All Pro Pastors International was honored to go to India and inaugurate Dr Ashok Karkera as our National Director for the countries of India and Nepal. It is our heartfelt belief that India is the doorway to reaching the entire continent of Asia and Dr Ashok, Dr Regina (his wife) and his wonderful team are the ones to make this happen.

We especially want to thank our many partners who made this trip possible and who also faithfully support this vital ministry. Your financial and prayer support is truly reaching massive numbers of people for Jesus and feeding countless hungry families. Thank you for making such a different in these pastors and the ones they faithfully serve.

We also want to give Dr Nolan Edwards (APPI Ambassador to India/Nepal) and Rev. Joshua Christian for their continued efforts to encourage and support All Pro Pastors India/Nepal from the USA.

Please continue to pray for these precious brothers and sisters who are serving our Lord in the most difficult circumstances on earth!

Now please click the link below to see first hand the results of this mission trip that happened just days before the country was shut down!


Link –  APPI India Nepal Report Mumbai Trip 2020

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