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The absence of men in the church today is a major concern. Did you know that when men are committed to Jesus and take their family to church faithfully history shows that 85% of the time their children will follow in their footsteps. For this very reason we have decided to put on an exciting and compelling event just to reach men for Christ. There are many ways to do this but often Pastors and churches are not doing much in this area. If you are reaching men, our praise goes to your hard work! If you need help, this could be perfect for you!

All Pro Pastors is partnering with the Christian Business Men Connection Ministry to do something that you can do too and it will reap great rewards, guaranteed! Let us give you the details and you decide for yourself.

On October 18, we have invited Coach Joe Gibbs to come have an early breakfast with as many men as we can gather to come. Coach Joe Gibbs is one of the greatest NFL Football coaches of all time and today he owns what is perhaps the most successful NASCAR Team of the decade! He is a true sports “Champion”, but more important, he is a “Champion” for Jesus Christ. His life is a living storybook of trials, success, tragedy, victories, failure and ultimate success. The best part, his life story is still going on and he is ready to share it with you and all who come for breakfast.

Many men would love to meet Coach Gibbs, shake his hand and have a picture taken with him. He is willing to stay and meet every single one, give them his book “Game Plan for Life” , and also take a picture with each one individually. Why would he do this, because he knows that he has a God ordained mission to reach men for Jesus  and that God has given him this platform for this specific reason!  Hundreds of men will hear about Jesus in such a compelling and real way that they will take Him as their Savior. Many men will be led by the Holy Spirit to re-commit their lives to following Jesus. All a Church or Pastor needs to do is get their men excited about bringing their lost family and friends to the breakfast. It is the perfect opportunity to bring those you care about to hear the gospel from someone that they truly see as a success by all standards. There is one other important part of this, be prepared to see them get saved.

This “Game Plan for Life” breakfast will help start many new men’s ministries as well as Rev-Up some that need revived! Pastor, how often do you have someone cast the net, catch the fish and then ask “how many do you need”? Our question is, how many men could your church use who are ready to be discipled? I guess we could ask, is your men’s ministry full or can you use any more men in your church family who are excited for Jesus and want to know more!

This is an event that we are doing in Central Florida at the State Fair Grounds. We are expecting more than 1000 men to attend. Now, let me ask, what about you? If you live in the area go to and get plugged in. It is not to late to get started.

You may consider doing like some of the Pastors in central Florida are doing and make this a church wide major outreach to reach men. How would it impact the families in your church if the husbands that are inactive suddenly had a life-changing encounter with Jesus? Would some marriages be saved or restored? This is why we are passionate about this.

Let me in closing say, this is just one way to reach men for Jesus. There are many ways. Often the greatest challenge is to get off our butt and just do something! If what you are doing is working and you are happy with how many men you see getting saved, discipled and engaged in your ministry then Praise the Lord, if not, then do something different.

Pastors there are many evangelistic ministries throughout the world ready to partner with you. In America, every major city has tremendous groups of Christian Business Men ready to partner with you and help you build a strong discipleship plan for men. Search them out. It is easier today than anytime in history. What is your legacy going to be? Is your testimony going to one of a “Champion for Jesus Christ”? We pray that today you will get started and be prepared to hear those words, “well done my good and Faithful Servant”!

All Pro Pastors is here to serve, challenge and encourage you, why because we care! We continue to pray for you, your family and your ministry! Stay strong and courageous!

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If you can see how something like this could help your church and community contact Coach Joe Gibbs ministry “Game Plan for Life”.


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