Jesus said, I am the truth! In this time where truth is questioned and God’s Word is under attack, we call upon you to stand strong on the Word of God! We are challenged to look within ourselves to see how truthful we have been. Have I compromised my faith by NOT speaking up when I should have. Have I Not spoken up to my Champion Table when I needed them. Have I spent time with people who have a negative , defeatest attitude and not spoke up with a word of victory, hope and faith.

I invite you to make this the year of truth. The truth of Jesus that is alive in His children gives hope and life to the dying and hopeless. Pray for us to have the courage to be an encourager and to speak the truth. Truth can be sharp like a sword and it can be soothing like an ointment, whichever it may require pray that we will share as Jesus expects us to.

Be Blessed!