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Today as we look around in nearly every community Satan is running rampant! My last call was a Pastor who had to witness a dying child from an overdose. Last week an innocent teenager was killed in a drive-by shooting. Another Pastor in my community was rejoicing at the success of their private K-8th grade school but praying for more pastors to join his fight in his poverty stricken neighborhood. The distress of the covid/vaccine narrative put every pastor in a position that forces decisions and comments that someone he serves will likely be in disagreement. The financial impact of todays economy is hitting pastors and their families very hard. Gasoline prices and grocery prices are hindering or crippling many pastors ability to minister.

The discussion of politics in church has made so many pastors too timid to preach the full gospel for fear of offending someone and believe me it is affecting you more than you know. It is not a matter of politics when our children are being taught trash in school! It is an attack on God’s Word and you need a pastor who will fight and defend you and your family without fear! Preaching fearlessly in the whole armor of God takes great courage these days!

Pastors need to feel your love and support today more than ever.

As members of a local church, we are considered “Sheep” and the Pastor is our “Shepherd”. These shepherds are being stretched, attacked, threatened and under-minded at every turn. The “Church” is being harassed and ridiculed publicly on TV and Social Media daily. Many of our elected officials blatantly support efforts to rid our countries established Christian values and the next thing to go will be your church!

Your Pastor needs your love! Every Pastor has their story, their struggles, their family issues and unrealistic expectations by their “sheep”!

This article is not one of complaint or condemnation but one of crying out to you to pray for your pastors and their families. Your pastors need to know that they are loved and appreciated! They need to know that as “Sheep” you need and want truth preached. Your pastor needs to hear from you that you want and need a strong bold leader to follow and if they will lead with courage, you will follow!

I challenge you now to be bold and call your pastor today! Your honesty will be the evidence that you sincerely do love your “Pastor”!

At the very least, send this article to them, with your love!

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