The following article is by one of our contributor teams. It is very controversial and we respectfully ask that when you read this understand that this ministry tries to provide thought engaging subjects that are simply for you to review and decide for yourself. Our team has many backgrounds and educational achievements and our prayer is that you will see this as simply one possibility.

By Dr Kevan Kruse and Dr Dennis O’Hara

Part 7 of the “Covid Beast”

No More Slow Decay

I used to think that the end would be some kind of slow decay.  After all, if a frog jumps into hot water, the frog jumps right out.  But now I have concluded, there is nowhere in the world for the frog to jump.  Every country is involved.  Every institution that God has set up has now fallen or illegal.  It is hate speech to believe that men are men, women are women, marriage is between men and women, and babies are alive in the womb.  


Yet, the Bible predicted all of this.  Who else but God could have known that one day a simple mark could identify someone and provide all the details of their life? How could this same mark verify how much money someone had? The MOB is the perfect example of how and why prophecy is so powerful.  God cannot be fooled or outsmarted, and prophecy is the calling card of God.  Prophecy proves that God is the real author of human history. For example, most people do not know that Jesus fulfilled more than 300 prophecies, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was the Messiah. 


Yet, why are there eight times as many prophecies about the 2nd coming of Jesus than the first coming?  Because the deception is going to be just that good. Unfortunately, a warning will be helpful if no one is sharing what the Bible says is to come.  These warnings are why Jesus stood outside Jerusalem and wept because they could not discern the time of their visitation. (Luke 19:44)  


I believe that Jesus is weeping right now because of the same reason, and again, it is all about not discerning the signs of Jerusalem.  In Luke 21, the lesson of the fig tree is not just about a season, it is about Israel, and they are in the land.  Not only that, but it is Israel that is the controversy of the ages.  The fact that they exist means that God’s time clock just started ticking again after 2000 years.  The times of the Gentiles are coming to a close, and so maybe the age of grace.  What the Bible says was going to happen is happening right now, but there is no uproar in the church or talk that Jesus is coming soon.  If this book does nothing more than getting people about what is in their Bibles, it has been a success.

  • If you have not embraced the “miracle of Israel, then see either movie by the same title.  I also recommend Johnathon Cahn’s book “The Oracle” as the best book about why the reemergence of Israel is the greatest miracle the world has ever seen.


The Warning of Prophecy

  • Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!  Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight! (Isaiah 5:20-21)

While we have reasons to stand up and lift up our heads, that is not what most people will be experiencing.  For them, now begins a time of woes.  The Harbingers are not just of America’s destruction, but of the coming beast system that is now almost in full view.  The “powers and principalities” are in complete control of everything in the world, and that is why, for a time, they will prevail against the Saints. (Revelation 13:7)  Of course, I had hoped for America, but it appears that Mystery Babylon is in complete control of America.  But it is never over until it is over, and the sheep have not been separated from the goats.  Until then, we are called to redeem whoever we can for every day we have left. 


When the book the Harbinger first came out around 9/11, people repented.  Yet, few have read the second more recent book, and even fewer showed up for “The Return” that Johnathon Cahn organized in Washington D.C.  Instead, all of it was buried beneath the headlines of 2020.  As near as I can tell, the church is paralyzed, and people are dumb because everyone is hoping things will go back to normal.  


Yet, the chilling reality is that America has ceased to be good.  Even more shocking is that the church has failed to recognize our enemy.  Instead, they have fallen for deception and willingly shut their doors.  Unfortunately, the implosion of America looms like nothing before. Our national debt alone tells the story of a nation that cannot pay its bills but is willing to borrow more money just to pretend for a little bit longer.


DNA Markers

Of all the things coming, the loss of our freedom concerning our body is the most troubling.  But, unfortunately, this is what is happening, and very few are sounding the alarm. Now for the record, I hope that I am wrong about the genetic manipulation by these supposed vaccines. Yet, the genetic connection is crucial to be able to see the broader possibilities regarding the MOB.  Unfortunately, most people believe their bodies to be nothing more than a box we live inside.  But this is not true.


Our bodies are a temple that is specific to us and the Holy Spirit.  Our earthly and future heavenly bodies are a part of our eternal and unique identity.  The temple idea is why we teach people to honor our bodies and not defile them.  Unfortunately, some sins connect our bodies and our souls.  Read all of 1 Corinthians 3:16-23, but verses 18 and 20 specifically highlight the idea of sinning against our own body.  


In verse 15, it talks about what we unite our bodies to (as in a prostitute); we link to Christ.  This passage makes the case that our body is connected to our Spirit and the Holy Spirit.  God cannot become one flesh with us if we have become one flesh with a demon.  In this way, sexual sin can also open our “third eye,” making a demonic influence that much easier.

  • Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never! Or don’t you know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in the body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.” But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with Him in Spirit.  Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a man can commit is outside his body, but he sins sexually sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought for a price. Therefore, glorify God with your body.”

When we separate our bodies and think of them as boxes, we are dismissing our triune nature.  That is like rejecting the triune nature of God.  In that analogy, Jesus was the body of God.  That is like saying only the Father and the Holy Spirit are important.  But this is only the first of the things we must do if we are going to wipe away the idea of trans-humanism or genetic manipulation in the Bible.  


