Linda and I had the privilege of previewing this true story of Paul Holderfield during the Civil Rights movement. What you see is the riveting power of a mother’s faithful prayers and a son’s life change because of a promise. The real life clashes between races comes to life on the big screen and also what happens when a man is unwilling to give in to hate.

The depth of this cinematic depiction to demonstrate how alcoholism, anger and racism impacts families and communities can be beaten and overcome by the love of God and passionate prayer is a testimony that God still works in peoples lives and miracles do happen.

Two boys from different sides of the tracks who grew up as friends allowed others to influence them, one for the bad and one for the good. You must watch this amazing movie to see which is which and the historic ending that has changed countless lives!

We were on the edge of seats and sometimes in tears too!

A must watch!

Premier’s October 21st. Find your local Theater by clicking “Here”

Watch the Trailer :

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