Until you see something in vivid living color you just can’t get the full picture. It is nothing like a news item or breakroom table talk. Linda and I have had the privilege to watch a private screening of the movie “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel. He plays Tim Ballard a Homeland Security Agent who leaves his job to rescue children from sex trafficking. This heartbreaking true story put a new meaning to the statement sex trafficking for both of us! The movie takes you deep into South America into the dark world that is real for thousands of children. Then it brings us to our own backyard. Get ready to be glued to the screen and your heart beating out of your chest!

On July 4th this movie opens on screens all across the country and many in Hollywood have literally fought against its release. When you see the conditions of these children and the attitudes of the criminals regarding them you will be Shocked! Let us warn you, it is happening near you, guaranteed!

Linda and I want to humbly and boldly ask you to go and see this movie and if possible take a group. No this is not a Christian movie with a gospel message. What it is, is another wake-up call to the church and its leaders to see what is happening to the children and families in your community!

There are so many areas Pastors and Ministers choose to be silent on, if you are silent on this one perhaps you should rethink what you stand for and who do you really serve. We love our Pastors but the church and these children need Shepherds who will defend them and fight for them just like David did when he fought a lion and a bear who came after his sheep. Praise God for you who do stand and fight and are not afraid of the enemies who are attacking your sheep!

This is a powerful movie in which Jim Caviezel said it is the most important movie he has ever been in second only to “The Passion of the Christ” where he played the role of Jesus.

Now watch this movie trailers and order your tickets: Sound of Freedom Get Tickets Now

There are more people in slavery today than anytime in history. Sex trafficking is a 150 Billion Dollar a year industry and the USA is one of the top customers!