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The Rise of Ancient Aliens: From Lovecraft to Von Däniken

In the early 1970s, Kenneth Grant, personal secretary to Aleister Crowley twenty-five years earlier, broke with the American branch of Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis and formed his own Thelemic organization, […]

The Truth About Christmas and Saturnalia

We need to debunk a bit of fake news before we get any deeper into the holiday season. The selection of December 25 as the date to celebrate the birth […]


The Monster and the Great Beast 666

  This article is weird. Not by design; it just happens to deal with a topic most churches ignore—the UFO phenomenon. And it connects dots between “ancient aliens,” the 20th […]

The Philosophical and Theosophical Roots of Ancient Aliens

The materialist ideals of the Greeks manifested in the rejection of a supernatural sourcefor the Bible. And, the argument went, if those books were not inspired, then the words inthem […]

The Rise of Mystical Scientism

Humans have wondered about the stars since forever. That’s understandable; they’re beautiful and mysterious, as out of reach as mountain peaks. And perhaps for the same reasons, the earliest speculation […]

The gospel of ET

The media has played a key role in promoting a new religion for the 21st century. Without the Internet, cable television, and Hollywood, it’s doubtful that the gospel of ET […]

Gospel from the Stars

As the world marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the famous Roswell UFO incident, humanity is primed and ready to welcome ET. This is especially true in America, which has clearly […]

A Dragon in the Garden of God!

The divine rebel in Eden, the nachash of Genesis 3, is called a “guardian cherub” in Ezekiel 28. As we showed you in a previous article, nachash and saraph, the […]


The Geography of Sheol

One of the burning questions in the minds of humans since the beginning of the time has been, “Where do I go when I die?” The pagans and Jews of […]

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Lord of the Gates of Hell

Over the centuries, tomb robbers have removed most of the useful evidence from the dolmens of the Jordan River valley. The few bones left behind in burial chambers don’t show […]


Rephaim, Anakim, Emim, Zamzummim, and the like!?

One of the most interesting and overlooked parallels in Scripture is the location of the Israelite camp just before the conquest of Canaan and what appears to be the route […]


Among the Spirits of the Dead

One of the giants killed by David and his men during Israel’s war with the Philistines carried the unusual name Ishbi-benob. It’s usually taken to mean “his dwelling is in […]