As Pastors we often separate ourselves from having TRUST for anyone! WE put ourselves on an island guarded by a moat of hungry sheep! Sometimes our spouse and family are farther away than the sheep. The enemies SATAN and FLESH has caused many to buy into a culture of division! Pastors compete with each other so often while our enemies wreak havoc! Please continue. 


In America there are more than 250 Denominations recognized by the IRS(The World has many thousands). Throughout the “Church” in America the differences of Denomination, Doctrine, Race, Culture and Social Status has caused great division. According to the many Pastors as a group and particularly within the same denomination do not Trust one another. Sadly the Body and “Pastors” also still struggle with Racial Prejudice and Segregation. As Pastors we are taught how to build a “Castle”, more commonly called the Local Church.

IMG_3034.JPGThe Simple Solution:

Diligently Strive to Transform our Differences into Wholeness in the Body! (One Body with many parts working together to grow the Kingdom) Develop a “Kingdom Culture”! This is the culture when Pastors in a community agree to attack the enemy as one Army and one Body in love, trust and power! It is the mindset of bringing the Lost to the Kingdom and allowing the Holy Spirit to direct them to the right “Church Fellowship”. Pastors Need each other! We must find Pastors to establish True Relationships of Trust, Accountability and Encouragement across all barriers and walls. We suggest that every Pastor make a commitment to find Three other Pastors-different denomination, race, and culture “if possible” and meet with them EVERY WEEK for about 1-2 hours to talk as real men about real issues.                                                                                                                                    20 If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen. 1 John 4:20 NAS

The Results: The Body is quickly Healed! More lost will be brought into the Kingdom of God. Communities will see what being “Christian” really means. Your “Church Fellowship” will benefit because you get refreshed and re-fired every week. Many Pastors say that their “Messages” become more powerful. Your Wife will be Thrilled because she will be spending more time with her Husband and not her Pastor. You will develop trusted friendships to share things that only another Pastor can understand. You will finally have a place to unload without fear of betrayal. You will personally grow because you have embraced accountability. You will learn more about the “Body”…… a lot more! As we build these Friendships with Trust and Encouraging Accountability the Body also comes together and is held tightly together by this bonding also! The community will become shaken. When Pastor’s come together publicly and regularly in love and relationship it overflows to congregations and communities. Note: Pastor’s Marriages, Ministries, and Lives have been saved by starting these weekly Champion Tables! (Just ask Me)                  


Introduction: The ‘Table of Champions’ is a network of Pastors Worldwide that we consider to be “elite” pastors, kind of like the Special Forces! This does not mean they are better than anyone else, it means they embrace accountability, faithfully  pray for fellow pastors, accept the Bible as God’s undisputed infallible word, accept marriage as between a man and a woman, that God created every person unique and either male or female without mistake, and actively seek unity within the Body of Christ by developing relationships with fellow pastors!

This group encourages each pastor to start or join a “Champions Table” which is 4 Pastors who meet each week for prayer, accountability and encouragement! They are bold and courageous and we believe hold a stronger personal relationship with God because of this. (God is not a respecter of persons but He definitely identifies His mighty warriors and Shepherds who stand strong!)

These Pastors hold each other up to a higher standard of achievement for the kingdom of God.

Now let’s see where you stand!

1- Find 3 other Pastors (men with men) who you will agree to meet with every week. These may be Pastors who you are not acquainted with and need to seek out or they may be friends you already know? (If there is a church near your church consider going over to meet the other pastor if you have not. Take time to visit and get acquainted and then invite him to start or join you in your Champions Table. Pray with him! Repeat this until you have 4 in your Table. No more than 4)

FOUR total is best, the “Jesus Model”, but you may have to start with less

2- Establish a place and time to meet (weekly) that works for all.  It is ok to meet at a Church, unless somewhere else is best and safer for you.  Meeting every week may seem like a lot but we have found that it will bring about trust much faster and the needs that arise can be dealt with much more affectively.

Be committed and make attendance a Priority! Commit to a minimum of 7 weeks to give your Table a chance.

3- The first time you meet can be a time of introduction.  Share about your family, What are things you enjoy doing with your wife/children, What are activities you enjoy, where have you lived, when and where did you commit your life to Jesus? (Tell your story), What makes you laugh, cry, angry, shout, sing? etc.   Just get acquainted with one another. Find something to laugh about! What is your biggest challenge? Share about YOU! Listen intently to each other!

You should use first names and avoid titles. (i.e. Dr., Bishop, Pastor, etc.) Make it personal!

Get Acquainted, Listen and Talk

Awareness and Sensitivity

Each week ask, “Does anyone need Table Time?” This is current pressing issues of high importance/concern/ or frustration! (If you do, get to the point. Others need time too.)

Do not talk so much that others do not have a chance.  You can be silent or open up your heart. Speak with your heart and also listen intentionally. There is a direct relationship in what you give and what you receive.

Talking about “our church” will come naturally, but do not allow your Table to get stuck on church related issues that dominate your time. Pastors, are known for wasting time on “discussions” just to avoid the needed real  men issues.

Discuss Table and Personal Objectives

Share with the Table any current goals that you feel comfortable sharing. (Marriage, Family, Church, Physical, Household, Personal Improvement, Spiritual Growth, Business, Financial, Health, Education, Ministry, etc.)

