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All Pro Pastors and Kingdom Life University


Pauletta Floyd, Valrico, Florida USA 2014

Pastor Pauletta Floyd
My husband and I was introduce to All Pro Pastors in (2012) at a luncheon in Plant City, Florida. We moved to Florida the prior year and did not know many people. Our prayer had been for God to direct us to the ministry He desired for us, He did just that through All Pro Pastors.

As a women in ministry I did what ministers were taught to do, preach, teach, and financially support the ministry, all within the four walls of the church. But I always felt that God had something more in stored for us.

Since becoming part of All Pro Pastors I acknowledge and believe that I am to use the gift God put in me and I have mastered from my childhood and that is to serve. I am a pastor servant called to serve Pastors and their Wives. Not only physically but also through intercessory prayer, encouragement, ministry, friendship, accountability and support with integrity and the love of Christ.

I have been introduced to so many loving and powerful men and women of God that truly have a burning sincere heart and passion for God and His people. Pastors and their wives need other pastors in their lives. But not just to attend few of their services but to love on them through servant hood.

They are hurting, weary, and some are ready to give up. Some have no one to turn to, feeling as if they are all alone. Pastors wives are holding years of pain inside because they feel that no one understand and they are the only one going through that situation. Not True!
These are the reasons The Women Of Champions Tables was launched this year (2014) through All Pro Pastors.

I understand and have embraced the fact that the joy of the Lord for me comes through serving His people. I am Gods servant here to serve his anointed ones. Thank God for divine connection. Thank you Paul and Linda for your obedience.

May God Bless and keep you always is my prayer.

Pastor Tom Ratemo (Kitengela, Kenya) 2012

Pastor Tom (Kitengela, Kenya) 2012
I want to thank Paul for bringing the Champions Table to Kenya to bless us. I thank God because when we come together we started seeing changes in our lives. Issues come out when we are at our Champions Table and we thank God for that.

We thank God that through the servant Paul Pickern and the people who are helping to support All Pro Pastors, continue because it does not change just one person but it changes many people. I encourage whoever is not a part of a Champions Table to just come in.

This is a way that you can get out of you what is making you not to talk as a man or woman of God. The conference was great and I thank God and I salute the entire team from America. May God bless you.

I believe that now we will grow because we can talk at the Champions Table.

May God Bless You.

Nan Ellis, Tampa USA (Pastor Wife) 2012

Nan Ellis (Tampa)
My husband Beetle has been a part of a Champions Table for about two years now. I can not say enough about All Pro Pastors because it has changed our lives. Beetle came out of an environment where it was gangs and high profile gangsters.

When he got saved he still had some rough edges he needed help with. God did a lot in his life using All Pro Pastors to play a major part in it. The rough edges has been chipped away and it has saved our marriage and our ministry.

My husband build a strong relationship with the men in his Champions Table who has been there for him in hard times as well as the good times.

Linda Pickern is such a women of God and I can’t say enough about her. There has been times when I was having a real rough time and she would send a text which was exactly what I needed from the Lord right then for my life, saved me in the hardest times.

Thank You All Pro Pastors for being there for us.

Pastor Dwight Edwards, Winter Haven, USA (April 2012)

Pastor Dwight Edwards (Winter Haven)
Hello, It is great to be alive. I don’t know how many friends you have but I can count my close ones on one hand. Over the last year and a half I have developed some friendships with some specials guys that is a part of my Champions Table.

We meet every Wednesday and come from four different backgrounds, Lutheran, Baptist, Non Denomination and I am Assembly of God. I am seventy three years old and need friends. I need someone I can talk to, to count on if I need help, to pray with, support me
and for me to be accountable to.

Yes I do need to be accountable and so do you. I know that you are accountable to God but it would be great if you had someone you could confide in, with other guys. So I encourage you to be a part of an All Pro Pastors Champion Table.

If you really want to be a champion for Christ you really need to be a part of other people lives and let them be involved in yours. You will be blessed beyond what you can imaging.

Developing relationships, you will be glad you did.

God Bless You.

Bishop Peter Simwa, Kenya (Africa Up-date)

Pastor Peter Simwa (Africa)
We had a three day conference with such power from the Holy Spirit. Pastors has been empowered and it is time to become champions. I believe with all my heart that Africa will never be the same again.

We are coming to America to tell everyone that the Champions Tables are working in Africa. This is a ministry for all pastors. I am the Ambassador for Africa and Kenya and we are bringing in many, many pastor to reach other regions.

There are three regions in east Africa where we have started Champion Tables and hope to expand to all of Africa and the globe for a ministry that is so great. We want to thank Paul Pickern and his team for coming, he has been a great blessing and an encouragement to us.

