Money Personalities

couples flying money

Financial stress in a relationship is one of the major causes of divorce.
There are five main money personalities. Each personality has strengths
and weaknesses, with the need for temperance.
1. The Spenders can be generous with gifts on self or the people they
love; however, unmanaged spending can lead to much debt.
2. The Savers usually have little debt challenges, but can be labeled as
cheapskates or tightfisted.
3. The Security Seekers are great planners and know how to use money to
build a financial future, but they can be short-sighted and put off living
for today.
4. The Risk Takers are always looking for a money making adventure;
nevertheless, if they are not careful, may end up broke or bankrupt.
5. The Flyers are usually free from stress about money and passionate
about life and relationships, nevertheless can be headed for big
financial trouble because often times they give less attention to things
like bills, over-draft fees, over-the-limit notices and late fees.
In summary, there are pros and cons to each money personality; therefore,
it is extremely important to maintain balance and trust God for wisdom and
money moderation in handling finances. How you manage your money
personality is very important for a fruitful relationship.

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