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(To identify with or to make her feel special)

1. Have good conversation when you’d rather read the paper or watch tv.
2. Give her a back rub with no expectation of physical intimacy.
3. Keep your home repaired and in good order. ***
4. Make sure the car has good tires and is in good running condition. ***
5. Hold her hand when you lead the family prayer.
6. Find a way to save something from every pay check.
7. Ask for her input before making decisions.
8. Hold her tenderly when she cries, and tell her it’s okay.
9. Ask her out and plan the entire date yourself, including making the
10. Call, if you are going to be more than fifteen minutes late.
11. Encourage her to take time out with her friends.
12. Remember to carry a clean handkerchief when you go to a romantic movie.
*** (These actions make her feel more secure) ***
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