1)  We have to ignore or spiritualize the idea that Satan will have offspring or children. 

2) We have to spiritualize the Nephilim and the giants and ignore their physical differences, which would mean they have different DNA. 

3)  We have to ignore a clear warning not to mix species, but more importantly, “kinds.”  Consequently, if mixing a species is wrong, then how is mixing a kind not wrong? This passage also seems to hint that one day it would be possible. (Leviticus 19:19)

4)  We have to assume that our very conscience and our very nature have nothing to do with our DNA.  We are also assuming our personal attributes are part of our soul and Spirit.  But this idea doesn’t hold.  Once we transfer DNA from one creature to another, we can change the very nature of one animal to another.

5) We have to ignore the fact that our new body will look exactly like this one and that we will be recognizable to our family and friends for all eternity.  Unfortunately, if we change our DNA, we will look different. If our bodies aren’t necessary, then why do the saints groan for the day when they get their bodies back?  Most importantly, salvation extends to and unites our body, soul, and Spirit.

6)  We have to ignore the fact that God wrote our DNA.  We also have to reason that God made numerous natural barriers that make it virtually impossible to change our DNA without modern technology.  Finally, we have to ignore the fact that God commanded everything to reproduce after its kind.  In essence, God is telling us that it is His will to respect our original DNA and its sequencing because God called it good.   Consequently, changing our DNA breaks the species or “kind” barrier that God expressly set up to keep trans-humanism from ever happening.  Thus, we are breaking the species barrier, which is a natural law that God made.

7)  We have to assume that there are no sins that affect our body, but the Bible seems to indicate otherwise, especially about sexual immorality.


While I have made my case, I hope that I am wrong.  But whether I am wrong or right, there is a choice that is coming.  We are going to have to decide if we are keeping our original DNA or not.  While there have been many controversial points, many people can see the logic that it is a bad idea to change anything that God did.  Since most people would agree that God wrote our DNA, it seems it should be a bad idea to modify or tamper with our DNA. 


But genetic modification is precisely what’s happening here, both with this vaccine and with the goals of trans-humanism. We don’t have to a Christian to know that genetic manipulation could be a monumentally bad idea.  Indeed, Francis Fukuyama, a Nobel peace prize-winning scientist, called this “The World’s Most Dangerous Idea.” That means that even if this is not something that could cause us to lose our salvation, this is the worst idea that man has ever had! 


The Unsavable Sin

What cannot be escaped is that if we talked about changing something else God wrote, such as the Bible, most people would certainly see that as a catastrophic problem. But, unfortunately, I have never seen one explanation for why we can’t be saved after taking the MOB that made any sense.  Instead, many people are focused on the idea of worship.  However, I have heard many testimonies of people who have worshiped demons and later became Christians. Even the idea of a chip or some kind of intricate tattoo could easily fit this description, but the problem is they are both so easily removed. 


The MOB seems to correlate with the other unforgivable sins such as a seared conscious, a reprobate mind, or blaspheming the Holy Spirit (denying Jesus is Lord). What all these things have in common is that they won’t, or they can’t repent.  If it were just regular worship or some kind of mark, Satan would have used it before.  No.  The MOB must be something new that we have never seen before, which means it is likely to be driven by technology.  


It is also likely to have something to do with the Days of Noah.  Both of these ideas are somewhat satisfied by the genetic manipulation narrative. Not surprisingly, most people fail to understand that DNA forms the construct and parameters of our minds and our fundamental nature.  We know this because when we change DNA from one species to another, we are changing intricate memories, thoughts, and behavioral patterns.  Genetic manipulation can change the nature of perceptions, which opens up our “third eye.”  


Furthermore, what very few people have come to grips with is that DNA is one of the languages of God.  When God speaks, it changes reality, which is why He never changes.  If He did, God wouldn’t be as good as He is right now because God is already perfect.  The problem is that if we alter or revoke what God wrote in our DNA, then it could change the reality of who we are. 


What is also apparent is that we could never change our DNA before.  But, of course, God allows it because love requires choices.  Like it or not, changing our DNA would pollute all future generations.  If God hadn’t stopped genetic tampering with the flood, it could have contaminated the Messianic line.  Can you imagine Jesus with gills?  Fortunately, God has promised not to use the flood to solve the problem this time, but that is another reason why His second coming will be like the Days of Noah.

  • The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.  The world and all its people belong to Him.”  (Psalms 24:1)


Yet, the laws governing creators and inventors in our society work similarly.  We have already mentioned how every manufacturing company only takes responsibility for their invention up to a certain point.  These same companies do not allow for certain modifications to their creations; otherwise, they void their warranty.  Couldn’t these arguments be used even in the courts of Heaven concerning the Fatherhood and inventor status of God? Of course, the courts of Heaven will decide how all this works. 


What I have done is simply lay out the possibility that genetic changes may provide a legal obstacle that prevents us from being considered God’s children versus someone else’s.  The next question is, how does this vaccine fit into this scenario?  Thinking strategically, do you think that they would roll out the MOB the first time they get access to our bodies?  After that, I think to get better compliance, they would roll out several that will be relatively harmless.  That way, they could get everybody into an established pattern to get people to take what they want them to take.


