved to men by God
Kingdom seekers understand and enjoy unmatched power and authority given to
them by God, they also understand the responsibilities that comes with such
benefits. Those who seek the kingdom of God also knows how to use every talent
given to them by God to the glory of the kingdom of God.
Our God through His generosity has made sure that He does not work alone and
one of the strategies He uses is the principle of delegated authority and power to
faithful men. Some of such devolved powers include the power to get wealth,
power to cast out devils, authority, power to choose, ability to love and
stewardship. Fear of God is the key to accessing these kingdom privileges and

powers given to men by God the father of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. The big
challenge we have today is that many believers are operating minus these divine
endowments from God, hence denying the uniqueness of godliness life.
The Power to get wealth
Deuteronomy 8:17-18 – “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He
who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He
swore to your fathers, as it is this day”
The power to get wealth is no longer with God the father as per the scripture above.
It is amazing to discover one secret from this scripture that, God is not in the
business of giving people wealth but He gives people power to get wealth, meaning
that if one does not utilize the power given to him by God the father of our Lord
Jesus Christ then they will remain in that bondage of poverty the rest of their life.
Every believer has the potential to become wealthy by virtue of being a child of God
the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The identity of being a child of God is such a
powerful tool that gives believers such a big advantage over their peers. When you
begin a business for instance as a child of God you already enjoy a head start
compared to your peers operating the same business because you enjoy such a
great backup from heaven that no man can stop your business from thriving.
One thing we need always to remember here is that the power given to men by
God to make wealth comes with certain terms and conditions of covenant. God’s
interest in every portion of wealth owned by sons of God is that they should live
and operate in covenant with God in their quest to create wealth.
Economic empowerment will always require one to establish the spiritual
foundations that connects to their wealth. The reason for the spiritual foundation
is because every bit of economic empowerment is connected to a spiritual base,
and this forms the reason why God says that the purpose for empowering the saints
with wealth is for covenant, to use that same wealth in supporting the work of God.
War against poverty is easy when we master the principle of giving and tithing. The
dry bones existing in form of poverty in the life of many believers will never survive

within your territory the day you will walk and operate in this spiritual realm of
being in covenant with God. When you start operating in the power to get wealth,
every spirit of poverty will melt away from your vicinity just like that. There is a
language that only money can speak and that is the language that the spirit of
poverty can listen to (Ecclesiastes 10:19 – A feast is made for laughter, and wine
makes merry; but money answers everything). The many questions we ask related
to financial challenges can best be addressed by the voice of money. When money
starts talking then favor will start flowing into your life such that even your enemies
will want to bless you not because they love you but because the anointing to get
wealth is flowing in your DNA. Your peers will start addressing you with big names
that you never asked for because the power of wealth is flowing in your life.
Downloading the power to get wealth
I am feeling compelled by God to speak on this agenda because it will help to
provide an answer to many believers who are asking one question why they are
still living in poverty whilst they are born again.
Let us be candid and truthful with one another here and say that the fact of the
matter is that majority of those that claim to be born again are living in poverty
today as we speak, the reason here is that many believers are not living in financial
covenant with God and as such they are yet to down load the power to get wealth.
The power to get wealth can only be down loaded through the application of the
covenant of honoring God with our substance. The day we start worshipping God
through faithful giving, faithful tithing, first fruit and giving of alms then that will
mark the beginning of our deliverance from poverty.
Poverty is a disease worse than cancer. The number one killer disease on earth
today is poverty. The statistics indicate that life expectancy has dropped to about
40-45 years globally, and the main cause to this is poverty. Some of the economic
systems of the world today are deliberately designed to exclude the majority and
favor the minority. The begging question is this, “who voted in that corrupt
government?” It is the same poor guys who casted their votes to elect the corrupt
people into power because they were bribed during campaign period. Finally, the
poor get poorer and the rich continue to get richer.

