By Ron Goldberg
February 26, 2021 is the Feast of Purim which is a celebration of what God did for His people Israel and is recorded in the Book of Esther.
The Book of Esther begins by telling us that Queen Vashti refused to go to the King’s Palace to be paraded before a crowd of drunken men. The King was so mad at her that Vashti was not allowed to ever come into the presence of the King again, and her royal position (of being the Queen) was to be given to another woman “who is more worthy than she.”
A Beauty Pageant was planned to find a new bride for the King, and a new Queen for the land. In preparation for the Beauty Pageant Hegai was placed in charge of the women who entered the Beauty Pageant. Right away Esther pleased Hegai and found favor with him so he quickly provided her with cosmetics and food, gave her seven choice female attendants from the king’s palace, and a VIP Pass that allowed her to go to the best place in the harem. Esther received favor from Hegai which enabled her to enjoy benefits that other ladies did not have. This preferential treatment made it possible for her to win the Beauty Pageant and become the Queen.
In the future Haman plotted to kill all the Jewish people. No one in the Palace knew that Esther was Jewish, but if anyone found out, her life would be at risk as well. Mordecai (Esther’s cousin) told her she needed to ask her husband (the King) for help and protection. Esther realized that she needed the King’s help, but no person could go to the king in the inner courtyard, if they were not summoned. If someone walked into his courtyard, he or she would be put to death; and this included his wife, Queen Esther. But fortunately there was one way to avoid death. If the king extended the golden scepter that person would live.
Esther knew the urgency and importance of the moment so she had Mordecai get all the Jews in Susa to fast with her for three days. After the three days of fasting (which probably included prayer as well) Esther would visit her husband.
When Esther entered the courtyard the king extended the golden scepter to her so that she could live. She obtained favor, or a VIP Pass to join the King in his courtyard. Esther then asked the King if she could hold a private banquet for the two of them and Haman.
While at the banquet Queen Esther said to the King, “If I have found favor in your sight, O king, and if it pleases the king, let my life be given me as my request, and my people as my wish; for we have been sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, killed, and eliminated [by this man Haman].”
Once again Esther received favor, or a VIP Pass from the King. This special act of kindness allowed her, and all the Jewish people to live. Most of us will never receive a VIP Pass to enter the Royal Palace, but we all will have times that we need to receive favor to accomplish a specific task, and possibly to keep our life.
God is no respecter of persons; everyone who belongs to Him is His favorite. God is also the same yesterday, today and forever. He gave Esther VIP Passes when she needed them, and He will offer favor to you as well. Stay close to God, and when the need arises, ask God for your VIP Pass.