They may even spend a lot of money fueling the opposition to see who joins them.  Remember, the whole world has become a sorting room.  Meaning they want people to cry wolf or MOB!  Lots of controversies, followed by nothing happening, will only help them in the end.  That is what the story of the “boy who cried wolf” is all about.  This scenario is why I am not saying this is the MOB or that I even know what the MOB is. But I do not believe in coincidences.  


For the past ten years, I have been teaching that the MOB might also be a genetic marker.  I am reasonably sure that the first time I heard of this possibility was listening to a radio interview with Tom & Nita Horn.   After all this time, it is difficult for me to believe that it is a coincidence that gene therapy is being marketed as a vaccine.  It is even more challenging to accept that this same genetic therapy is hailed as the solution to the great “cause” that has shut down the whole world for more than a year.  


Now governments of the world are moving to make the administration of this vaccine mandatory to the point that we cannot buy, sell, or participate in the worldly system.  Already they have various chips, nanotechnology, and bio-recognizable agents that can tell if you have Covid or if you have already been vaccinated.  Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of what else they can know about us.  The Covid narrative is all about setting up all the laws necessary to implement the MOB. Consequently, as Christians, we must fight against these powers trying to take away our freedoms.


Nowhere is this freedom more important than concerning the right to our bodies, which our Bible calls the temple of the Holy Spirit. Why would we change God’s temple?  Why would we want to blaspheme or defile the temple of the Holy possibly?  One thing I can say for sure, I will not give up access to my body without some crazy amount of research to make sure that it is safe.  My body is His temple, and I do not want to join it to anything un-holy.  Denying access is the only way we can be sure that we never take the MOB.  Requiring access to our bodies is a narrative of Satan, and we cannot submit or comply with it.


Crickets in the Pulpit

Can you imagine going somewhere for the past year and a half where many people gather to hear different speakers and hang out and be honest?  But the curious thing is that not one time did anyone there ever bring up Covid-19, wearing masks, being shut down, mail-in ballots, vaccines, genetic therapy, or vaccine passports?  Well, I can.  For most of us, that would be our church.  Yet, half the time, I am asking myself, “what planet are they living on?”  These topics have been virtually the only things people want to talk about these days, and yet, the churches completely ignore it as if our Bibles have nothing to say about it.  


That is not the separation of church and state; it is the separation of church from reality.  If this doesn’t change, the church will soon become irrelevant because it ignores what is happening right in front of our eyes.  These are the fundamental issues we are all dealing with, and I can’t miss this any longer.  But, of course, there are several things that I think are contributing to the church’s silence.  The first is that the church has never been more divided than it is right now.  The second is that people are being protected from what the Bible says because of political correctness.  Ministers know that people are divided over these issues, so they avoid them.  


But can we allow the church to become afraid of the truth just because it will offend many?  Can we sacrifice truth so that more people stay and keep tithing?  Unfortunately, the church has become especially afraid of political narratives, even though politics are what killed Jesus. Ultimately, nowhere does the Bible teach separation of church and state, but everyone seems to be afraid of losing their tax-exempt status.  Yet, this silence is eerily similar to what Hitler did to the churches right before he took control, and they lost all their freedoms and participated in the “great holocaust.”

  • John Adams – “Let the pulpit resound with the doctrines and sentiments of religious liberty. Let us hear the dangers of thralldom to our consciences from ignorance, extreme poverty, and dependence; in short, from civil and political slavery. Let us see delineated before us the true map of man.

No Fellowship with Lies  

But the most significant concern I have has to do with the fact that the church is entirely ok with ignoring the truth to the point that they are capitulating with known lies and even going along with them.  If Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life,” then how can we go along with a lie in any area?  Especially when this same lie is how the “beast government” sets up the trap that will ensnare Christians and close our churches.  


Theologically speaking, all lies come from Satan. Satan has shown his power and control over governments, companies, businesses, media, search engines, and even the church to capitulate with the lies that are being told. Eleven lies have fueled the Covid narrative and pushed us all towards the solution that Satan has so desired.  (See past articles)


1) The first lie is that ordinary healthy people die of Covid.  But this is entirely wrong, as we have addressed.  If we are under 65 and have no underlying conditions, we have virtually zero chance of dying from Covid.  So, why would we wear a mask, close our business, lose everything we have, or take an experimental vaccine?

2)  It is a lie that there are no other suitable forms of treatment for Covid except a vaccine. Even Fauci knew that hydroxy-Chloroquine was a potent inhibitor of other SARS/coronavirus infections. But because of a study by the Lancet, they could remove a 65-year-old effective treatment based on a smear by the most reputable scientific journal.  Only once has Lancet ever had to retract an article, but the damage has been done. The same thing is happening to Ivermectin, which we have given to our troops before going overseas for years.

American Journal of Medicine Admits HCQ/Ivermectin Works To Treat COVID-19

3)  The third line is in the number of Covid deaths themselves. You cannot change the rules for how death certificates are filled out at the beginning of a pandemic.  A guidance change by the CDC allowed for suspicion alone to determine the cause of death. The second guidance change allowed an “active or immediate” condition to supersede the standard procedure of using the “underlying condition” as the cause of death. These changes were incentivized when health insurance companies began paying more money for Covid diagnosis and treatment.  The CDC director specifically admitted that this was happening. (See past articles)

4)  Then we have the mask mandate. The lie here is that these masks can only filter something that is 800 times larger than Covid.  Furthermore, when the British Medical Journal did a systematic review of over 31 mask studies, they did not find any statistical difference between the people that wore a mask and those who did not.  (See past articles)

NIH Stanford Study Proves Face Masks Worthless Against Covid


Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis


5)  The fifth lie is that this vaccine is not a vaccine; it is genetic therapy.  There is no Covid virus inside this vaccine.  Instead,  they use their own specifically coded mRNA to override our God-given RNA to make us manufacture something similar to a spike protein.  This pathogen makes us sick, which causes us to have an increase in our immune response.

