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Pastor Paul Pickern is married to his wife Linda. They have 5 children (Tony, Stephanie, Dale, Seth, Schyler) , 12 grand children and 3 great grandchildren. Their home is in Plant City, Florida between Tampa and Orlando. Paul was born in Belleville, Illinois and Linda was born in Charleston, West Virginia.


Paul with his wife at his side founded All Pro Pastors Ministry, a ministry that encourages and challenges Pastors to join together as Kingdom Brothers to develop trust, accountability and unity. It is a ministry that strengthens Pastors marriages, families, and ministries by establishing “Champions Table’s”. The “Champions Table” is a safe place where Pastors can meet together and develop genuine relationships. The “Table of Champions Network” now extends to many countries throughout the world. This short video shows a small number of Pastors from others countries who represented APPI for an event in Washington DC. Click to see video!

In 2019 we had a vision to start a Pastors Prayer Center which prays for Pastors and Ministry Leaders in the USA on a daily basis. We reach out to 40,000 plus every 4-6 weeks with a personalized e-prayer and ministry update. There is a Pastors Prayer “zoom” call every Wednesday morning open to Pastors worldwide.

In 2021 due to the constant attack on Families and Children we started “Pastors Defending Families” which is an educational and resource arm that provides much needed information and connections for pastors primarily in USA at this time. Parenting training is on our target to bring online too!

As we update this (March 2023) we are answering a call to start a simple ministry school for pastors in hard to reach areas of the world. Thanks to technology like Zoom, Whats App and we can provide solid Bible teaching by experienced teachers who care about the many untrained Pastors who are hungry to learn. Watch for “All Pro Pastors International School of Ministry“!

Paul’s wife Linda is a vital part of the ministry too. She is constantly encouraging women in ministry and pastor wives. She helps organize and direct many of the events and activities for pastors/spouses. She is also a contributor to the website and all social media platforms. As a former business owner and consultant she brings a level of experience that brings great insight to the ministry. Her counsel and wisdom is invaluable!

Paul and Linda participated in “The Return” in Washington, DC in 2020 and “The Renewal” in Florida (2022) both led by Reverend Kevin Jessip. They were invited to the White House for a special ceremony in 2019 and asked to take a group of Pastors to the Mexican/Texas border for a first hand inspection.

In 2020 they went to India to inaugurate Dr Ashok Karkera as the India/Nepal Director. There are over 50,000 pastors reportedly committed to being a part of the APPI family in India alone. Click on the above highlighted area to see their amazing work for All Pro Pastors India/Nepal and GGM Ministries.

Paul speaks to 1000’s of pastors in Conferences, Lunches, Ministerial Meetings, Radio, and website conferencing about the challenges they face and how to face these challenges. The first “Champions Table” started April 2008  in Plant City Florida and can now be found in many countries as Pastors are connecting in great numbers throughout the world. Many Tables started forming in 2012 in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and countless others by Pastors who caught the vision!

Paul comes from a deep heritage of several generations of Pastors. He has been a Christian since October 1959 and has been a student of the Bible since then. He spoke his first words to a church at the age of 3 years. Learning God’s Word was a way of life. Pastor Paul started singing and speaking at many meetings through the 60’s and 70’s in multiple denominations. He was the featured soloist from 1971-72 on the Television show “The Way”. He has written several plays, and the study guide series The Agape’ Lifestyle.

Paul living as a Pastor’s son, serving as a Staff Pastor, and also counseling many Pastors gave him the experience to understand completely the needs in Pastors and their families. God instructed him specifically that he was to serve Pastors and help them from being deceived and destroyed by the world and the enemy. The vision for All Pro Pastors came to Pastor Paul in 2003 to reach ALL Pastors, Bishops, Evangelists and Ministers throughout the world. Paul has been in a “Champions Table” since November 2005. In January 2009 All Pro Pastors and Champion Tables were introduced publicly at “First Baptist Church Temple Terrace” in Tampa, Florida and today hundreds of Tables and thousands of Pastors are connected worldwide. These “Tables” are saving marriages, ministries and lives!

Paul understands that only another Pastor can feel the struggle and pain that come with the work of Pastors and when pastors come together in love they can soothe the pain, counsel with wisdom, pick up the weary and be inspired to greater victory! The unity and trust that develops at the “Table” can only be explained as a genuine move of God!

Paul’s younger brother Jon died at the age of 47 while serving as a Pastor in Alabama and first cousin Steve died in 2020 while serving as a senior pastor in Georgia.

Please consider supporting this ministry as we strive to bring the Body of Christ together in love through Pastors who embrace one another without regard of Denomination, Race, Culture or Stature. We love Pastors and believe these called Shepherds need our prayers, encouragement and anything else we can provide to help them stand strong and make disciples for our Lord Jesus!