Dr Kevan Kruse and co-author Dr Dennis O’Hara have carefully and painstakingly researched the facts about the global impacting virus that has touched every life on planet earth. As Bible students and scholars, their investigative prowess and biblical knowledge give them the great ability to discover and uncover many details and understandings that most laypeople would never know to look for or see! Their book “The Covid Beast” details multiple research reports and narratives that have been published and presented as true and accurate information. What they present are the deception and lies that all of us were told and they expose the true intent!

Thankfully this book sifts through the garbage and gets to the truth.

The Bible prophesies about many events that must take place before Christ returns. This book explores if and how the Covid plague might be a part of this. They investigate the secret intentions behind the virus and the one world government’s well planned attack on the Church.

Many Bible scholars have given opinions and sited scripture regarding Covid and what Dr Kruse and O’Hara do is take many steps farther by including and exposing the science in graphic detail and evil intent behind it all.

The Covid Beast dissects the science behind the creation of this plague and breaks it down so it can be easily understood. They present a well documented case as to the true intent of covid being purposely released.

The “Church” is the real target. The journey you take with “The Covid Beast” makes this very clear!

In a time where the world is in the greatest turmoil in history it would be very easy to say that the developers of covid accomplished their mission. This book will arm every Pastor, Christian and Bible believer with the information/ammunition to answer any and all questions regarding covid and also to see how this is part of the biblical prophesies.

It is also an excellent resource tool for anyone interested in the facts behind covid -19!

I strongly recommend The Covid Beast and suggest you research for yourself the links they have included.

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