6)  The sixth lie is we can go back to normal if we take this vaccine.  This genetic therapy does not produce immunity to Covid. We can still catch and spread Covid. 

7)  The seventh lie is that Covid makes us sick, but the vaccine doesn’t.  Unfortunately, more people get sick from the supposed vaccine than from Covid:  80% of people testing positive for Covid are asymptomatic, while 50-80% of the vaccinated get sick. 

8)  If the supposed vaccines are working at 90% effectiveness, how can Chile (or other states and countries) have 60% of their population vaccinated and still be in the midst of one of their worst outbreaks of Covid? 

9)  The ninth lie is that these vaccines are safe.  But the fact remains, they are not FDA approved for anything but emergency use.  If someone is not a risk of dying from Covid, then there is no emergency.  Period.  Meanwhile, Astra Zeneca and Johnson & Johnson have been taken off the market.  That means 50% of the vaccines have already been proven harmful.  How would you feel if you took one of these vaccines and no one even warned you that this is all experimental? Why are people trusting the media or even their doctors?  Just read how long the disclaimer is on each of the vaccines.  In Europe, almost 5400 people are dead, and nearly 240,000 injured from vaccines.  

10)  The tenth lie has to do with accepting vaccines in general without ever asking what is in them or how they were developed to ensure no moral dilemmas are present.  Virtually all vaccines have an animal substrate to stabilize the active ingredient.  How is this not mixing species? Nearly all human vaccines are either developed with fetal tissue or use fetal lines to test the vaccine.  How is this not benefiting from abortion?

11)  If natural immunity is 80% at curing Covid with no symptoms at all, and the immunity to Covid lasts for decades, then why would I take an experimental vaccine?  These vaccines are certified for emergency use only.  Now consider the J&J vaccine.  The J&J vaccines are only 66% effective, produce symptoms in 50-80% of the patients, and don’t give someone immunity to Covid or raise their immunity for more than a year?  

Coronavirus Immunity May Last Years, Possibly Even Decades


The Blind Leading the Blind

Meanwhile, we have Franklin Graham (whom I love and support), telling us that this is what Jesus would do, and he is not the only one.  I really couldn’t believe it!  How could he possibly know what Jesus would do in this situation?  More importantly, why would Jesus need a vaccine?  Why would Jesus be afraid of Covid? Why would Jesus participate in all these lies?  Is Jesus Mr. Rogers, or is Jesus the one who bore the sins of the whole world when He could have just ignored them?  


What is so dangerous is that when someone tells us what Jesus would do, they are speaking for God, which means they are declaring themselves to be a prophet of God.  This kind of thinking is how the Covid narrative has shut the churches down with virtually no protest.  For example, Andy Stanley (another pastor I love) says He is embarrassed by churches that wouldn’t shut down.  While I agree we need to get more creative, I was embarrassed that he couldn’t prophetically see what time it is.  Comments like these create peer pressure to take a vaccine or get a vaccine passport to go to Walmart or our favorite restaurant.  Are we really going to say nothing?  Is that really what Jesus would do?  Would Jesus submit or give in to lies?


The Christian Dilemma

I get that we are called peacemakers, but how exactly can we keep the peace for much longer and still be on the side of truth? If the church does not begin to address what the media is saying or what’s on television, then soon, we will become both irrelevant and “lukewarm.”  The idea that Christians are neutral even in the political realm is going to be an impossibility. Recently, a Canadian pastor went to prison over Covid violations.  Later, the church was also fenced off to keep the people from attending their church.  Countries, governments, and authorities are doing to churches communists did right before controlling their country.  They silenced them.  


We must not let that happen.  Like any situation, discernment is the key to knowing when to resist and when to give in.  If the masks they have mandated that we wear work, why do I have to wear one to protect someone else?  If the vaccine works, then why do I have to take it to protect someone else? These mandates are not about endangering someone else or being evil or selfish citizen; this is about control and manipulation.  Remember, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton)  How dare we disagree or challenge the narrative they have provided.  But the Bible says, “do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together.” (Hebrews 10:25)  How can it not be significant that this “cause” that has come into the world is shutting down churches?  The Covid narrative is specifically attacking our religious freedoms and requiring access to our bodies?

Time to Stand

I wish that the Covid narrative and vaccine were the only thing that we needed to stand up to, but this is far from the case.  Unfortunately, of all the things to sound the alarm about, our children being taught about aberrant sexuality may be the most extraordinary silence the world has ever seen.  Nonetheless, the church remains silent as our children are being taught there is no such thing as men or women.  The following is an actual illustration of what is being shown to kids from Kindergarten to 4th grade.


