David and Tim Barton are the Founder and President of Wallbuilders. They have the largest private collection of original documents from the early years of America than anyone else. Their collection is over 200,000 pieces. When you want to know where and how did God fit in to the founding of America these two men are considered by most as the experts.

“The American Story” is their history book of early America. It contains 79 pages of endpoints and also is full of footnotes. Anyone who is serious about learning the Christian heritage of America has to go no farther than this historically accurate book.

It is easy to read and very captivating. They identify areas of controversy and without hesitation provide detailed documents explaining what the historical truth is.

As Pastors and ministers of the gospel we feel it is important that we should know the truth of our roots and learn with confidence how the Church was involved in the establishment of this country.  David and Tim dive right into slavery issue and the history as recorded by eye witnesses and legal documentation. They do not try to sugar coat it for anyone. They give startling facts about the relationship between settlers and the native Americans. (If you don’t believe everything you hear on TV then you will truly appreciate this wonderful book). Most people are unaware that the majority of land in early America was purchased upon an agreed price.

There is a saying “knowledge is power” but I say, “truth is more powerful”! What I liked about this book as I read through it was, it gave me “knowledge with truth”.

Ministry leaders and Pastors you need to know the truth about the Pilgrims and Puritans also. You need to know how they set up Civil Government based on Biblical principle. You need to see for yourself how the Bible and the Church has been the backbone of this country and still is, if we can keep it! You also need to know the sacrifices that were made for us to have this free country.

Did you know that The First Great Awakening has been historically recognized by honest historians as the most impactful event that brought the 13 colonies together? That great revival brought these independent colonists to a point where they realized they could be “One Nation Under God”!

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking truth and knowledge. Every child should be taught this history. My people perish because of a lack of knowledge! Don’t let your children perish!

“The American Story” is available at Wallbuilders.com and wherever books are sold.

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