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Pastors and Workplace Ministers, Now Hear Me! Thus says the Lord!

This is a local message written by one of our ministry partners in Florida. Its message is worldwide in meaning. Pastors and business owners need to link arms and listen to each other. Great wisdom can be shared and learned, he who has ears hear! Paul A MESSAGE TO THE “BODY OF CHRIST” To all […]


HOW TO INCREASE TITHES & OFFERINGS Without Passing the Plate Agaiiiiinnn?

  Have you considered asking your congregation to support Christian businesses in your church or in your neighborhood?  And should you ???   Some Pastors and Christians, in general act as though doing business with other Christians is somehow not that important.  That may be why we don’t see many business directories in churches.  (Synagogues […]


Christian Business Pastors – Organized Churches?

There has been a lot of talk and writings about Businessmen & women in Marketplace Ministry and exactly what it means for the organized church and the body of Christ. During the last 25 -30 years, there have been many good & some great books and articles written about this topic and what it means. […]