Jesus was completely humble and yet had all the power on earth and in heaven as given to him by His Father God in Heaven. The world today does not understand what great power there is when we are completely humbled to the Lord God and yielded to the Holy Spirit. The Word teaches that the very smallest amount of FAITH can move mountains, heal the sick, raise the dead and make the blind to see. When we fully believe that God is, and that He is who He says He is and we embrace his Word as truth, we are able to walk in great faith which produces humility with complete confidence. “When you know that you know”, you begin to walk in victory even through  life’s struggles. We walk in the assurance that when we seek the Father He hears us and our prayers are powerful.

Jesus is our perfect example. He knew He had ALL power and restrained himself (Humbled himself). His humility was not weakness but strength under control.

Today many of us need to exercise humility and restaint instead of flexing our muscles. This does not mean to be passive, quite the contrary. We should demonstrate the power in the Name of Jesus openly starting at home with humility and compassion. 

Try humility and see how powerful it is. Trust Jesus and many blessings will follow.