2022 Advisory Board

Kevan Kruse

Dr. Kevan Kruse

Author of the Covid Beast and teacher/lecturer of Prophesy and the Endtimes.

A practicing Chiropractic in the Bay area since 1992. Educated at the University of Tampa and Life University, Kevan received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Kruse is married to Alexandra and they have two sons named Wiatte and Whestan. Dr. Kruse supports many local charities and attends Bell Shoals Baptist church, where he occasionally teaches classes on various topics.

Jon Friedt

Senior Pastor of Believers’ Fellowship in Lakeland Florida.

Tony Ponceti

South & Central America Ambassador to All Pro Pastors International.  Vice President of Philanthropy and Audits at SOIL Ministry of Honduras.

Eric Casto

Founder of Four Smiles Cross Walk Ministries.