Faithful giving encompasses also how we use the talent God has given us including
how we cast our votes, it entails hard work and working smart in every space
created to us by God. Joseph is on record of being an excellent performer in Egypt
while in Potiphar’s House. The Bible says in Genesis 39:2 – And the Lord was with
Joseph, and he was a prosperous. The story of Joseph in the Bible is a clear
manifestation of great things that can happen when we chose to remain faithful to
God with our talent. Joseph used his talent of interpretation of dreams faithfully
and God remembered him in his time of need.
Each one of us is gifted differently, and the first step one needs to make is to
discover the gift he or she has from God. After discovering the gift then there is
need to refine the gift before putting it to work so that it can attract the best results.
Some are gifted in the call into the ministry as pastors, evangelist, teachers and
bishop. Others are gifted in serving God using wealth by supporting the ministry
financially. The challenge comes in when we start comparing and competing each
other. God’s plan is that we need to complement each other.

The power to cast out devils
Mark 3:15 – And he gave them power to heal the sicknesses, and to cast out
I believe in Jesus Christ the son of the living God who died and on the third day rose
again and is now a live seated on the right hand of God the father. The same Jesus
spoke to the disciples in the above mentioned scripture where he gave power to
the disciples including us to cast out devils and heal the sick. Every believer in Christ
Jesus has the power to cast out devils and render deliverance to the sick based on
this power. The church needs to learn to exercise this authority without fear.
Filling of the Holy Spirit should first precede the empowerment to this important
work of deliverance. Conducive atmosphere to facilitate the filling of the Holy Spirit
is crucial in taping the promised power from God. Jesus gave a promise to the
disciples then and even today that he will not leave them as orphans, but he will
send a helper who is the Holy Ghost. The disciples then were instructed by the Lord

Jesus Christ not to leave Jerusalem till they have received power of the Holy Spirit.
Our current generation is not able to make substantial impact in the work of the
ministry because of failing to accept the important role of the Holy Spirit in the life
of a believer. One must make a choice to fully dedicate their life to God and live a
holy life for the filling of the Holy Spirit to happen.
Prayerfulness is a major factor in cultivating a conducive atmosphere for the filing
of the Holy Spirit that leads to obtaining the power to cast out devils. The disciples
were in the upper room praying for ten days then the sound like a rushing wind
came and all the disciples were filled by the Holy Spirit. They all spoke in new
tongues (Acts 2:1-4) And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire,
and it sat upon each of them. There was such a great impact in the work of the
ministry after the event of filling of the Holy Spirit. The disciples who were fearful
of being persecuted came out strongly to preach Christ without any fear, all this
happened due to the power of filling of the Holy Spirit.
Many limitations the church is going through today could become a thing of the
past if only there could be a genuine filling of the Holy Spirit. I am tired of the
powerless Christians who purport to be representing the kingdom of Heaven but
has zero delivery. The harvest is still plenty but the laborers are few because of lack
of fire of the Holy Ghost. The divine promise given to men by our Lord Jesus Christ
of the coming of the Holy Spirit has become a debate today where section of
believers are questioning whether one must speak in tongues or not, it is so heart
breaking to witness the swelling numbers of nominal Christians who are simply

contented with classical worship and strict programs, where everything is pre-
arranged and God ‘s presence has no place in the worship session.

Church gathering has become a normal members club where men are in full
control, it has become a social get together where people come to connect and
strike a business deal. I pray that the filling of the Holy Spirit is going to invade our
fellowships like never before. The filling of the Holly Spirit is the only cure that will
become a game changer to the powerless church. God is seeking to see a new breed
of worshippers who can worship Him in truth and in Spirit, they are the caliber that

