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The Iniquity of the Amorites is still Alive Today!

God made a puzzling statement to Abraham while establishing His covenant with the patriarch, linking the time that Israel would sojourn in Egypt to the behavior of one group of […]

E.T. has been here all along!

God has blessed us humans with a marvelous ability to think—to reason, to “search out a matter,” which the Bible tells us “is the glory of kings.” Jesus even told […]


Chaos and Creation

The account of chaos—Leviathan—in Psalm 74 is a bit different from that in Genesis 1. We learn God is from old, working salvation in the midst of the earth (which […]

Ancient Aliens and the God of Chaos

With popular shows such as Ancient Aliens promoting the belief that ancient gods were justmisidentified extraterrestrials, mistaken for gods by the men who met them, the world is nowvery familiar […]

Star Trek and the Nine

Without a doubt, Star Trek has been one of the most influential entertainment franchisesin history. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and others are iconic characters, recognized aroundthe world. Oddly enough, though, […]

The Collins Elite and the Kingdom of Darkness

We need to separate the UFO/UAP phenomenon from the accounts of those who claim they’ve been contacted or abducted by aliens. The sheer number of cases argues against all of […]

UFOs, Secret Agents, and Lies

The famous Roswell UFO crash in 1947 was either an extraterrestrial craft (which I do not believe) or it was an advanced project of the United States military. Either way, […]

The UFO Phenomenon, The Day the Earth Stands Still

Our goal in writing a book on the UFO phenomenon, The Day the Earth Stands Still, was not to document the crazy cults that have emerged since the beginning of […]

The UFO/Occult Lie Continues!

If Lovecraft used horror to introduce the idea of contact with an alien “other” to the masses, the growing popularity of science fiction in the twentieth century established ET as […]

MUFON Spreads the ET Gospel

  Author Derek Gilbert is a prolific researcher and amazing author. His books and articles dive into areas the mainstream church chooses to ignore. This exclusive article for APPI gives […]


The Rise of Ancient Aliens: From Lovecraft to Von Däniken

In the early 1970s, Kenneth Grant, personal secretary to Aleister Crowley twenty-five years earlier, broke with the American branch of Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis and formed his own Thelemic organization, […]

The Truth About Christmas and Saturnalia

We need to debunk a bit of fake news before we get any deeper into the holiday season. The selection of December 25 as the date to celebrate the birth […]