There has been a lot of talk and writings about Businessmen & women in Marketplace Ministry and exactly what it means for the organized church and the body of Christ. During the last 25 -30 years, there have been many good & some great books and articles written about this topic and what it means.  Some have received what I believe is divine revelation, some were filled with just practical information which, of course, could have also been divine revelation. Some great books that come to mind are “Kings & Priests” by David R. High, “The 9 to 5 Window” by Os Hillman, “The Seven Mountain Prophecy” by Johnny Enlow, and the one that most changed me personally – “Secrets of the Kingdom Economy” by Paul Cuny.  And there are many more too numerous to mention.

The teaching from many of these books that impacted me most is “How important Christian Business people are to the body of Christ”.  I had always up to about 10 years ago felt like I wasn’t all that important to the body of Christ.  When you think about it, without businesses making a profit and paying tithes & offerings there would be no or severely limited organized churches or ministries. Some might say, well government workers would be paying tithes & offerings. Without taxes being paid by private businesses, there would be no government workers.  Now I’m obviously talking about a free enterprise economy, which is I pray what we keep in the United States.

    I’m not implying that no other segment (Pastors in particular who we desperately need) of our culture is as important to the body of Christ as businesses, but I am implying that Christian business people are critical to the success of many ministries and as business people we have a great responsibility.  It is clear in Deut. 8:18 that God has given us the power to gain wealth for the purpose of establishing His covenant on the earth. And if He gave us the power then I believe you can conclude that He wants those to whom He has given the power (that would be us!) to be wealthy.  Let’s face it, a poor person is very limited to help anyone financially.  Look at the lives of the Green family who own “Hobby Lobby” & the Cathy family of Chick-fil-A.  These organizations and their founders have inspired Christians everywhere.
God laid it on my heart 9 years ago (in 2008) that it was time to gather together Christians in business to network, encourage each other, do business with each other, pray for each other, recommend each other and to learn what God’s word has to say about business, wealth & their effect on the Kingdom of God.

I wanted every connected Christian business person to commit to “BRING IN THE HARVEST – MONEY AND SOULS.”  Today our organization “Integrity Business Referrals” has about 40 members from 29 different churches.  We meet twice per month in Lakeland and Plant City, Florida.  All of our members have space available on our website, a listing in our printed directory and can, if possible, attend our networking meetings. Because of our website IBR77.COM and our Facebook page, we receive phone calls and emails from all over the country mostly from Christian consumers looking for believers to do business with.  We do not accept just anyone as a member, who has the money & professes to be a Christian.  We actually spend time with them & talk with their Pastors if needed.  The applicants give us written permission to do just that.

One of the great benefits of a group like ours, to Pastors, is that it relieves him or her from having to recommend a business to someone in their congregation only to find out later that there was a problem. We do the vetting for them.  We require that any member must be a born again believer in Jesus Christ and be a regular supporter of a church, home church, missionary group or other Christian fellowship that he/she is accountable to.  We ask Pastors to allow us to place copies of our directory in their church foyers or reception areas so their members would know whom to call when they needed help. If businesses in the pastor’s church are also listed, then many other churches will also have their contact information.  “This is a KINGDOM DIRECTORY”

There are many reasons why Christians should do business with other Christians. Pastors need to know this & be confident of it.  So much so that they know that their recommendation of our members or any other Christian business person will be a blessing to their congregant members and to the kingdom of God.  We are looking for Kingdom Minded Pastors & ministry leaders to partner with.  It’s time to grow the kingdom NOW!

In a future article, I will present & discuss the reasons from the Word of God and dispel the myths & excuses of Christians doing business or not doing business with each other.  Also in future articles, answer the question “ where does the ministry part come in?” And the Circle of Blessing – VERY POWERFUL!

God wants us to bless each other & to keep it in the Kingdom!


Lew Frye, Founder

Integrity Business Referrals, Inc.

7922 Sioux Ln.

Lakeland, Fl 33810

863-521-3360   IBR77.COM


& Kingdom principles in the marketplace.  You can find out more at or email Lew at



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