This kind of curriculum is leading to an epidemic of gender confusion.  Between 2018 & 2019 in England alone, there was a 1,460% increase in referrals for gender dysphoria of boys and a staggering 5,337% increase in girls.  However, the fundamental truth is that our children are just children until puberty starts, and that can take up to 5 years to complete. We are asking or talking about sexually related material before this time frame is entirely inappropriate.  Unfortunately, our President Joe Biden is talking about gender reassignment at eight years old. 


In early American history, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is pictured wearing a dress.  That is because they recognized that kids are just kids, and they all wore whatever was convenient.  As a result, children were sheltered and protected from worrying whether they were a boy or girl.  Unfortunately, sheltering is not the case today.  Instead, the predators have taken over our schools.  Teachers teach elementary students about oral sex, masturbation, touching each other’s genitals, vaginal intercourse, kissing, grinding, and anal sex.  


They show pornographic materials to elementary students, which is illegal according to Section 1466A & 2251 of Title 18, United State Code.  One example of this kind of pornographic content is found in the book “It’s Perfectly Normal” by Robbie H. Harris and Michael Emberly.  


The sexual content we are teaching in our schools, movies, and television is producing a massive shift away from the truth.  One of my favorite sayings is that we cannot have an epidemic of a genetic disease.  But this is what is happening.  Suddenly, everyone is convinced they were born gay, transgender, bi-sexual, or androgynous.  Even though we know there is no such thing as the “gay gene,” we have a more profound and encompassing truth.  “From the beginning, “God made them male and female.” (Genesis 5:2)  


God is the one who assigns our gender, and He doesn’t somehow put us in the wrong bodies.  The point is this is what our children are discussing.  If the church cannot stand up to evil even when our little children’s souls are at stake, I would say that it is time just to shut the doors and stop pretending we are anything.  Nowhere is this pretending happening more than among our pastors because the apparent truth is no one guy or one church could do what needs to be done.  It would take all of us standing up together to make it happen.  


Unfortunately, pastors can’t work together, and they know it.  They are unwilling to face their issues of having to work with “that guy down the street.”  Yet, until pastors love each other and work together, no one is going to keep believing that Jesus loves them.  A reformation in the hearts of our pastors has to take place if they are going to work together.  If you are interested in joining the movement to protect our children, here are some excellent resources.

  • Protect Our Children Project –
  • Freedom Speaks –
  • Florida Family Policy Counsel –

The Divide is Here

  • Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.  For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.” (Matthew 10:34)

What people forget is that Jesus also came to divide the world into two categories:  saved and unsaved.  Remember, we are all fighting for the minds and hearts of those who have not already decided for Christ.  However, if they have already chosen a side that includes taking away our religious freedoms and our rights to our bodies, how can we make peace with them?  If they want to pollute the gospel with a one-world religion, can we go along with that too?


If you consider the lies most people believe about the Covid narrative, how will we get people ready for an even worse deception?  If we don’t start right now with some critical and candid talk about Bible prophecy and current events, we will begin losing the sheep right and left.  After all, this vaccine can change our genetics in the form of RNA.  There is also no reason why it couldn’t have the ability to change our DNA.  I have posted several articles saying the vaccines change our DNA, but I don’t feel that I have 100% proof.  


What we can prove is that our God-given RNA, the left hand of DNA, is being over-written with man-made codes, which means this is gene therapy, and Moderna admits that it is. I can also prove that mRNA is currently being used in recombinant DNA therapy.  Indeed, RNA can write backward to DNA.  Genetic manipulation has begun, and it has now divided humanity into two groups, those who have been genetically modified and those who haven’t. The Biblical idea of “seed” is being mingled, and the two groups are no longer able to mix. (Daniel 2:43)  That is the real reason behind the vaccine passport.  


On the non-mingled side, a school in Miami has now refused to hire vaccinated people.  Some of this concern is that those who take this vaccine become producers of spike proteins, which is a pathogen that makes people sick.  According to Pfizer, people who have been vaccinated may be shedding these pathogens.  In addition, there have been reports of how the vaccine explicitly affects women and their reproductive systems negatively.  Now we are also hearing how vaccinated women are affecting non-vaccinated women in the same ways.


Pfizer’s documents admit covid vaccines will shed infectious particles to others.

 “An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with a vaccine test subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event,” the Pfizer document warns. “These people may include health care providers, family members, and other people who are around the trial participant.” 


Why vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, Pfizer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles; the spike protein is the bioweapon


Miami private school says it won’t employ anyone receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Page 70 of Moderna’s Quarterly Report says, “mRNA is Gene therapy.”




 The fact that the Covid narrative fits the MOB scenario so well means that the church is capitulating with the MOB plan right now.  Furthermore, the church is utterly ignorant of the implications of changing our genetic makeup.  They can’t figure out that we are changing something God did, which means we know better than God.  Changing our genetic makeup is trusting in man and not God.  Taking a vaccine that is not a vaccine is participating in a lie.  


If we can’t say no to a genetic therapy that is just a bad idea, how will we say no to something with much more impact?  Part of being a good parent is to teach your kids when to say no.  Teaching us to say no is where our spiritual leaders have failed.  We have raised an entire generation of Christians that go along with everything.  Furthermore, few have considered how the MOB may be the most important part of Satan’s plan.  If Satan wants our souls, then the MOB may be the best way to accomplish his ultimate goal, manipulating humanity towards a situation where we cannot or will not repent.  In the process, Satan may be able to implant his DNA inside us so that we look more like him than we do the children of God. 


