“Artificial Intelligence and the Image of the Beast” 

When I heard about this book I knew I needed to get it and if it were as good as I imagined, we needed to help get the word out! Let me say this to every Pastor, Minister, Christian Leader and layperson, you must get “Summoning the Demon” and see for yourself the alarming facts of what is strategically happening globally to kill Christianity, your family and The Church! 

As I was reading this very enlightening book I kept thinking about how we as a population are being so manipulated by those who are truly the power on earth (evil power). Many of us as Christians are working feverishly to protect our innocent children and stop the killing of the unborn. We are fighting a very legitimate war to save our nation and the freedoms that we want our children to enjoy. We are having to deal with “The Church” itself at odds debating over the truth of God’s word and questioning what is sin! This is just a snapshot of the distractions that have grabbed our attention like a professional magician with slight of hand and yet is very real!

While all this is going on scientists, doctors, the military and more from many nations, are competing to develop what they consider the next generation of humans. They are using “Deepfakes” to mislead and indoctrinate all of us.

Pastors, this is a fact and you as a good shepherd need to know this. Your sheep are not only in danger they are quickly becoming endangered! When you hear how nanotechnology is saving lives and a man in England had a pig heart transplant or how your DNA can be improved to fight off all diseases including cancer, these may all be true but beware, for the sinister is behind all of this. You may have already heard about Chip implants and cell manipulation and every bit of this is right out of God’s Word! Before the end of time these things must happen.  

“Summoning the Demon” goes into the Transhuman agenda and how the military is creating super soldiers. Every major world power is spending billions of dollars to create humans that will never die, that is their objective. The days of Noah are already upon us and The Church needs it leaders to wake up and LEAD!

Ministers and Christians across America, you can get this book and read for yourself about: Man vs Machine, Deepfakes and The Image of the Beast, The Spirit Behind the AI, Those Other Signs of the Days of Noah and why and how the Mark of the Beast is already in place.

When Jesus said, “go and make disciples” do you believe He was saying go have a Bible study every Wednesday night and pray some or was he saying “Go Build My Army and Train them for Battle, Equip them with My Word (My Sword) and teach them ALL things about the deceptions and lies of the evil one! Teach them to watch for me and prepare the way for my return! Prepare them to die for Me and the gospel message and I will empower them with my Spirit!” This is the message that Jesus gave us and Christians if you are not prepared like this you will be destroyed or may already have been.

“Summoning the Demon” is a God anointed text that as a disciple of Jesus each of us has the opportunity to learn from. I personally have nothing to gain if you get this book except my reward in heaven from helping to alert more of God’s children about how the roaring lion is seeking you to devour you and all that you love!  

On a more personal note I want to commend Joe Horn and Allie Anderson for finishing the last great work of their dear father, Dr Thomas Horn. Dr Thomas Horn and his family are known for their exemplary work. When they do anything it is with great research, attention to detail and covered in hours of prayer. Dr Horn was very passionate about finishing this book and getting it to you. Thank you Joe and Allie and the entire family for making this a reality.

To get your copy click “Summoning the Demon” or visit Amazon. 

The rest is now up to you. May I suggest that you get this for all the Pastors you know and make it a gift. 

As always, Linda and I are faithfully praying for you!




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