David Gibbs III Hits a Home Run or “Nerve” of Many Pastors

July 25th at the Pastors Power Luncheon Attorney David Gibbs and Pastor Fred Harrold both gave resounding messages. Pastor Fred reviewed many of the issues Pastors face with congregations that can be very demoralizing, however he gave a solution for many to consider, “The Champion Table”. To see this compelling presentation go to our video gallery.

Attorney Gibbs talked squarely to Pastors about real legal issues that can not only create great distress for a church/pastor but could possibly destroy a church. Churches today must be aware of the many satanic attacks that are taking place each day across America within churches. I did say within! Church membership is not something to take lightly these days. Please go to our video gallery and take the time to watch Attorney Gibbs powerful and informative message. Every Pastor and committed Christian leader should watch this!

We are thankful for Attorney Gibbs and Pastor Fred for giving their time to Pastors for this tremendous luncheon. We want to also thank Plant City Church of God for hosting and providing a delicious meal!

If you were unable to attend this luncheon please join us on September 26th at Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Florida to see and hear Attorney Gibbs III. (see events for details)



Pastors Power Luncheon Just Days Away

July 25th is a big day in Plant City Florida! Attorney David Gibbs III (National Center for Life and Liberty) will be sharing about the ways Pastors and Churches have to protect themselves in the United States. Yes that is correct, protecting themselves in the USA. Today the US Government appears to be targeting Churches, Christians and Pastors as potential problems. Attorney Gibbs will be sorting this out and explaining where the need for awareness is and what we can do.

We say this not to be alarmists but to be educators of how the enemy is using anyone and everyone he can to cause disruption and division in the Christian world. Do not be afraid, for this is exactly what satan wants. Be diligent and faithful by being prepared.

We invite all pastors to try and make this powerful luncheon. Go to our events page for details and to register.


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Advisory Board


Attorney David Gibbs III

David Gibbs III

Attorney David C. Gibbs, III is the President and General Counsel of the National Center for Life and Liberty, a ministry organization that defends life and liberty freedoms nationwide.  Mr. Gibbs speaks regularly to audiences in churches and conferences while also litigating cases as a trial attorney.

Dr. Anthony Ponceti

Tony Ponceti
Jacksonville Baptist Theological Seminary, Doctor of Philosophy & Theology, Master of Divinity Degree
Published: GOALS Mentoring Program, The Impact of the Gospel on an Internet Community
Dr. Ponceti has traveled for international mission projects in Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, and Europe.

R. Earl Burkett

Earl Burkett

R. Earl Burkett is a native of Valdosta GA. He graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN with a double major in Christian Education and Biblical Education with a minor in Pastoral Studies. Burkett began his insurance career in July of 1990 and in December of 2006 he took on the responsibilities of agency president for Strong Tower Insurance, Inc. which he now owns. He has held the designation of a CIC, Certified Insurance Counselor, since 2002. Earl also completed the Cambridge University’s Certification for Risk Managers for Churches and Schools. He is a licensed minister in the Church of God and is very involved in the Plant City Church of God.

Brad H. Avery

Brad Avery
Brad H. Avery is CEO of G7 Global, INC and President of Foundation for Defense of Families (FDF) a non-profit advocacy foundation with a mission to promote the Word of God In policy making in our government and legislative body.  Brad is the head instructor at RSG – School of Government at Revival Ministries International in Tampa, which prepares men and women that love the Lord and want to serve God in public policy making and other areas of government. Brad serves on numerous appointed and advisory boards across the state as well and sits on the legislative committees for Florida League of Cites, League of Mayors, RFT, NWRA and Florida Business Watch.

Ron Leef

Ron Leef
It is a privilege and joy to serve the Lord, alongside Paul & Linda Pickern and the All-Pro Pastors ministry family! I come to the All-Pro Pastors Champion’s table as a Jewish-born Believer in Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) since 1990, and as an active supporter of the development of the modern Messianic Jewish Movement, and the “One New Man in Messiah” relationship God ordained for Jewish and Gentile Believers, in John 17 and Ephesians 2.

Pierre Chestang

Pierre Chestang
Pierre Chestang is married to Donata. They have four adult children. He serves as Station Manager of Moody Radio Florida, heard throughout Tampa Bay, Central and Southwest Florida. Pierre is also South Regional Manager for Moody Radio overseeing stations in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. His personal mission statement is “Making Disciples Who Make Disciples.” This is lived out through being an instructor in the Bible Training Center for Pastors Biblical training and discipleship course. Pierre is a graduate Moody Bible Institute of Chicago and Columbia College of Chicago.

Steve Brown

Steve Brown

W F Floyd

W F Floyd