What is a Champion Pastor or better yet who is a Champion Pastor? You may think that we are going to start with some deep theological statements accompanied by a list of scripture but that is for another day.

A Champion is someone who has defeated or surpassed all others in some type of competition and also can be someone who is the advocate in support of others or a cause.

Pastors, you have been called/assigned by God to “Champion” the gospel and to defend the cause of Jesus Christ. You have also been called to be a Shepherd, ready to defend your sheep against the evil of the physical as well as spiritual world! However, many of you men needed a helpmate and God supplied you with a wife. A wife to love even as Jesus loves the Church. In other words you are to be your wife’s “Champion”! You are to love your wife even if it means to lay down your life for her, (just as Jesus did for you)! You never replace your wife with your sheep! She will always take priority over the sheep! She is your first priority above all others on earth.

In fact, the way you love and treat your wife is a direct reflection of how you sincerely love and honor God. You can not say you love God with all your heart and then mistreat your wife. This is totally contrary to God’s Word.

First step to truly be a Champion Pastor starts at home!

Now let me ask you a few questions to see how good of a Champion you are.

Champion Maker Questions

Have I spent enough time in personal prayer this week? (What would God say?)

Have I spent enough personal time in God’s word?

Did my faith waiver any this week and if so how did I struggle; fear, doubt, temptation, judgement, etc. ?

Have I had any flirtatious or lustful attitudes, tempting thoughts, wandering eyes or exposed myself to any explicit materials (TV, Internet, Mag. Etc) which would not glorify God?

Did anyone tempt me (wandering eyes) or approach me in an inappropriate manner?  What did I do?

Have I been completely above reproach in my financial dealings? Have I been honest with my wife about my spending?

Have I treated my body as God’s Temple? In my(Eating, Morality, Exercise, Purity/Holiness)

Have I prayed with my wife every day in a personal way? (not blessing a meal)

Have I treated my wife as “Jesus loves the Church”? (How much time, listening, helping, appreciating and encouraging her?)

Have I worked to make our home a safe place for our family to spend time alone together?

Have I been a great husband and father this week? What would my wife say?

Have I been a Man of God in ALL my dealings this week? What would God say?

( Have I lied in any of my answers?)

  What am I going to do about it this week?

If you are in a Champions Table I suggest that you take these questions and review with your Table. If you do not have a Champion Table perhaps you should start one today! Click Here!


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