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“Why” Only Covid 19 Lives Matter (Part 2)

The War of the Seed This is the war of the seed, which is the first prophecy of the Bible found in Genesis 3. Genetic manipulation is also what was happening in the “Days of Noah” because all flesh had become corrupt. Flesh cannot become corrupt unless our DNA had become corrupt. The “Days of […]

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“Why” Only Covid Lives Matter! (Part 1)

The most starling thing about Covid-19 since its beginning in 2020 is the disconnections between what we see on TV and a basic search for the facts.  Now before we continue to show how only Covid-19 lives, matter, I must first show that the total number of deaths, especially here in America, have been inflated […]


Mark of the Beast Part II

Continued….. this mark may very well be the ultimate human enhancement because it will give someone new found strength, abilities and youth The Last Divided Kingdom of Daniel and the Beast of Revelations Connection Last Kingdom Revelations Daniel 2 Saved Unmarked Non-mingled seed Unsaved Marked Mingled Seed   Once genetic modification begins to happen, it […]


The Mark of the Beast “Part 1”

The Bible with respect to the “mark of the beast” is chilling… If you haven’t read our first three articles, I recommend going back and reading them in order to fully understand the chain of events.  The paradigm or cipher that we are using for this entire series is the one that Jesus gave us […]

“The Days of Noah” Part 2

Playing God When you realize exactly what they are doing to create one single beneficial trait or cure a disease, then you have to realize that they are clearly playing god.  Exactly how long do you think the real God is going to tolerate this?  What do I mean?  They are not god and so […]


The Days of Noah “Part I”

If you haven’t read our first two articles, I do recommend reading them before you push through with this one.  For this entire series, we are using the cipher that Jesus gave us for the “end times” in Luke 21.   “When you see these things happen, then stand up, and lift up your heads because […]


The Great Falling Away and The Days of Lot

In our last article, I addressed the most common question that I am asked by people who are curious about Bible prophecy, “why prophecy?  Why now?” How do we really know that we are living in the “last days?” For myself, the answers can be found in the words of Jesus in Luke 21. In […]


The Convergence-Why Prophesy? Why Now?

To help me explain why most of my motivation for teaching hinges on prophecy, I need to tell you about my family and my experiences when I was growing up. Sure, sometimes my heartstrings are pulled in other directions with respect to God’s infinite kingdom, but I keep coming back to prophecy as the thing […]