Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has written what I believe is his finest book to-date! “Return of the Gods” explores the scripture from a deep prophetic perspective while bringing other ancient writings and mythologies into the mix. His unique style of writing makes it easy to read and even easier to follow. Rabbi Cahn is able to bring the true Hebrewic history, culture and viewpoint into this book where it is understandable for anyone and very believable.

America was set aside as a special Nation for the spreading of the gospel to the world. This book clearly explains this and the catastrophic downfall in the past few years, but what has caused this and how has this happened? It was not by accident and the battle still wages.

Let me say this is one of the most revealing books you will ever read and every minister of the gospel who truly wants to understand our adversary should read this and study its content! Pastors especially need to know the information contained within these few but powerful pages in order to properly educate and protect their sheep!

Finally, I have read it and encourage you to get a copy of it as well.

I am now reading Michael Heiser’s book “Unseen Realm” which I will be doing a review on it next month. I believe the two of these books may compliment one another. Will let you know soon.


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