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Peace in Chaos

We are living in a time period where nothing is what it used to be and we are not sure it will ever go back. I would like to offer […]

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More Blessed to Give!

Upon arriving in the USA in 1995, we noticed how the stores were always gearing up for the next holiday, season or event. If it’s not Easter, it’s Mother’s Day. […]

Christmas a Time for Celebrating Life, Love and Family

Christmas should be a time of joy and a celebration of life, love and family. It should be about His presence in the earth and in our hearts. To the […]

Stand firm on the Word 

We are living in very uncertain times – recent weather disasters, another mass shooting – bring us all to the stark reality of how fragile life is, and how important […]

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The Real Church

The Church of Jesus Christ is what it says, it belongs to Jesus Christ the Son of God the one who holds the universe together by the Word of His […]


Worship, is it horizontal or vertical ?

There is an alarming trend that has emerged in our modern church experience that seems to be catching on as it does seem to be producing results.  What are the […]