Standing Up to Evil

Of course, the Covid agenda has accomplished other astonishing things that have hurdled us towards a globalist future. If we were to realize that the only thing stopping a one-world government was the USA, then the question becomes, “how do you destroy any country?”  The way they were able to establish communism was to divide the people and destroy the country economically.  The Covid narrative was how they were able to get mail-in ballots, how they were able to shut down our whole economy, and how they got us to borrow another 10 trillion dollars.  Pick one bad thing over the past year and a half, and the Covid narrative was how they accomplished it.


When their goal is to destroy America, just look at how far they have gotten in just the past year.  Still, the church is silent even though there is a “cause” in the world that is moving governments to require access to our bodies. The Bible warned that we would not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast.  Reminiscent of this passage, we hear the daily news tell us how our governing officials consider limiting our ability to buy and sell if we don’t take this vaccine.  They can do this by taking away our job and instituting a vaccine passport.  The Covid “chaos” has once again helped them obtain the control they will need to form their final plan.


The Game Has Changed

But if we will continue to capitulate with something that is the precursor to MOB and the loss of religious freedom that goes along with it, then what do you think we’re going to do with the real thing? They on the verge of complete control of our society from top to bottom.  Very soon, they could get rid of our constitution.  Right now, there is nowhere to spread any information or start a movement against the unseen forces that are in control of our government, media, internet, insurance companies, and the CDC.  Yet, the church is the last place where people gather in masses where they cannot yet control what we say. 


Consequently, now is the time that the church must stand up to tyranny and once again lift up Jesus.  Not by telling us that Jesus would take a vaccine, but because Jesus is coming soon. But “if the blind keep leading the blind, they will both fall in a ditch.”  Preaching the truth is the role of the church and our pastors. Pastors are supposed to stand up and lead us away from the wolves.  Pastors are supposed to preach the warnings that God has given us. We need someone who won’t go along with deception and lies.  Lastly, Jesus will always fight for the sheep gone astray.


The Game is Still Afoot

We still have plenty to fight for.  There are boatloads of people who are not marked, mingled, or sealed in their foreheads either way.  But this is also where the church needs to update the gospel with a tiny thing.  We must begin to speak out about not taking the MOB.  After all, the Bible makes the MOB equivalent to the worst sin imaginable, and we need to be honest that we don’t know what it is or exactly how it works.  Consequently, the only way to be safe is to deny access to our bodies by any government no matter how great their “cause.”  


After all, the Bible says that a deception that is coming is so great that “if it were possible, “even the very elect would be deceived.” It is time that we started acknowledging just how good the Covid deception has been and who has perpetuated it.  So, many people are hanging on to Trump, but I am hanging onto Jesus. The reality is that Trump did very little to destroy the Covid narrative. He more or less went along. It was his emergency order that made these vaccines possible.  Of course, it is also interesting that these supposed vaccines came out one week after the election.  


Yet, setting up the beast and his mark is their most important agenda.  Unfortunately, many Christians are stuck in the paradigm that they cannot lose their salvation.  But there has never been something like the MOB before. It can do something to us that has never been done before.  Once we take it, the gospel no longer affects us. We will not, or we cannot repent of our sins for some unknown reason.  Maybe the gospel no longer applies to us.  Still, the Bible is the only thing that is trustworthy in times like these, which is why we cannot afford to dumb down the Bible to the point that we are protecting people from what it says is coming.


People need to know that they could one day be in a situation where they could be threatened into taking something into or on their body that could cause them to lose their salvation.  Ministers must stop making up preconceived ideas of exactly how all of this is going to go down.  We must let go of some covenant and dispensational theology and just read what the text says.  We need to use the cipher of Jesus found in Luke 21, “when you see these things happening, stand up, and lift up your head because your redemption is drawing close.”


It is the personally standing up and the lifting up of Jesus that we are not doing.  Israel is in the land.  “The gentiles” no longer tread down Jerusalem.  Recently, it has even become the capital again.  Modern Jerusalem is a direct fulfillment of Jesus’s own words found in Luke 21.  Suddenly, a mysterious “cause” has come into the world that has taken our freedoms, assaulted the church, and closed its doors.  Isn’t it time we started discerning the “signs of the times?”


What Happened to Prayer & Discernment?

Ask yourself, why haven’t you read the Harbinger Part Two?  Why was there no massive demonstration of repentance of our sins on Washington Mall? Why hasn’t Bible prophecy been part of the church for the last few years? Why is it only something that we talk about when things are going bad? Why are there eight times as many prophecies about when Jesus comes the second time versus when he came the first time? Why aren’t we clinging to our Bibles?  Why are we going along with masks, shutdowns, church closings, borrowing money, and vaccines when the whole thing is a lie?  


Suppose 2.56 million people died from pneumonia in 2017 during the six months of flu season, and Covid recently passed 2.5 million deaths 15 months into the Pandemic.  In that case, it proves that Covid is not statistically different than pneumonia, much less the flu and pneumonia together.  Besides, the numbers are inflated, as we have shown.  The Covid narrative is the deception of our lifetimes so far.  Yet, deceit and lies are always worth standing up to even in the political world because we can be sure they are hiding the Devil’s agenda.  


