In America and actually throughout the world satan has been doing everything possible to turn people away from God or to destroy the very belief in the existence of God. Frankly he has done a great job. When statistically more people believe that extraterrestrial beings from some distant galaxy are visiting us and probably brought human kind to earth rather than God created us, it is easy to say he has done a great job. When Hollywood and the military have been working together to influence society to their way of thinking and our moral decay is clearly evident, it is easy to say. With “gaslighting” being the standard tactic today in altering the way a person thinks and reacts, again it is easy to say. Sadly what many Christians including Pastors would say is that they don’t believe this.

Friends, this is just the tip of the spear! What nearly all Pastors never do is identify the tactics of what and how satan is attacking the Body of Christ (The Church). The military has for years used mind control to alter, change, or topple governments without firing a single shot. These same tactics are being used in America today. The church needs to be taught exactly what and how satan is doing this, so we can stop him!

Why do you think fewer and fewer Christians have a Biblical world view? How has evolution now become the standard for creation instead of the Bible? Friends, I personally believe that the church and its leaders have become so comfortable and people pleasing that satan has just stepped in and has his way. He has had little resistance because God’s army on earth has made the most cardinal of sins when it comes to warfare, you must first and foremost “Know Your Enemy and their Tactics”!

The Military Guide to Disarming Deception is a book I recently read and is now available. I highly recommend that every Christian and especially Pastors get this book and read it. If there is one area the church has failed in it is exposing the enemy. This book is just one that scratches the surface, but it is an eye opener!

Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson have put together a serious book on tactics that are used from the military perspective. It is factual. They have also given tactics on how to fight our unseen enemy.

As with every book when it comes to opinions and doctrine there are usually some differences of opinions, however let me encourage you to listen too and study those who are different than yourself. I know I do and sometimes I see that I am wrong in my thinking.



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