By: Eric Metexas

After hearing and meeting Eric Metexas at a Pastors conference in Nashville earlier this year, Linda and I knew we had to get his books. “Letter to the American Church” is a powerfully written detailed comparison of what is happening in America as compared to Nazi Germany as Hitler took over. This compelling book takes you on a journey of how the church was or wasn’t involved in the Nazi takeover. Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer is the central figure working to awaken the Pastors/churches to what was happening.

This book is full of scripture and actually points out God’s expectations of each of us who are Christians. Metexas wrote a biography on Bonhoeffer’s life and this book pulls out some of the turning points of his life and Germany that should have and could have turned out much differently.

Pastors, this should give you some very teachable points to be shared with your congregations. The book actually starts with, “What is the Church”? Some of the chapters are: The Spiral of Silence, Two Errors of Faith, The Church Paralyzed, and Be Ye Not Political to name a few.

Metexas asks many thought provoking questions that every Patriot Christian should be asking themselves. He challenges Pastors to not invite satanic forces to take over the church while taking over the country by simply turning your back and pretending it will go away!

Letter to the American Church should be read by every pastor in America! If you are not a pastor please buy one for yours and challenge that it be read and give you feedback!

I am Passionate about seeing everyone come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and I am also passionate that we must do everything possible to protect the freedom we have in America to share His message and worship openly!

I rate this as a 5 star book!

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