Proclaiming truth is the proper function of the church.  We cannot be relegated or forced to keep politics and current events out of our sermons.  On the contrary, if we began to address what is really on the minds and hearts of the people, then soon we would be able to put out a message of hope like never before.


An Issue of Trust and Worship

I have made this point before, but deciding who we are going to trust is the real issue?  On our dollar bill, it says, “In God we trust.” But do we trust God, or are we trusting our government?  The reason why communism is not the world’s greatest evil is not just because it has killed more than 100 million people, but because in communism, the government is God.  Now we have the government threatening us if we don’t submit to changing our God-given RNA codes to escape the Covid cause, then isn’t that partially abandoning our trust in the God who made us? Furthermore, the Bible says that what we offer our bodies up to is essential. 


Worship is something we do with our bodies and not just our Spirit.  Worship is not just about reverence, honor, and respect for everything that God is and does.  True worship requires a physical posture towards God.  The two main words for worship are H7812 in Hebrew and G4352 in Greek.  They mean to bow down, crouch, prostrate, or submit to in obedience.  In other words, what we submit to, obey, or capitulate with is our God.  Not submitting makes sense when we think about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  The king had made an image of himself and commanded everyone to worship it.  


Now I have been on my knees many times without ever worshiped something.  So, why didn’t they just kneel without actually worshiping?  They could have just knelt and prayed to God to forgive them.  What did they know that we don’t?  These three Israelites understood that bending their knees was the same as complying with an un-godly mandate to worship a false god.  Confronting evil is why they stood up, and tyranny is why we should act as well.  They could not kneel or capitulate with the system requiring them to do something against what they knew was against what God has said.  


Later, the three men who survived the fiery furnace, and Daniel, would do the same thing when it came time to have to go along with the king’s mandate to eat unclean meat sacrificed to false gods.  For them, eating this meat was taking something into their body that would defile them.  So, in the broader analysis, worship could certainly include refusing to go along with ungodly mandates, especially when they require us to capitulate with our bodies in any way.  


Former Pfizer VP issues warning: ‘This is Israel now, the U.K. in just a few weeks’

Vaccine passports are happening!  But, if you were a vulnerable person and have been vaccinated, you’re protected. You don’t need to know others’ immune status. 


With this analogy, we can see how submission, bowing down, complying, or honoring any false god are connected to worship.  Standing up to lies with the truth is why we cannot worship, honor, or submit to the beast and his agenda.  In the case of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they refused to kneel, let alone worship a false image.  They were refusing to move their bodies into a position of submission.  This situation is very much like what is happening right now because they ask for us to come in and roll up our sleeves figuratively and literally.  The MOB may be a case of worship because it requires us to submit our bodies to their agenda.  They want to mark us or change us in some way. 


The Bible specifically tells us to submit to the governing bodies where they have authority (Romans 13:1), but we cannot submit in areas where God has spoken. (Acts 4:19-20) In this case, God has spoken.  We are not to give up access to our bodies just because a great “cause” appears in the world. We cannot give in to their threats because Christians are not supposed to submit to something that falls within this Biblical scenario.  Yet, that is what Franklin Graham is calling for us to do.  He is even telling us that this is what Jesus would do.  


What I am telling us all to do is to submit to God and His word, which means we don’t offer our bodies to this genetic therapy under the pretext of a vaccine!  Yet, there is still hope!  If you have taken this vaccine, please remember it is only a precursor.  But the time to get off the bandwagon is now.  Of course, there really could be some adverse side effects as many are currently experiencing, but the real problem could be in the future. Still, we must remember that our hope is eternal and that God loves a repentant heart.

  • “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind, who makes the flesh his strength and turns his heart from the LORD.”  Jeremiah 17:5 
  • Therefore, I urge you, brothers, on account of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. (Romans 12:1)

Jesus Called Us to Stand Up

  • Therefore, “Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.” (2 Corinthians 6:17)
  • When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21:28)

God wants us to be distinct from the rest of the world, and it is His words and actions that make us different.  What separates us from the rest of the world is also part of the good news that God wants us to spread.  Spreading good news has a way of destroying awful news, the same way that telling the truth destroys lies and sets us free.  Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you as My priests. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children.”


This failure to pass on the truth destroys our children and future generations.  What this means is that some people are perishing because they have the wrong information. Once armed with incorrect information, they will end up making bad decisions. Unfortunately, the consequences are still the same whether we knew what we were doing or not.  It is often said, “The road to hell is paved with the best intentions,” but the road to Heaven is paved with faith and trust in Jesus, who is the way, the truth (correct information), and the life. 


Indeed, Jesus could not capitulate with the lies of the scribes and Pharisees, and we cannot either.  Furthermore, if Jesus submitted to earthly authority, then why did they kill Him?  The fact that they killed Jesus for political reasons seems to escape most of us. Yet, Jesus told us that they would do the same to some of us. (Matthew 24:9)  Jesus was not a mild or meek-mannered little man.  Jesus was not afraid to call out the religious leaders of the day for who they were on the inside.  Standing for the truth is the kind of Christianity that we are called to live in these trying times.  