can cast out devils and set the captives free from the bondage of satanic world. No
one can worship in truth and in the Spirit without the filling of the Holy Spirit.
The book of Daniel 4:17 – “This sentence is by the decree of the Angelic watchers
and the decision is a command of the holy ones, in order that the living may know
that the most high is ruler over the realm of mankind, And bestows it on whom He
wishes And sets over it the lowliest of men”
The power of ruler-ship comes with immense super influence in the surrounding
and the people around the ruler. Rulership appears as part of the top thre gifting
God declared upon mankind immediately the first man appeared in the garden of
Eden. Some of the advantage of operating in the power of ruler-ship is that it will
provide a divine backup to your will as the vendor to prevail. Adam and Eve were
given power to subdue the earth.
The same power of ruler-ship can manifest the qualities of leadership in the life of
the carriers such that the carrier will not struggle with certain dreams and vision.
Many of our dreams have simply remained in the dream land never to see the light
of day.
God is looking for men who can bring back the authoritative leadership in their
respective household and restore order. Many Christian families today do not even
understand the need to raise an altar of worship in their homes because there is
no leadership with authority. Ladies in the house must wake up and understand
that liberalism and equality cannot substitute the God given protocol of leadership
in the family unit. According to God given authority man is the head of the family
hence the need for him to provide leadership.
The Power to Chose
The book of Deuteronomy 30:19 – Today I have given you the choice between life
and death, between blessings ad curses. Now I call on heaven and Earth to witness
the choice you make. The full power to make choices in life is with man. God has
fully given you the power to choose good or bad, curses or blessings. Free will is

the ability to make choices and decisions as seen in Genesis when God gave Adam
and Eve the choice to obey and disobey.
It is important to note that every choice comes with consequences. The choice of
disobedience made by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden is what gave birth to
eternal death, while the choice made by the second Adam who is our Lord Jesus
Christ when he gave his life as a sacrificial lamb through his crucifixion is what gave
birth to life eternity. We are enjoying the fruit of salvation today courtesy of the
choice made by Jesus when God sent him on earth to come and die for our sins on
our behalf so that anyone who believes in him may not perish but have everlasting
The free will to choose is with all men even today so much so that the decision to
accept Jesus as Lord and savior of our life still remains a personal decision, none
can be forced into it. God has given all men the power to decide whether they want
to go to heaven or to hell after this life is over. The point is that there is life after
death, but where you will spend eternity whether heaven or hell depends on the
choice that you make before you die.
Obedience to God’s instructions comes at a price and sometimes it can mean even
losing ones’ life just like Jesus did. We have so many cases of documented Christian
martyr across the world, many Christians who are being persecuted because of
their faith in Christ Jesus.
The power and ability to Love
Ability to love is considered a fundamental aspect of human nature, as it reflects
the divine nature of God. Love is the center piece as far as the character and
teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ is concerned. The Bible talks of loving your
neighbor as yourself and loving your enemies. This kind of love is usually referred
to as agape love, it is selfless, unconditional and seeks the wellbeing of others.
I want to put record straight by demystifying some of the things that are usually
perceived as love but they are not love at all. It is sad to note that today many
people under the influence of lust because of their desire to engage in illicit sexual
attraction will claim that they have fallen in love, to me that is lust. When

unmarried persons engage in sexual intimacy they are not under the influence of
the love of God. Our society today is advocating for certain slogans like, “obey your
thirst”, finally we become slaves to our feeling at the expense of disobeying God’s
instruction. The love of God is pure and it does not hold any grudge.
If we love God then we will strive to obey God and live according to the direction
under the guidance of the word of God. The way we treat our fellow human beings
will speak loud enough to show whether we love God or not, the style in which we
relate with those who are needy in our society will demonstrate whether we truly
carry the love of God in us.
The world around us is in desperate need of those who can show and demonstrate
love and compassion to humanity. It is my prayer that God will enable you to make
a radical decision to give a portion of your wealth, time and energy to the work of
God and charitable organization where the needy can be well taken care of. The
ultimate show and manifestation of the love of God is when you surrender your life
to Jesus, when you accept him as Lord and savior over your life, then you will have
no problem loving people.

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