The purpose of the Table of Champions network is to connect Pastors on a worldwide basis together who sincerely have a Kingdom minded heart. When pastors meet together in small groups of 4, like Jesus did regularly with Peter, James and John, you develop a level of trust and cooperation that brings the Body of Christ together with Jesus as the head. The individual Pastors will grow spiritually much faster and will learn from each other. Each table needs to be made up of 4 from other denominations and ethnicity when possible. (see website for details)

The “Network” will communicate by technology on a regular basis to provide updates and weekly encouragements. You will also receive exclusive information and opportunities not available to non-members.

It is vital that everyone connect by registering on this website and also if possible at  Each week a new message will be given here!

conference callEach week there is a Zoom Prayer call on Wednesday at 7:00AM USA time. (you are responsible to determine your time zone)   Zoom address:  At this time we can only take the first 100.

The Table of Champions network is available to any Pastor or ministry leader who wants to be connected with other Pastors within their own community as well as Pastors/Leaders worldwide and agrees to our covenant.

weekly conference callThe Table Covenant is our primary requirement for every member to agree to. It is the foundational covenant for the All Pro Pastors International ministry.

We suggest that each member start and develop a “Champions Table” to meet with each week based on the guidelines in this website.

Champion TableYou may need to do a virtual Champions Table due to location and/or security in your area.

* This website has a built in language translator at the bottom of each page.