the beast

Can the temple of the Holy Spirit be defiled or blasphemed by administering a drug? According to Revelation 18:23, the answer is yes. Furthermore, medications can be considered the sin of Pharmakeia, which is where we get our word pharmacy. This conspiracy to put the “light inside of us” out forever is carried out by wealthy international businessmen.

Hear from their own mouths about their sinister plans for humanity and how they plan to hack our brains. Not only are we talking about nano-robots in our bodies, but we will also show you how they can now target and eliminate our “God gene” by rewriting our DNA. Indeed, the most shocking part is that a vaccine can do both. Creating human hybrids brings back all the connotations of the Days of Noah.

The Days of Noah was a time of corrupt flesh, corrupt minds, and corrupted bloodlines. Could this be why Noah preached for 120 years without saving anyone? Could this also be why the Mark of the Beast makes it impossible for someone to be saved? Join me for this thrilling conclusion and how we can get the word out to a new generation that has never heard about how they must say no to the Mark of the Beast.

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