International Pastors Conference in “Nigeria” Hears from Pastors Nolan Edwards and Paul Pickern

It was a whirlwind trip to Nigeria All Pro Pastors Paul Pickern and Champions Church(Winter Haven, Florida) Pastor Nolan Edwards took on April 29-May 8th to speak at the International Pastors Conference in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Logos Ministries Founder and Presiding Bishop Yomi Isijola contacted us while on a visit to Tampa in March and expressed his desire to start Champion Tables with the many Pastors he oversees throughout Nigeria. Many Pastor and Denominational leaders were scheduled to attend. In less than a month we recieved funding, got our NigeriaVisas, Passports were updated(Thanks to our local US Congressman) and airline tickets secured. Praise God, it all came together without a hitch!!

The Conference Started with Pastor Nolan speaking a powerful message of Worship and Praise. This set the foundation for the whole week. I was able to introduce Champion Tables to all the Pastors and had four Bishops sit at the Champion Table to illustrate how one should look. The Conference was a complete success and our time ended with Pastor Nolan laying hands on over 200 Pastors to pray for healing and impartation. The impact was super-natural!

We have been invited to return next year to follow-up what was a great start. If God opens this up I could see a team of Pastors going.

While in Nigeria we felt safe at all times. Our security and care was always the highest priority. Pastors Akin and Aduke’ were our hosts and they allowed us to stay with them in their home. The people of Nigeria that we met were very kind and demonstrated great honor. The women wore beautiful and colorful clothing most of the time. The food we were served was delicious and all authentic Nigerian. We did have security guards with us during all transportation except once.

Over all I would say the mission was very very successful. God opened the door and we said yes to His call. He took care of us and we obeyed!




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Pastor Tom Ratemo (Kitengela, Kenya) 2012

Pastor Tom (Kitengela, Kenya) 2012
I want to thank Paul for bringing the Champions Table to Kenya to bless us. I thank God because when we come together we started seeing changes in our lives. Issues come out when we are at our Champions Table and we thank God for that.

We thank God that through the servant Paul Pickern and the people who are helping to support All Pro Pastors, continue because it does not change just one person but it changes many people. I encourage whoever is not a part of a Champions Table to just come in.

This is a way that you can get out of you what is making you not to talk as a man or woman of God. The conference was great and I thank God and I salute the entire team from America. May God bless you.

I believe that now we will grow because we can talk at the Champions Table.

May God Bless You.

Bishop Peter Simwa, Kenya (Africa Up-date)

Pastor Peter Simwa (Africa)
We had a three day conference with such power from the Holy Spirit. Pastors has been empowered and it is time to become champions. I believe with all my heart that Africa will never be the same again.

We are coming to America to tell everyone that the Champions Tables are working in Africa. This is a ministry for all pastors. I am the Ambassador for Africa and Kenya and we are bringing in many, many pastor to reach other regions.

There are three regions in east Africa where we have started Champion Tables and hope to expand to all of Africa and the globe for a ministry that is so great. We want to thank Paul Pickern and his team for coming, he has been a great blessing and an encouragement to us.

We also would like to tell the United States that you should support this ministry so that they may continue blessing Pastors.

We Are All Pro Pastors Champions for the Lord here in Kenya.

May the Lord bless you.

“Go and be blessed by the Best (God)’!

We (Loretta and I) are so blessed and loved to have and know just a little about “All Pro-Pastors, Bro. Paul, his wife and many others on their team”. Some seen and many unseen (All Pro-Pastors Supporters).
For about a year and a half, I met Bro. Paul Pickern at an “Kingdow Walk Meeting” in Winter Haven Florida, he invited me and some of the “KW” members or our visitors to to one of the free lunching. After checking out this ministry, my wife and I have been passing the word, about “All Pro-Pastors. org.” and have been very welcome to be volunteers, when we are able to be with them. Check-out this fine organization for yourself Pastors or Lay Leaders. Because I’m a strong believer of hands on experience with what has gone in my life and many others around me. Please……..! If “All Pro- Pastors Luncheon” is/are in your area….Go! And be blessed by the Best (God) working for you and your loved ones. Thanks! For reading this and may our Father keep blessing you and many others around you. Remember! Great……Great…. Grand Daddy “Abraham” down the many generations?

Bishop Peter Simwa, Africa

In 2012 All Pro Pastors was introduced to me by Pastor Moses Brown from Tampa Florida when he came to our church in Eldoret, Kenya for a Conference. I became excited about the Champions Table and started one with three other Pastors and have since started over 20 more in our Region. We later in 2012 invited All Pro Pastors Executive Director Paul Pickern bring a ministry team of All Pro Pastors; Pastor Nolan Edwards, Dr. Richard Mull, Bishop Willie Bolden and Pastor Simon Njenga come to Eldoret and do a two day Pastors conference.  It was a very powerful time and brought many pastors together to start relationships.

The Champions Table has been wonderful for me to build closer fellowship and trust with other pastors who share the same struggles I do. I am a better husband, father and pastor because of Champions Table.
I believe it is changing Kenya by bringing pastors together from other tribes and breaking all barriers of division down. It is bringing strength to the Kingdom of God and to me as a man and leader.
I recommend All Pro Pastors and Champions Table to all pastors.
We love all pro pastors.
Bishop Peter Simwa, Eldoret, Kenya, Africa