Top Ten Things I Wish My Congregation Knew

  1. I only have 24 hours in my day too.
  2. I need to be encouraged also.
  3. I have family and work struggles also.
  4. I have flaws and weaknesses to work on too.
  5. I get tired and cranky sometimes.
  6. I really do want what’s best for this church.
  7. My family needs away time, just like you do.
  8. I face the same temptations as you do.
  9. My wife didn’t marry her pastor, she needs a husband.
  10. My children will let you down, just as yours do.

Pastor Paul Pickern is married to his wife Linda. They have 5 children (Tony, Stephanie, Dale, Seth, Schyler) and 11 grand children. Their home is in Plant City, Florida between Tampa and Orlando. Paul was born in Belleville, Illinois and Linda was born in Charleston, West Virginia.

Paul is the Founder and CEO of All Pro Pastors Ministry, a ministry that encourages and challenges Pastors to join together as Kingdom Brothers to develop trust, accountability and unity. It is a ministry that strengthens Pastors marriages, families, and ministries by establishing “Champions Table’s”. The “Champions Table” is a safe place where Pastors can meet together and develop genuine relationships.

Paul’s wife Linda is a vital part of the ministry too. She minister’s to pastor wives and hosts a website/blog called “Women R Champions“. The many women in ministry throughout the world are connected thru this women directed ministry.