The Covid narrative is why we are at a crossroads where truth, submission, and worship all hang in the balance. We have two choices.  We can either believe the Biblical narrative or keep trying to fit into the world’s lies.  Unfortunately, when we just try and get along, we may also be going along with the Satanic plan that will eventually land a mark on all of us.  In this sense, we have bowed down to the image and capitulated with a lie.  Yet, the Covid narrative should send us all a message for just how powerful our adversary is.  They have produced one lie after another and covered them on TV 24/7 until they have manipulated our entire society into believing a lie.  


Covid Is A Test

  • No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”  (Matthew 6:24)
  • Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. (Proverbs 29:25)


The social dilemma we are experiencing is only a taste of what is coming.  As Christians, we are called not to be ignorant of the Devil’s schemes.  But, more importantly, when the church stops being the source of truth in our communities, we have become just a big club where we pat ourselves on the back.  What I am calling for is a time of prophetic awakening, to realize what time it is—a time where we fully invest ourselves into God’s kingdom without reservation.  We must pick a godly fight and fight it in a godly way, win or lose. 


We must be on the side of truth, personal freedoms, religious freedoms, and tyranny of any kind.  Above all, we must fight for truth and destroy the lies of the Devil.  But this is the point that we have to admit that we can no longer hope things will go back to normal because they won’t.  Satan is in control of the narrative and all of the media and information sources.  The only thing left is the pulpits of our churches and the space found in our living rooms.  We are no longer living in peacetime.  Consequently, we are about to find out who are the real soldiers, men of courage, because our enemy is now firing back.  Talking about a big game is not going to work.


Unfortunately, if we don’t fight for our freedoms, then we won’t have them.  Either we turn this country around through prayer, repentance, dedication, and a pouring out of God’s Spirit, or we are headed towards loss of religious freedom. I like to remind people that the communists have always said that they would take over our country without ever firing a shot, which appears to be coming true.  Unfortunately, history shows that they kill the prophets because they stood at the crossroads issuing a warning very few heeded.  


Warning!  There is a new kind of worship that is coming. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to worship a false god, and it all came down to something as small as bending their knees or refusing to take something un-holy into their body.  Consequently, I believe we need to be aware of a new kind of worship is founded in disobedience and capitulation.  For Jesus to glorify His Father, He had to submit His body to God.  He had to open up His arms and capitulate with the cross.  Trust was how Jesus became obedient even unto death.  Who we worship is about who we obey, trust, comply with, go along with, and allow access to our bodies.  Understanding the Biblical standard of worship could easily apply to rolling up our sleeves for a false narrative of fear.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,  


Submission is the new form of worship coming, and it all comes down to saying no to some unknown mark under the pretext of a worldwide cause requiring access to our bodies.  Taking this mark is worshiping Satan, and saying no to this mark is worshiping God. The real MOB is coming upon the earth, and the question is, are you and the people you care about prepared?  Is the church ready to take its place and stand against the deception, or will it make peace with the Devil?  My prayer is that we wake up the sleeping virgins, be the salt in light of the decay, and occupy until He comes.

  • Behold, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves; therefore, be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16)

Quote from Jacques Attali, 1981, advisor to François Mitterrand 

”The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid. Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases. Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. 

We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. Overpopulation, and mostly useless, is something that is too costly economically. Socially, too, it is much better when the human-machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates. 

Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that! We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself.” – The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981] Interviews with Michel Salomon, Les Visages de l’avenir collection, éditions Seghers. “… 


Many Thanks

I would like to thank my co-author, Dr. Dennis O’Hara.  Without his input and research into the Covid narrative, this book would not have been possible.


I also want to thank my wife, Alexandra, for putting up with me the last few months.  Not only am I thankful for her input and editing, but I am also thankful that she helped me dialogue and formulate these ideas, which for her must have sounded like a broken record, lol.


I also need to thank Dr. Anthony (Tony) Poncetti, Gary Swink, Dr. Thomas Dozier, and Pastor Rob Wren for their input, suggestions, and clarifications.


Interesting Note:


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Note:  All of the COVID-19 Vaccines specifically say that they are an “unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.  The FDA has authorized the emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 18 years of age and older under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). 

Note:Dr Dennis O.Hara is a guest contributor/co-author
Dr. Dennis O’Hara was born and raised on Long Island, NY and was an athlete throughout his school years. He fell in love with chiropractic while being helped as a patient for numerous sports injuries. Dr. O’Hara has been in practice since he graduated from National College of Chiropractic in April 1992. Dr. O’Hara continued his education achieving his Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians.

Dr. O’Hara’s clinical emphasis focuses on injuries of the neck and back, Sports injuries, biomechanical and postural correction and rehabilitation. He has worked with amateur and professional athletes and was the chiropractic physician for the Washington DC United MLS soccer team from 1996-1998. Dr. O’Hara had been a ringside physician for amateur MMA from 2009 through 2015 having worked hundreds of hours evaluating fighters before and after fights.

Dr. O’Hara’s continued passion for chiropractic drives his desire to help educate the public on the importance of spinal health and overall wellness.wait to deceive.” We will let people back into the church. We will be the rock upon which God
builds His kingdom, instead of a stepping stone towards Satan’s final agenda. May God prick
our hearts, and may the church begin to wake up, because the time is getting short. Jesus is
coming soon.


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