We also would like to tell the United States that you should support this ministry so that they may continue blessing Pastors.

We Are All Pro Pastors Champions for the Lord here in Kenya.

May the Lord bless you.

Pastor Mike Taylor, Brandon Florida USA

Bishop Mike Taylor (Brandon)
I never thought I could find a place or a group of people that love genuinely.
To bring healing to a hurting situation. You wonder if there is anyone you could really open your heart too and share what’s going on.

But when I came here today I could feel genuine love. You go for years thinking that you have gotten over some things but after listening to other people experiences and what they went through here today it let me know that God is here to heal.

This is a place for Pastors and their wives to come, where hurts can be healed. Nobody can make me doubt that this is not Gods purpose. You don’t have to go anywhere else to find it, its right here in our own backyard.

This is wonderful and I thank God for this opportunity to come and experience this. I am glad I did. I recommend All Pro Pastors to all pastors because it is real.

Pastor Olutunji and Anne Tom-Wright

Pastor Tom Wright (Tampa) By being a part of the All Pro Pastors Table it has been awesome, it has been wonderful. I have become the father I am suppose to be for my children and the husband I am suppose to be for my wife.

The All Pro Pastors Table has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I take walks with my wife in the mornings and we exercise together. I love her more now and I have learned thing I did not know.

So I encourage you to be a part of an All Pro Pastors Table. Just Come!

Minister Ann Wright (Tampa)
All Pro Pastors is a great group because I can see the changes in my husband right now. I pray for him and the Champions Table teaches them to love their home and to love their family. The Bible makes us to understand that family is the first church.

So I pray that God will continue to bless All Pro Pastors and encourage them. And
continue to lift our husbands higher.

“Go and be blessed by the Best (God)’!

We (Loretta and I) are so blessed and loved to have and know just a little about “All Pro-Pastors, Bro. Paul, his wife and many others on their team”. Some seen and many unseen (All Pro-Pastors Supporters).
For about a year and a half, I met Bro. Paul Pickern at an “Kingdow Walk Meeting” in Winter Haven Florida, he invited me and some of the “KW” members or our visitors to to one of the free lunching. After checking out this ministry, my wife and I have been passing the word, about “All Pro-Pastors. org.” and have been very welcome to be volunteers, when we are able to be with them. Check-out this fine organization for yourself Pastors or Lay Leaders. Because I’m a strong believer of hands on experience with what has gone in my life and many others around me. Please……..! If “All Pro- Pastors Luncheon” is/are in your area….Go! And be blessed by the Best (God) working for you and your loved ones. Thanks! For reading this and may our Father keep blessing you and many others around you. Remember! Great……Great…. Grand Daddy “Abraham” down the many generations?

Bishop Peter Simwa, Africa

In 2012 All Pro Pastors was introduced to me by Pastor Moses Brown from Tampa Florida when he came to our church in Eldoret, Kenya for a Conference. I became excited about the Champions Table and started one with three other Pastors and have since started over 20 more in our Region. We later in 2012 invited All Pro Pastors Executive Director Paul Pickern bring a ministry team of All Pro Pastors; Pastor Nolan Edwards, Dr. Richard Mull, Bishop Willie Bolden and Pastor Simon Njenga come to Eldoret and do a two day Pastors conference.  It was a very powerful time and brought many pastors together to start relationships.

The Champions Table has been wonderful for me to build closer fellowship and trust with other pastors who share the same struggles I do. I am a better husband, father and pastor because of Champions Table.
I believe it is changing Kenya by bringing pastors together from other tribes and breaking all barriers of division down. It is bringing strength to the Kingdom of God and to me as a man and leader.
I recommend All Pro Pastors and Champions Table to all pastors.
We love all pro pastors.
Bishop Peter Simwa, Eldoret, Kenya, Africa

Pastor Randy Humphrey, January 2008

It is currently Tuesday morning, 5;30 am, and I’m not feeling very well. Sounds like a perfect reason not to make my Tuesday morning All Pro Pastor “Champion Table” at the local IHOP. Well, I can’t stay away. Now I am all dressed and ready to go. Why you may ask, well it is not because I have to; it is because I need to. My All Pro Pastors Table has become a lifeline. An Accountability group that started with the focus being on our marriages and roles as husbands and has now become a support group for life as a pastor. Not a day goes by that I don’t consider what I must be doing to be a Godly husband. The initial accountability portion of the Table has become ingrained in my being. and now the group is a place where I can share, I can receive prayer, and I can explore this ministry journey with brothers that are walking the walk. A week without All Pro Pastors feels like a week incomplete.

Pastor Randy Humphrey, HopeWeaver Community Church, Florida