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“Living like the Gate is Open” 5 Keys to unlock your unlimited potential-Part I

Exceptional leaders want to reach their ultimate potential in life and in relationships. It is not about the desire to do this but the knowledge of “How to” that can […]


Transparent Leadership “A God Step!”

In 1985, an interviewer asked the question, “What makes the church different than the world?” you would hear a multitude of responses. Many of these responses talked about the care […]


Life or Death is in the Power of Your Words

How well do you use your words in life as a leader? If you are not sure, just look at the relationships around you. Our words can get us into […]

The Code of Leadership; Character

How many of you enjoy a good swashbuckling movie? I always enjoyed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. Although very fictitious, there was something that the pirates often referred to […]

Leadership Integrity

Leadership Integrity If you were to describe your reputation as a leader, what words would you choose? What words would others choose? In the multitude of descriptions, would the word […]

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Leadership Words!

Leadership Words Our words can get us into trouble or they can dissolve trouble. How well do you use your words in life as a leader? If you are not […]

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The Lord’s Leader: The Cloth of Service

I finally decided to go through my wallet and pull out some items with the hope of making it smaller. Since I have two daughters, I never have to worry […]