This is a phrase every American should know and have repeated throughout their lives when they say the pledge of allegiance. The problem is not that many don’t know the phrase but that they do not believe it! There are others who absolutely have no faithfulness or respect for our great free country. We are now living in a time where freedom in America is taken for granted!

May I say that America is a great country but not a perfect country. Today we are seeing the very thread of Christianity being stripped away little by little. Our government seems to be waging war on the church and everyone who calls Jesus Lord. History shows that when a nation gives way to a carnal mind that it will fall and be destroyed. Even with this said you can be rest assured that the blood that has stained this land for freedom and bled on many other lands to keep it will not be in vain and the blood our lord Jesus shed will always give hope and victory!

The true history of America is filled with the stories of how our forefathers came to America to have the freedom to worship God as they saw fit and not under the heavy hand of English rule. The blood, sweat and lives they gave for us must be told and remembered. A God loving and God fearing people weathered more hardships than most today would even consider.

“One Nation Under God” is a powerful factual history book of early America presenting “Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About the Founding if America”! Dr David C. Gibbs, Jr. who is the founder of the Christian Law Association, has written this historical accounting of our history with an attorney’s professional eye to the accuracy of every detail.

When I started reading this book I found it easy to read and captivating too. I was not in a hurry to flip the pages because of the depth of who we are as an American people jumped off the page. I felt totally enlightened to the real truth of where we came from and the heart of those who led these freedom seeking pilgrims.

This book will open your eyes to see the birth of our government that was and still is, “by the people, for the people”. (we must reclaim it) You will clearly see how the church government and civil government worked together to create the greatest country in history. You will also see the struggles, disagreements and the compromises that it took to make it so!

Today I recommend you find “One Nation Under God”, and buy it, read it, and share it. Part of the problem we are experiencing today is because this part of our history is being rewritten to fit the narrative of those who hate and fear Christians who truly are committed to living for Jesus! If you are a minister of the gospel or a parent who wants your children to know the truth, then this is required reading. Every homeschooler or private Christian school needs to add this to their curriculum.

My people perish because of a lack of knowledge! Don’t allow this to be true for you!

Thank you Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. for putting this great work together!

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