Share any Personal areas of Improvement that you want to be encouraged to achieve. (These are also Prayer Requests) 


  • I need to pray with my wife every day
  • Take my wife on a date every week
  • Spend personal time with my children-listening to them
  • lose 15-30 50 pounds
  • exercise 3 times a week
  • read thru the Bible
  • increase my income
  • write a book
  • finish/start school
  • spend more time with my wife
  • read more books
  • watch less TV
  • less time on phone/social media
  • take time off/vacation
  • pay-off several debts – be as specific as possible
  • cut down on wasted spending and eating junk food
  • ask/give forgiveness-be specific
  • memorize scripture
  • become a personal soul winner/evangelize
  • finish school
  • pray more daily

This is just an idea-list but you can get ideas here.

Some of these are deeply personal issues that should be held in the strictest of confidence!

You may write these down and/or write the other Table Brothers goals down too. Each of these become prayer requests.

Your Table is there to encourage you, cheer you on, pray for you, not judge or give unrequested advice.

  • Very Important: Do not seek out financial help from a Table Brother. They will know your needs and help you IF God directs them.

(Track I)

Champion Discussion Topics

As iron sharpens iron, so one Man Sharpens Another! (Proverbs 27:17)

(The first time you meet remember to use first names, not titles. Make it personal and share about your family and how you came to Christ)

Getting Started

  • What are the greatest challenges to my relationship with God?
  • What area of temptation and flesh do I struggle with the most? Lust, Anger, Pride, Patience, Procrastination, Laziness, Money, Dishonesty, Greed, Trust, Immorality, etc. __________(fill in the blank )
  • What do I face as my greatest temptations? at home, at church, at work, at leisure, other!
  • What do I face in my life that tempts me to make it an idol regarding my thoughts, passion, time, money? Such as: Sports, TV, Internet/Social Media, Cars/Trucks, Clothing, Jewelry, Boats, Hunting, Fishing, Food/Eating, Church vs God, House, etc.
  • (Every Week) List your prayer needs for your Table Brothers, please pray for me in these areas: ________1_________2________3_________4________5________!….
  • (Every Week) My Personal Challenge/ Goals for this week are: (Write them down)
  1. ______________
  2. ______________
  3. ______________

Getting the Man(YOU) Right is where we Started–Next is Relationships with Others

  • What are the needs in my relationship with my wife?
  • What are the needs in my relationship with my children?
  • Have I missed giving an apology or asking for forgiveness to anyone?
  • Are “all” my relationships before God right in His eyes?
  • Did I pray with my wife daily (audibly), did she pray too?
  • What specifically can I do to be a better husband/father this week?

Note: At some point you need to start your Table with a simple, does anybody need some special time today? This is a time to hear from a hurting/questioning heart? Be great listeners, you will need to be heard someday too.

Going to a Higher Level!

  • Have I honored God with the Material Blessings He has provided this week?
  • What can I do to better honor God with my physical body?(Sacrifice Worthy)
  • Is my daily time of prayer and personal time alone with God , enough?(not preparing a sermon/teaching)
  • Have I exposed myself to any sexually explicit material, broadcasts, books or pictures?
  • Have I been anywhere or with anyone that could be seen as a compromise



Victorious Living is Your Choice

 “Simplified Suggested Discussion Points“

Have I spent enough time in personal prayer this week? (What would God say?)

Have I spent enough personal time in God’s word? (Not preparing for Sermons)

Did my faith waiver any this week and if so how did I struggle; fear, doubt, temptation, judgement, etc. ?

Have I had any flirtatious or lustful attitudes, tempting thoughts, wandering eyes or exposed myself to any explicit materials (TV, Internet, Mag. Etc) which would not glorify God?

Did anyone in/from my church tempt me (wandering eyes) or approach me in an inappropriate manner?  What did I do?

Have I been completely above reproach in my financial dealings? Have I been honest with my wife about my spending?

Have I treated my body as God’s Temple? In my(Eating, Morality, Exercise, Purity/Holiness)

Have I prayed with my wife every day?

Have I treated my wife as “Jesus loves the Church”? (How much time, listening, helping, appreciating and encouraging her?)

Have I been a Man of God in ALL my dealings this week? What would God say?

( Have I lied in any of my answers?)

What am I going to do about it this week?

(You may want to add some or revise them. This is your choice)

(Track III)

For the Champion Maker Questions Click Here!

Choice 1: Each Table is Challenged to Embrace a set of Discussion Points and/or Questions. Every week review these. Then ask for a personal response from each Table Brother to identify which ones they need to talk about today!

Choice 2: Your Table may decide to review each question one at a time, slowly having each man respond. This allows the Holy Spirit to work more intimately within us and requires honesty with God before our fellow brothers.  (May take longer)

**Serious Challenge with Confidential Encouragement builds trust, character and leads to “Great Achievement”!

The Champion’s Mentality

When everyone decides to sincerely start this journey you will experience great breakthrough.

Additional Option: Each week set personal and specific time sensitive goals. You may have one or several goals. Write them down and share with your Table. This becomes your personal “TO DO LIST”. Each week give a progress report.

This is not a requirement for the Table only a proven way to help you reach goals while building trust and real friendships!

End each week by sharing Prayer needs and close with prayer.

The Table is not a Bible study group or prayer meeting you should be doing that already. However, prayer is vital and friendly discussions are encouraged. The bottom line is. The Champions Table is for Real Men getting serious about Real Men issues.

Your Table becomes your “Prayer Fortress

NOTE: Men only meet with Men! Women meet with women! Women pastors are starting Tables throughout the world now. This ministry was led by God’s Holy Spirit to reach men who are Pastors. We have written the information focused on men, however just like the Bible we encourage women in ministry who take these initiatives and apply them to their lives!

Register! Register! All Pastors interested in the Table of Champions network, a Champions Table or are currently in a Champions Table needs to Register Here! We will be sending information to you primarily by email.

Each week there will be a Video Message for you on our Facebook page and our You Tube Channel.

We are praying for you!